Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Picking Out Motifs in Lolita Dresses to Make the Focus Point of Coordinates

Today, in an effort to "fashion level-up", I went through all my Lolita dresses and noted down the individual motifs in each print in order to make or find perfectly coordinating and/or versatile accessories for them. It was really interesting to discover elements you have never noticed in the print before; for example, I would never say I have any cat themed prints but after going through my dresses, I have three dresses featuring black cats, meaning if I ever made or got any cat themed accessories, I could wear them with three dresses not including any dresses with no print or very generic designs/motifs. The same can be said for moon motifs - I love them but I wouldn't have said I have any Lolita dresses that feature moons. However, after going through them, I have two - Metamorphose's Dark Night Guardian and Alice & the Pirates' Rosy Night Masquerade.

Speaking of Rosy Night Masquerade, there are many different motifs in this dress, all of which I love,so I'm very excited to coordinate it in lots of different ways and highlight different elements.

Alice & the Pirates Rosy Night Masquerade JSK 2 in Grey
Alice & the Pirates Rosy Night Masquerade JSK Ver. 2 in grey, the one I own

Alice and the Pirates Rosy Night Masquerade print close-up ivory colourway
The print close up in the ivory colourway

Not even getting super specific, like picking out the quilted red chaise lounge element or old magical looking wine and potion bottles, the elements I can easily work with are roses and thorns, ravens/crowns, moons, chess pieces, bats, candles/candelabras, masquerade masks, plague doctor masks, cats, rabbits, ouija boards and planchettes (what you push around the ouija board). I can also take inspiration from the fans and fur shawls the fancy ladies are wearing, and channel that into outfits.

Tonight I started the crafting marathon and made some blue rose brooches and a hair corsage/canotier that will match my Pumpkin Cat Beauty & the Rose JSK and my Innocent World Gloria JSK perfectly. Both are navy blue (it's hard to tell with the Gloria JSK in the photo below), feature roses and the Pumpkin Cat JSK has silver details which I can easily wear with the Innocent World JSK. I think I'm going to pin the blue rose brooches along the neckline of the Gloria JSK, as I saw the idea on my SouffleSong Undead Ballet JSK and loved it.

Navy blue Gothic Lolita hair accessories
The accessories, plus a random purple rose I'll use with purple dresses (obviously).

Pumpkin Cat Beauty and the Rose JSKInnocent World Gloria JSK
Pumpkin Cat Beauty & the Rose JSK and Innocent World Gloria JSK

Souffle Song Spectre Ballet JSK
Souffle Song Undead Ballet JSK featuring the roses along the neckline

I thought I'd stick my findings in a blog post as it's a great way of finding new ways to coordinate your dresses, find new things to make the main motif in the outfit and ensure you have versatile accessories that can match multiple dresses. More of my dresses than expected have gold elements in them so I can now look at making or buying accessories that have gold elements and know I can wear them in more than one outfit (I normally stick to silver and bronze).

Have you ever picked out smaller details of fabric prints and made them the focus of an outfit? How about make perfectly matching accessories for your clothes?


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