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Gothic Lip Balm Brands in the UK

Gothic Lip Balm Brands in the UK

This may be quite a niche topic but today I noticed I was running out of lip balm and decided that the next lip balms I would purchase would match my dark aesthetic. There are a few dark beauty brands that instantly jump to mind that I would purchase in a heartbeat, such as Tokyomilk and The Parlor Co but they are all in the US. It seems a bit silly to pay international shipping and maybe even customs fees for the sake of a lip balm so I figured there must be at least one store with a dark brand image in the UK that makes lip balms. I did some research and thought I’d share the brands I found. I will write an article about alternative/gothic beauty brands around the world in the near future so keep an eye out for that, which will also include these brands but for now, let's focus on the UK.

Personally, I like lip balm in tube form which made my personal search even harder but I will include all the brands I found.

Bath Book and Candle Cosmetics

A pagan and witchy inspired brand that sell jewellery, accessories and a small line of soaps and lip balms. Their lip balms are absolutely beautiful and have little flowers on the surface. Even though I don’t usually use lip balms in tins on account of having long nails, I am more than likely going to end up buying one just because they’re so beautiful. Long nail life hack: when I do apply things from tubs or tins, I either use a small spatula, cotton bud or if on the go, I use the front of my nail to scrape out a small amount, transfer it to the pad of my finger and apply. Bath Book and Candle lip balms are actually multi-use salves that can be used anywhere that needs a barrier to keep moisture in, like lips, cuticles, elbows, feet, etc. Bath Book and Candle also sell cute cat shaped soaps and bat shaped wax melts which are in keeping with the witchy image and they sell bundles with both the soap and lip balm in so you could try out both and save on postage.

Bath Book and Candle have also been very kind as to issue a 15% off coupon code for Geisha Baby readers only - simply enter the coupon code GEISHABABY15 for 15% off! The coupon code is valid for 6 months starting from 2nd March 2019.

Bath Book and Candle Midnight Embers Lip Balm

Ravenscourt Apothecary

Ravenscourt Apothecary is a vintage apothecary and literature themed store focused on natural, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics, soaps and perfumes. As you will see from the first two brands I mentioned, Tokyomilk and The Parlor Co, I love antique apothecary styled beauty and lifestyle brands so I think Ravenscourt Apothecary is going to become a firm favourite of mine. The apothecary look is just so mysterious, quaint and creepy. There’s something about lots of brown glass bottles with faded labels that could be filled with God knows what that makes me want my whole kitchen and bathroom to look like an apothecary. Ravenscourt Apothecary currently have 20% off their lip balms. They have an Etsy store but their items are cheaper on the website so I highly recommend you check out their website instead. Their lip balms also come in very appropriately gothic flavours like Cloves and Orange (to go with your clove cigarettes haha) and Cardamon and Star Anise. At the end of my search, I went with four lip balms from Ravenscourt Apothecary so I'm looking forward to trying them out and letting you know how they are. I went with Cardamon & Star Anise, Cloves & Orange, Agnes Grey (bergamot) and Nightingale's Rose flavours.

vegan lip balm set 'Winter Spices'
Winter Spices Themed Lip Balm Set £9 (£7.20 right now with their 20% off sale)

Literature themed vegan lip balms - bergamot, rose and spearmint
Literature Themed Lip Balm Set £9 (£7.20 right now with their 20% off sale)

Medusa Holistics

Medusa Holistics win hands down with the different variations of lip balms available. Some of their lip balms include a red tinted Vampire's Kiss, black Midnight Raven, purple tinted Medusa's Wrath, Spiced Rum flavour with a pirate aesthetic, horror film line and zodiac line. I very nearly purchased some lip balms from Medusa Holistics in my search, but Ravenscourt Apothecary won for the time being. There's always room for more lip balms though, so I have a feeling I'll be trying out Medusa Holistics soon.

Medusa Holistics Midnight Raven Lip Balm
Midnight Raven Lip Balm £2.50

Hexbomb Ltd
Hexbomb Ltd

Hexbomb are most known for their pitch black bath bomb that magically doesn't stain your bath. They have very recently branched out into lip balms with equally macabre aesthetics as the rest of their products. Clearly they saw the same gap in the market I did when I was researching dark lip balm brands in the UK!

Hexbalm Moisturising Lip Balm
Hexbalm Moisturising Lip Balm £4.99

Hexbalm Scrub and Moisturising Lip Balm Duo
Hexbalm Scrub and Moisturising Lip Balm Duo £9.99

Crystal Belle Shop

Crystal Belle Shop is general new-age/witchcraft shop with a small line of blended oils and essential oil infused lip balms. Their lip balm packaging is simple but has a suitable “medieval witch” style to it with script writing and decorative swirls. They have been very kind as to send me a lip balm to try so I will feature and review their store when it arrives.

Crystal Belle Shop Essential Oil Infused Lip Balm

Isle of Skye Seaweed Co

Skye Seaweed Co sell exactly one thing at the moment, and that is a wild seaweed and peppermint lip balm with a rather piratey aesthetic. I don’t have to look at the “About” section of the store to assume they use seaweed from the Isle of Skye in Scotland, and may branch out with more products featuring their wild seaweed in the future.

Skye Seaweed Co Wild Seaweed and Peppermint Lip Balm

Chains of Being

Chains of Being is another general new-age/witchy shop selling crystals, jewellery, nail decals etc. However, they also make a tarot themed line of lip balms which would definitely work nicely for a witchy goth aesthetic.

Chains of Being Tarot Themed Lip Balm Set of 8
Set of 8 Tarot Themed Lip Balms £18

Chains of Being The Empress Tarot Lip Balm
The Empress Cherry Flavour Lip Balm £3.80

Each lip balm is available to purchase separately at £3.80 as well.

Honorary mentions - these brands aren't super gothy but hey, sometimes all you need is for the packaging to be black to fit into your #allblackeverything lifestyle.

Mary Lily Cosmetics

Mary Lily has a minimalistic, black and white brand image and aren’t super gothy but their lip balms are in black tunes with clean, simply white and black labels.

Mary Lily Cosmetics Coffee Lip Balm

Luna Rose Boutique

Luna Rose Boutique sells lots of different flavoured lip balms and although their brand aesthetic is not really dark or gothic, they do use black labels on their packaging so I thought I’d throw it on the list. Their lip balms are a bit more aesthetically pleasing to goths than say, a pearly pink Nivea lip balm.

Luna Rose Boutique Cherry Lip Balm

Vonny Bee

Vonny Bee is a new beauty brand that uses bee products like honey, pollen and propolis in their items. Their Bee Butter lip balm comes in a black tube with yellow detailing that could definitely appeal to some witchy or hippy goths.

Vonny Bee Bee Butter Lip Balm
Bee Butter Lip Balm £3.50

I hope you found this article useful and follow me in the journey of making my whole life aesthetically pleasing! Which lip balm matches your aesthetic the best?


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