Sunday, 17 February 2019

Cemetery Birthday Cake & Vampire Soiree Themed Birthday Party

The other week I held a slightly belated birthday party at my place. The theme was "Vampire Soiree", with a decadent, high class feel as opposed to a tacky teenage vampire themed birthday party.

When I went to visit my family for my birthday just before my party, they surprised me with an incredible cemetery birthday cake! A woman in my hometown made it, and when my grandmother wasn't sure what kind of design to have, she said "I'm not really sure...she's a goth...and I guess she likes graveyards?" and the woman said  "Leave it to me" and this masterpiece below is what she came up with!

cemetery birthday cake

graveyard birthday cake

cherub tombstone

The woman is by no means alternative so she really knocked it out of the park and is a great artist. Anyone else would've covered a cake with grey fondant, made some basic grey fondant tombstones and called it a day. This looks like a little slice of Highgate Cemetery. I just realised I made a pun and I am not sorry. The tombstones and cherub statues are edible, and the cake is red velvet with milk chocolate ganache. It was absolutely delicious and so moist.

I was going to cut the cake with my family but then they suggested I save it as the centrepiece at my party, which was a lovely idea - the only catch was that I had to save my family some of the cake!

cemetery birthday cake
Bonus photo of it being lit at my party.

Here is my look for the Vampire Soiree party.

vampire princess make-up
Lips: It's Skin Colour Play Platinum Lipstick in PWN01 Deep Wine (discontinued)
Hair accessory and earrings: Handmade

vampire princess outfit
Ignore the shoes; those marabou mules are, in fact, my slippers.

I've started trying to take more outfit photos again so you never know, I may update this blog with them for some actual fashiony content.

Here's some of the vampire themed party food I served:

coffin finger sandwiches - vampire themed party food
Coffin shaped finger sandwiches. The fillings were roasted Mediterranean vegetables with red pepper hummus, egg mayonnaise with white truffle oil and cream cheese with cucumber.

salami crucifixes - vampire themed party food
Salami Crucifixes

The rest of the food was pretty standard fare: chips and dip, a cheese and meat platter, etc.

blood bath - vampire themed party ideas
I also had a "blood bath", in which I filled my bath with water coloured a dark red. The original plan was to blow up balloons and put them along the surface as sort of a whimsical kind of blood bath vampires would have at a party but I didn't have enough time.

I do love themed parties and putting in effort to make themed food, outfit, decor etc. What are some of your favourite party themes? I need ideas for the future!