Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Travel Beyond the Crypt: M'era Luna 2018 + Hanover, Germany

Last month I was invited to attend M'era Luna in Hanover, Germany with some friends. M'era Luna is a large gothic and alternative music festival and though many of the bands weren't of much interest to me, I still wanted to go, enjoy the atmosphere and have a good time with friends.

I also really enjoyed the setting as M'era Luna is held at Flugplatz Hildesheim-Drispenstedt in Hildesheim, a former British Army airbase. It was so cool to walk down an airport runway and party in hangars!

goth girl make-up
Photo of my make-up I took whilst waiting for my dear friend Eloise.

Lips: Dior Addict High Impact Lipstick in Pinstripe Plum

Then later on when we set up camp and were ready to get the weekend long party started, Eloise took an outfit photo for me.

gothic festival outfitwww.instagram.com/theheianprincess
Dress: Topshop
Harness and garter belt: 8th Sin

Goth girls selfie
I jazzed up my make-up and Eloise and I were ready to party!

Ministry playing M'era Luna 2018
Ministry with their anti-Trump chickens!

Admittedly I didn't take many photos of the festival but I had an amazing time and the photos I did take pretty much summed up the entire weekend. It was a long weekend of drinking, eating, live bands, after parties and admiring everyone's fabulous outfits.

Gothic queen make-up

Eyes: NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadows, Anna Sui Eye Color Palette (black glittery shade), NYX Epic Ink Eyeliner, Collection Cosmetics Glam Crystals Glitter Eyeliner.

Lips: Sugarpill Pretty Poison Lipstick in Zero and Burberry Lip Mist in Oxblood in the centre.

gothic queen outfit

Saturday's "Demented Queen" look. I knew a lot of people would go all out for their outfits so I didn't want to be underdressed!

Crown: Pendulous Threads
Dress: Punk Rave
Tights: Estrellas AliceHolic Tights
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Choker, bracelet, feather epaulettes (shoulder pads): 8th Sin

gothic girls at m'era luna 2018
Eloise and I also got our picture taken shortly after my outfit photo! Eloise looked incredible all through the festival!

gothic friends selfie
Eloise and I with our lovely friends Charlotte and Aro.

gothic girls
Our beautiful friend Nadia who made her entire outfit herself. Her talent and eye for fashion is so inspiring.

gothic girls at m'era luna 2018

London After Midnight at M'era Luna 2018
Some of the bands we saw including London After Midnight

Gothic queen

gothic make-up
Outfit detail photos taken whilst we were waiting for Ministry to start.

After party at M'era Luna 2018
The after party on Saturday night. The lasers kind of look like they're taking control of people haha!

gothic succubus girl
Sunday's lower key, still drunk/hungover Succubus look. Sunglasses are essential on Sundays of festivals.

Sunglasses: Anna Sui
Lipstick: Burberry Lip Mist in Oxblood
Dress: Fernopaa (now defunct)

gothic girls at festival
Nadia and I drinking a litre of cocktail to kick things off on Sunday! Hair of the dog and all that.

On the Monday after M'era Luna, we had some time to kill before our flight back to England so Eloise and I explored Hanover a little.

  Marktkirche, Hanover, Germany

Admittedly, Hanover is not a city with a ton of tourist attractions but one interesting thing it does have is Marktkirche, a medieval German Gothic church with a pentacle on it! Although pentagram and pentacles have been used in Pagan, early Christian and other religions, it's funny that it's seen as an occult symbol and is on a church now.

Gargoyle in fountain, Hanover, Germany
In the market square they also had a fountain with these cute little gargoyles on them!

I had a great time at M'era Luna and although I wouldn't camp again, I'd definitely visit M'era Luna again for an incredible weekend with friends.


  1. It looks like you had a fun time I quite like Hanover and Hildeshilm lovely places to visit. I'be always wanted to visit Mera Luna