Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Makeup of the Day: March 2018

Here's a few shots of my make-up (and torso fashion I guess haha) I wore recently (okay, so I'm a little behind, it was in March....)

For all future posts, my base and eye make-up doesn't really change, it's usually my lipstick that changes a look so there's no point listing the base and eye products, as it's 90% the same with a few variations here and there (which will be listed anyway). Maybe I'll do a comprehensive base and/or eye post one day but until then, feel free to ask for a specific product.

Vampire girl make-up

Lips: Rimmel Oh My Gloss! Shades of Black Lipgloss in 810 Desire (yes, it really is that pigmented on its own with no lipstick underneath!)
Dress: Ozz Oneste

 Everyday gothic make-up

Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Budapest and Copenhagen mixed
Blouse: My friend's vintage store, Charoll Vintage
Dress: Ozz Oneste

Later on I helped a couple of friends move house, so I had to get up earlier than usual (not even "early", just earlier than usual haha) so I did some very basic make-up looks to save time and on account of all the heavy lifting and to-ing and fro-ing moving house entails.

Basic gothic make-up

Base: Anna Sui Loose Powder in 700 Light Beige
Lips: Cezanne CC Lip Balm in 02 Red
Top: Ozz Oneste (can you see a pattern haha? This blog post should just be named "An Ode to Ozz Oneste".)

Basic gothic make-up

Base: Bison Baby Pink BB Mineral Cream in Shade #01