Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Look of the Day: Beauty in Death

Yesterday I visited Highgate Cemetery with a friend, and of course I dressed appropriately for the occasion.

   Gothic Lolita make-up

Lips: Sugarpill Liquid Lip Colour in Strange Love
Ring and necklace: 8th Sin

I made the necklace at 3am to match the outfit. I already make a bracelet that matches the necklace but hadn't finalised a design for a necklace yet, so I used this opportunity to experiment and will see if I will tweak this design before adding it to my store.

Gothic Lolita in graveyard

Blouse: Black Peace Now
Skirt: Alice and the Pirates "Grimoir of the Moonlit Forest"
Boots: Bodyline
Necklace, ring and bracelet: 8th Sin

Although it says fashion shoots or personal photos aren't allowed in the cemetery, of course I had to sneak one or two would've been a crime not too! Plus people were taking photos in front of Karl Marx's grave so I don't think it's too strictly adhered to.

The staff at Highgate admired my outfit and said it was one of the best they've seen, which was lovely. What I want to know is who was the best though haha!

Of course I will post a Travel Beyond the Crypt post about Highgate ASAP.

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