Sunday, 28 July 2013

Review: Be The Skin Botanical Nutrition Power Toner, Serum & Moisturiser

For the past 6 months or even longer, I've been using the Be The Skin skincare set I chose as part of my $300 shopping spree I won from Peach & Lily. I still can't believe I won that. It makes me feel a bit better considering the bad luck I've been having lately. I'm almost to the end of the face cream so I thought I'd better review it now before I can't take a photo of the cream! This review may be a little long and photo heavy as it's essentially three reviews in one.
Brand: Be The Skin
Name: Botanical Nutrition Power Toner, Serum & Cream
Price: $29 for the toner, $39 for the serum and $39 for the cream
Where to buy: Toner, serum & cream, all from Peach and Lily

The Botanical Nutrition Power line is formulated for dry skin types. It's the first time I've tried the toner, serum and cream from one line. All the products promise to revitalise skin from the inside out, transform dull and dry skin, hydrate and firm skin and provide long lasting moisture.

All the products are infused with royal jelly, fresh herbs, phytogreen 266 (calms skin), hyaluronic acid (hydrates skin, we naturally product it), FEG 60 (firms skin) and Butterfly Bush (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties). I also have reason to believe it contains Vitamin C too.

Each bottle is made of glass so it definitely feels high quality and sturdy. It also doesn't feel like it would break easily if I dropped it, thankfully; the glass feels super thick. Each one has a yellow to orange gradient on the bottle which stops light getting into the products and breaking down the ingredients, making the items less effective. They have a matte finish which adds to the high quality feel but they're not easy to get dirty, unlike some matte packaging.

100_2896 100_2900

Each box is white with 'Be The Skin' in dark green and the line & product name gilded in gold. It has the brand concept/motto in dark green underneath it, which is 'Be The Skin believes the real beauty comes from a skin with natural balance and will lead you to a blessed world everyday'. A pretty good theory! Each box also has an inner lid and feels more high quality than cheaper boxes that may just be a thin cardboard box with a shiny finish. Are matte finishes more expensive to produce? It seems to be the case as only higher quality brands have matte card packaging. Anyway, I digress. Both packagings of the product feel high quality, sturdy and give a good impression of the brand.

Here are the items in my hand to give you a better sense of their size.

You get 150ml of the toner, the bottle is quite big, as you can see. The toner comes out of a hole in the top of the bottle. It's pretty much a perfect sized hole - it's not too small and not too big. The toner doesn't spill out too much or come out really slowly. Considering you only need a few drops of toner, this will last you forever. I'm only just halfway through it and I've almost finished the cream so I will be using this throughout my next cream and maybe even the one afterwards!

You get 50ml of the serum, which is pretty good. Most only come in 30ml ampoules and I have never bought one because I'd feel kind of ripped off for paying $30 for 30ml of product. That's $1 per millilitre! The serum bottle is the pump dispenser type, keeping things nice and clean. It even has a little cap that goes on top of the pump to prevent it being pushed down whilst in your bag, by accident, etc.

You get 50ml of the face cream, standard volume. On all of the products, the back is in Hangul. The cream comes in a tub, obviously but it comes with a spatula to scoop cream out so you don't need to put any potentially dirty fingers in there and muck it all up!
All the products smell the same, or very very similar. They smell amazing, very citrusy, like oranges or kumquats (specific much? Not as sour or bitter as lemon or grapefruit though). A natural citrus scent, not an artificial, cloying one. It's very refreshing and awakening to smell whilst applying. I really love this scent and wish more products would have citrusy scents instead of floral ones. My skin isn't really sensitive to scents (except weird 'planty' ones like in Avon's Botanical Sensitive Cream) and I haven't had any reaction from these scents.
Toner: The toner is a little thicker than water but quite fluid and light. I only need 3-4 drops of toner and it spreads really easily on skin, even whilst dry. It only takes a few seconds to absorb into my skin and makes my skin feel matte and velvety.

Serum: The serum is thicker than other serums or essences; they're usually similar in viscosity to toners which is why they try and only give you 30ml of product, because it spreads easily supposedly. The serum is quite thick and has a jelly-like feel rather than a creamy one. I only need one pump for my whole face (this is one pump) and I usually split it in half and apply to both my cheeks, then rub in. Again, it's very easy to spread, especially when prepped with the toner. It has a silky feel when applied, not sticky or greasy.

Cream: The cream is, well, creamy. Not as thick as Nivea's cold cream or Garnier's Goodbye Dry cream. I use a 10p sized amount for my face and along with the toner and serum, it glides on. It doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue although it takes a few minutes to absorb. It makes my skin feel hydrated, soft, smooth and plumped up.
I apply this cream in the morning and at night time. When I first started using this line of skincare, I had dry patches around my nose and cheeks. Within a few days of using the toner, serum and cream, those patches had all but gone. With continued application, my skin feels plump, soft and hydrated all the time. I no longer have to apply foundation within seconds of applying my face cream in the hope of concealing dry patches, it's better for me to leave the cream to absorb for a few minutes before applying make-up. I can even wear matte-finish foundations without it clinging to dry patches and flakes, because I have none! I wonder what using Dream Matte Mousse would be like now?

I think these products contain Vitamin C because of the citrus scent and because I've also noticed my skin tone evening out. I used to have a little redness on my cheeks but that's almost totally gone now. I can't believe how good my skin has been since using this. I love the toner more than my homemade ones as it provides more moisture rather than astringent properties and doesn't turn rancid after a week or so. I've never tried serums before but now they're an essential part of my skincare to keep my dry skin happy and flake free.

The only time I had a dip in my skin was during and after I came home from Austen & the Abbey, because I was so worn out and sad, I just couldn't be bothered to keep up with a good skincare routine. I took my make-up off using baby wipes as opposed to olive oil & baby wipes and didn't apply my toner, serum and moisturiser. The moisturiser claims to give 72 hour hydration and to be honest, I didn't really see much change in my skin until about 3-4 days after slacking in my skincare routine. None of the dry patches showed up again, my skin just felt a bit rougher and drier than usual.
I absolutely love this skincare line. It has rebalanced my skin and given me one less thing to worry about. The packaging is nice and gives a high quality feel, the scent is amazing and by using all three products together, my skin has just lapped it up and chilled out. I now know why brands recommend you use items from one line as opposed to different ones from different ones and I'll try and stick to that now. It's much harder, in my opinion, to find different products with different ingredients and benefits that work together and don't clash. The only thing is, I'm running out of this cream more than the other items so I'll try and use up some samples then switch to my Secret Key Snail & EGF Cream or Senite Polynesian Intensive Cream (although I really wanna try the serum and toner of that line too!) but I can't imagine I will have many problems switching. If I do, I'll let you know. That is probably one of the only downsides of this line - the volume of products don't really match up; I have 2/3 of the toner left, about 1/3 of the serum left and I'm down to my last 3-4 applications of the cream so you can never really run out and restock at the same time.

The price for all these products is over $100, which is quite pricey to me. I would like to repurchase but I am in hope I can get the same results by using the same items in only one line from a different brand, such as Etude House's Collagen Moistfull line. I won't repurchase but these products have definitely made serums an essential to me and shown me only to use the same products from one line.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Review: Missha The Style Liquid Sharp Black Eyeliner

Today I'm going to review an eyeliner I've been using for about 6 months now so it's probably about to run out on me any time soon. XD It's Missha The Style Liquid Sharp Eyeliner! The Style is a line Missha has that is less expensive than their regular items and is perfect for the younger market. When I first heard that Missha was mid end prices, I was really surprised because everything I saw was really cheap - obviously I was looking at prices from low to high! So I hope Missha The Style compares in quality to their regular items!
Brand: Missha
Name: The Style Liquid Sharp Eyeliner
Shade: Black (the only shade available)
Price: $4.10
Where to buy: Koreadepart, Amazon

This eyeliner promises a watertight barrier for girls who want to wear make-up at the gym, beach, swimming pool, etc.
The packaging of the eyeliner is pretty standard and a bit boring, to be honest. I guess it's supposed to appeal to all tastes and look chic. All of Missha's products look chic. XD

You get 6g of product, which I thought was really tiny at first but it has lasted a long time and is regular eyeliner volume, I guess.
The brush is quite thin and soft. It's good for drawing precise lines, thick or thin, and tapering them is easy enough.

The eyeliner has an inky consistency and dries with a protective film over it - this must be the waterproof bit, I presume. Other reviews have complained about the look and feel of the film but I don't notice it at all when applied and it hasn't put me off. The only time I notice it is when the eyeliner gets on my eyelashes due to a tilted brush angle, and dries to the consistency and look of mascara. This makes mascara application really frustrating and clumpy as the wand has to try and cut through the filmy eyeliner. I've taken to removing the eyeliner from my eyelashes with a baby wipe or my fingers before mascara application, which is messy, annoying and time consuming. The eyeliner/film has also dried up around the opening of the tube, making the rim and brush a bit gunky and unclean. I usually have to wipe chunks of the eyeliner off the brush before application now. Another annoyance!

I also can't seem to get the amount of product right when I apply this. I start in the inner corner of my eyes and the brush has too much product on at first to get a thin, tapered line, so I wipe some on the side of the product and then the amount is inconsistent. It's fine for the first few seconds but then the colour weakens, making application look patchy. You can see it on the last line and heart I drew, especially with the thicker line to the right of the heart as I twisted the brush. I have to dip the brush back into the product a tiny bit to go over areas that are too sheer, which is inconvenient and time-consuming. >_<
The colour is very opaque and stark, which is great as you want the most pigmented black eyeliner you can find! Sheer eyeliner that you have to apply a lot of layers with just doesn't cut it. XD
Very stark and noticeable, right? No mascara was worn so the view isn't obstructed.

The first photo is after slight rubbing with a wetted finger. The eyeliner was fully dry before I attempted this. Some patches flaked and rubbed off but it was quite intact. I tried a bit harder and it almost all came off. A third attempt removed it entirely from my hand.

So this is one of those waterproof eyeliners that is waterproof, but you can't rub your eyes with it on - either wait for it to dry naturally or pat.

It stays on my eyes all day without smudging, flaking or running and comes off very easily with make-up remover or cleansers - one swipe almost takes it off completely!

If I apply false eyelashes over this eyeliner, a strip of the eyeliner comes off with the eyelash band/glue when I remove them in the evening. o_O So it looks like I have a long line of no eyeliner, then eyeliner above it, which is very weird. I can only guess the film adheres very well to the glue. At least when I take my falsies off, no one else will be seeing the result but you couldn't take off some false eyelashes during the day to touch up your make-up or transition your look from day to night, then put some more eyelashes on, for example.
The scent of this product is a bit weird - it's not pleasant, but it's not terribly off-putting either. It smells a bit like chemicals, or particularly chemically/strong scented make-up?
This eyeliner is very cheap and has good colour payoff but the colour/amount of product can become inconsistent very easily, making touch ups frustrating. The waterproof film is ingenious but gets on my eyelashes and makes mascara application tricky. The eyeliner also comes off when you remove false eyelashes, giving you a weird, blank strip at your lash line. The eyeliner has also dried up near the opening of the tube and brush, making it gunky and annoying. All these little annoyances build up to a point where I'm reluctant to apply this eyeliner anymore, and would rather reach for my Kill Brown liner instead. 2 out of 5 stars for me - I would try a more expensive black liquid eyeliner next time.

Friday, 3 May 2013

List of Korean Cosmetic Brands

EDITED: 21/09/2016 with new brands!

As you can probably tell, I've been a bit obsessed with Korean cosmetics lately and I thought I'd make a huge list of all the brands I can possibly find on the Internet. Obviously this won't be 100% extensive as there will be odds and ends on websites and eBay shops that I don't know about and I'm sure there will be more brands available IRL in South Korea. I thought this would be useful for any of you needing information on an obscure brand, checking out new brands you haven't heard of before or just being a bit obsessed like I am at the moment! But never fear, I want to do a Japanese cosmetics order soon too so I'll no doubt make a Japanese brand list too!

The list is split into brands owned by large, umbrella companies such as Amore Pacific and categories. Here's a key for easier reading!

♥ Cosmetic brand: Sells both make-up & skincare items, as well as anything like haircare, oral, etc.
♥ Make-up brand: Specialises in make-up but could have a couple of other items too.
♥ Skincare brand: Specialises in skincare, such as cleansers, toners, moisturisers, serums, etc. Again, can have a few make-up items too.
♥ Soap brand: Specialises mainly in soaps, including soap bar-type cleansers.
♥ Oral brands: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.
♥ Haircare: Hair gels, waxes, mousse, shampoo & conditioner, etc.
♥ Feminine hygiene: Sanitary towels (pantyliners) and tampons.

♥ Oriental medicine: Oriental medicine (hanbang) cosmetic brands using medicinal and herbal ingredients.
♥ Herbal: Not necessarily Oriental medicine but uses ingredients such as ginseng, wormwood, skullcap, etc.
♥ Fermented: Brands using mostly fermented ingredients.
♥ Naturalistic: Naturalistic themed brands using natural ingredients, extracts, etc.

♥ [sic] I will also feature some awesome Engrish from brands, mostly from their descriptions on Koreadepart and their brand concepts. So don't worry, I haven't fallen asleep at the keyboard when I break out the bad grammar and non-words.

Each brand will say whether it's low, mid or high end price-wise or somewhere inbetween. Everyone has different views on what they consider to be low, mid or high end prices so use your own judgement when checking out the brands. Also seemingly low or mid end brands may try their luck with a 'premium' line of $40-$50 products. Okay, let's get going!

Press Control+F to search for a brand, keyword, etc. rather than scroll all the way through.

Established in 1945, Amore Pacific is the leading cosmetic company in South Korea with 1.5 trillion in sales by 2008. Their low-mid end brands can be found in 'Aritaum', a South Korean department-type store.

♥ Amore Pacific Cosmetics: High end cosmetics brand.
♥ Sulwhasoo: The original Oriental medicine skincare brand, high end prices. 'Sulwhasoo' means 'snow flower' in Korean. The best selling Korean cosmetic brand in history, supposedly a Sulwhasoo product sells every 20 seconds. Bestseller: First Care Serum.
♥ Hera: Mid to high end cosmetic brand, named after the Greek goddess Hera. Hera was Amore Pacific's first ever cosmetic brand. Kim Tae-Hee is the brand model.
♥ Lirikos: High end French inspired brand specialising in marine ingredients such as deep sea water, marine collagen, etc. Also known as La Mer.
♥Hyosiah/Hyosia: Mid end Oriental medicine cosmetic brand that boasts their 3000 year old secret/knowledge of Asian fermented beans.
♥ Verite: Mid end cosmetic brand.
♥ Laneige: Mid end cosmetic brand, 'Laneige' means 'snow of nature' in French. Target market: 20s-30s.
♥ IOPE: High end cosmetic brand, supposedly the first cosmeceutical brand, fusing science and cosmetic knowledge. Launched in 1996.
♥ Mamonde: Mid end cosmetic brand.
♥ Hannule/Hanyul: Mid to high end Oriental medicine skincare brand.
♥ TeenClear: Low end hypoallergenic brand for troubled/sensitive teen skin.
♥ Primera: Low to mid end cosmetic brand.
♥ Lolita Lempicka: Mid end fragrance brand bought by Amore Pacific. Dark, cutesy aesthetic similar to Holika Holika.
♥ Odyssey: Mid end men's skincare brand. South Korea has the largest men's cosmetics market in the world.
♥ Mirepa/Miraepa: Mid end men's skincare brand.
♥ Innisfree: Low end naturalistic brand specialising in ingredients from Jeju Island, an island off the coast of South Korea.
♥ Etude House: Immensely popular low end cosmetic brand with a cutest, princess aesthetic. The staff even call you 'prince' and 'princess' in their brick-and-mortar stores. No. 1 best selling brand in Korea at the moment. 2NE1 are the brand models/endorsers right now. Japanese make-up artist IKKO introduced them in Japan. Target market: Teens-20s. Bestsellers: Moistfull Collagen and A.C Clinic lines.
♥ Espoir: Mid end make-up brand.
♥ Mise-en-Scene: Mid end haircare brand.
♥ Ryeo/Ryoe: Mid end Oriental medicine haircare brand.
♥ Illi: Low to mid end ($11-ish?) herbal medicine body care brand (body lotions, butters, etc.)
♥ Happy Bath: Low end bath & skincare brand.
♥ Dantrol: Mid end haircare brand. Bestsellers: Anti-dandruff shampoo.
♥ Median: Low end oral brand.
♥ Songyeum: Low end Oriental medicine oral brand.
♥ Aritaum: Low end cosmetics brand with a department cosmetics store of the same name.

LG is a Korean company specialising in electronics, as many of you know but it also has a large cosmetics brand market in South Korea.

♥ Isa Knox: High end cosmetic brand; 'isa' means 'elegant and beautiful' in Europe's common name [sic] and 'knox' means 'night' in Roman.
♥ The History of Whoo: High end Oriental medicine cosmetic brand to compete with Amore Pacific's Sulwhasoo.
♥ Lacvert: Mid end cosmetic brand; 'lac' means 'lake' in French and 'vert' means 'green'. The brand model is Kim Yeon-Ah and from 2011, Seoung Yoo-Ri. Target market: 20s-40s.
♥ LG Care: LG's main cosmetic brand, low end prices.
♥ O HUI: High end cosmetic brand, their brand concept is 'when nature and science meet'. Target market: 30s-50s. Bestsellers: Original Energy 100 and Intensive Sunblock Cake lines.
♥ Sooryehan: High end Oriental medicine cosmetic brand to compete with Amore Pacific's Hannule.
♥ SU:M37: High end fermented cosmetics brand. Bestseller: SU:M Secret Programming Essence.
♥ VDL: Low end make-up brand.
♥ Cathy Cat: Mid end make-up brand channelling a chic, New York aesthetic
♥ MULE: Mid to high end make-up brand created by Jung Saem Mool, a Korean make-up artist.
♥ Belif: Mid end skincare brand for troubled/sensitive teen skin.
♥ Beyond: Mid end naturalistic cosmetic brand.
♥ Vonin: Mid end men's cosmetic brand.
♥ The Face Shop: Low end naturalistic cosmetic brand featuring ingredients like flowers, fruit, vegetables, grain, etc. Opened its first store in 2003 and had more than 500 stores worldwide by 2005. It branched out to Japan in 2006, introduced by Japanese make-up artist IKKO. It endorses popular Korean singers and idols.
♥ Carezone: Mid to high end skincare brand for troubled/sensitive skin. Uses 'Lipozone' and deep sea water for soothing products [sic].
♥ VOV: Low end cosmetic brand acquired in 2011.
♥ Re-en: Mid end Oriental medicine haircare brand to rival Amore Pacific's Ryeo.

Established in 1988, their brand motto is 'Art through nature'. They use natural products and extracts and have 199 patents (probably more now) from ingredients they use. Coreana is in the Top 30 cosmetic companies in the world.

♥ Bichigain: Mid to high end Oriental medicine skincare brand specialising in ingredients such as 'ganoderma lucidum', chilhwa water, birch tree sap ('bichigain' in Korean) and 10 year old wild ginseng.
♥ Biodefense: High end cosmetic brand split into two sub-brands: BIO+DEFENSE for troubled/sensitive skin and BIO-SYSTEM for environmental protection.
♥ Coreana Cosmetics: Mid to high end cosmetic brand that won 'Best selling cosmetics' for 22 years running.
♥ Edgefit: High end make-up brand with a cutesy, pink aesthetic similar to Etude House. Their 'Heart Filler Face Cream' is their bestseller and marketed as giving you a more toned, smaller and more attractive face (those South Koreans and their tiny face fetish...).
♥ Locomotion: Mid end men's cosmetic brand using 'phytoncide content from forest freshness' [sic].
♥ Noni Sangji: High end cosmetic brand featuring extracts from the noni fruit and sanji tree branch extract.
♥ Senite: Mid end cosmetic brand. Bestseller: Polynesian Intensive Cream, nicknamed 'mochi skin cream' in Japan.
♥ Ten Seconds: Mid end make-up brand with a chic, pro make-up artist feel. Their brand concept is being able to change your look in 10 seconds, just like a catwalk model. Bestsellers: Sheer Lip Stain and Waterproof 3-in-1 Eyeliner.
♥ Essential Extra: Mid end cosmetic brand specialising in essential oil ingredients.
♥ Nokdu: Mid end cosmetic brand primarily using mung beans (nokdu) in their items.
♥ Zain: Mid end cosmetic brand featuring Magnolia flower extract, Longan fruit extract and 'cheonjungkibodan', a mixture of 7 different herbal medicines.
♥ Entia Global: Low to mid end cosmetic brand specialising in fruit, flower, plant extracts, etc. Target market: 20s.
♥ Colourplay: Mid end make-up brand.
♥ Lavida: High end fermentation cosmetic brand.
♥ Bi Hui Gai In: Mid to high end Oriental medicine brand.

Make-up Brands 

♥ 3CE: Mid end make-up brand launched in 2009 by STYLENANDA (leading Korean fashion business). 3CE stands for '3 Concert Eyes' and specialises in natural make-up using pink, orange and beige. One of their most well-known products is the 3CE Lipnicure, a long lasting matte liquid lipstick.
♥ Aery Jo: Mid end make-up brand.
♥ Ani Place: Low end make-up brand.
♥ BBIA: A low end make-up brand that stands for 'Blooming Beauty in Online Ocean' (no, that acronym doesn't make sense to me either...). Their representative item, 'BBIA Eye Liner 3 Set' is popular because of its reasonable price and excellent quality.
♥ Bare blanc: Mid end make-up brand that has an elegant yet fun aesthetic. Their brand tagline is 'If you are trying to steal his heart, try Bare blanc femme fatale makeup... Try 100% definite weapon for stealing his heart by becoming a bareblanc cutie crew'. which is quite cute and fun haha!
♥ Banila Co.: Mid end make-up brand established 2006. It has a very Benefit style funky asethetic to it. Target market: 20s-30s.
♥ BEAUTY PEOPLE: Low end make-up brand with a cute and colourful aesthetic. The brand specialises in products made with 'the research of professional make-up artists and the know-how of experts.'
♥ Clio: Low to mid en make-up brand, high quality drugstore level (think Max Factor). 'Clio' means 'praise' in Greek. Bestseller: Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner.
♥ Cosam: Low to mid end nail art brand, $5-ish for pretty nail stickers and 3D elements. Their items are unique to them, not just resold from eBay.
♥ Clamue: Low to mid end make-up brand with a very pretty aesthetic. Doesn't seem to have many products on Koreadepart.
♥ Chosungah: High end make-up brand from Korean make-up artist Cho Sung-Ah. Brand concept: 'With our 22 years of experience, we can make you look like you're just 22!'
♥ Escada: Mid end make-up brand.
♥ Hope Girl: Low to mid end make-up brand that is exported to 18 countries worldwide. They have a heart and leopard print aesthetic throughout their products.
♥ Han Kyeong Hee: Mid to high make-up brand that sells their products in sets mostly (on Koreadepart) with refills widely available.
♥ Kemuel: Mid end make-up brand. Brand concept: Kemuel's temptation - the reason why I glow! Kemuel is like an angel close to you that will give you love and shine.' [sic].
♥ Peripera: Low to mid end make-up brand with a cute aesthetic.
♥ Jadilla J: Mid end make-up brand with the concept 'like a make-up artist's touch for everyone' [sic].
♥ Cosline Prielry: Low to mid end make-up brand.
♥ Scandal: Mid end make-up brand.

Skincare Brands 

♥ A.C. Care: Mid end skincare brand for troubled/sensitive skin.
♥ A:TURE: Mid end brand that doesn't contain synthetic ingredients such as parabens, dyes, surfactants, etc.
♥ Beauty Credit: Low end skincare brand (plus some make-up items), drugstore style.
♥ CNP: Mid end skincare brand.
♥ Bycream: Low end skincare brand launched by Choi Ji Won. It specialises in selling face creams (who knew?) and has 63 different types consisting of 3 different textures and 3 special prescriptions for 7 specific skin troubles. They even have an interactive skin test to recommend the right products for you.
♥ Dermal: Low end sheet mask brand that sells various sheet masks for $5 for 10pc but has recently started branching out into other mid end skincare items.
♥ Ja Seng Su: Low end sheet mask brand. 'Ja seng su' means 'beauty born by itself' in Korean.
♥ Jayeonmaeul: Low to mid end organic pack mask (cream type) brand.
♥ Leaders Clinic: Mid end sheet mask brand.
♥ Mediheal: Low end sheet mask brand for troubled/sensitive skin.
♥ MJ Care: Low end eco-friendly sheet mask brand but Koreadepart only sell one mixed bundle of their masks. Kocomall sell more HERE.
♥ Point: Low end skincare brand specialising in cleansing products and organic, raw ingredients.
♥ CJ Lion: Low end skincare brand established in 2004.
♥ Songwol: Low end terry towel brand.
♥ Green Wonil: Mid end skincare and oral brand.
♥ Dr. MJ: Mid to high end skincare brand produced by BRTC.
♥ Foodaholic: Mid end sheet mask brand.
♥ Aromatica: Mid end organic skincare & aromatherapy brand, awarded 'Champion' status by EWG for their use of only the safest and best quality ingredients. ECOCERT certified.
♥ Be The Skin: Mid end herbal skincare brand.
♥ Caolion: Low to mid end naturalistic skincare brand.
♥ Miracosmetic: Low end essential oil skincare brand.
♥ Zamian/Jamian: Mid end skincare brand. Bestseller: Gold Cacao Pack Mask.
Benton: Mid-end skincare brand, name takes inspiration from 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'. Bestsellers include Snail Bee High Content Essence and Steam Cream.
COSRX: Mid-end skincare brand. Bestsellers including Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser and Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask.
Tosowoong: Mid-end skincare brand. Bestsellers include Propolis Sparkle Ampoule.
Scinic: Mid-end brand featuring plant components and extracts. Bestsellers include Honey All in One Ampoule and Snail All in One Ampoule.

Cosmetic Brands 

♥ AHC: Mid to high end skincare and make-up solutions.
♥ April Skin: Mid end natural/hypoallergenic make-up and skincare brand.
♥ Assoter: Mid end cosmetics brand to 'make women's transparent skin, bountiful hair and beautiful body line stand out beautifully.' "Assoter" means 'attract' in French, apparently.
♥ Atopalm: Mid end cosmetic brand for troubled/sensitive skin.
♥ Apieu: Low end cosmetic brand that means 'first' in English (what?!) and 'basic' in French. Target market: 20s.
♥ BRTC: Mid to high end naturalistic cosmetic brand specialising in flower and plant extract ingredients. Supposedly good for sensitive skin because of their all natural, soothing ingredients.
♥ Charm Zone: Mid end cosmetic brand.
♥ COOGI: Mid to high end cosmetic brand.
♥ Danahan: Mid to high end Oriental medicine cosmetic brand. Bestseller: Red Clay Cleansing Cream.
♥ Dr. Jart+: Mid to high end cosmetic brand.
♥ Donginbi: High end organic cosmetic brand featuring 6 year old red ginseng and herbal ingredients.
♥ Dr. Pharm: Low to mid end cosmeceutical brand infusing science with skincare. All or most products featuring Syn-ake extract, a synthetic snake venom-like ingredient for whitening and anti-wrinkle with a similar structure to snail mucin.
♥ Enprani: Mid end cosmetic brand launched in 2000. Chosen as a finalist of 'New York Festival', the world's biggest commercial contest.
♥ Elicina: Mid end brand specialising in Chilean snail mucin ingredients. All items seem to be discontinued by Koreadepart at the moment.
♥ Elisha Coy: Mid end cosmetic brand.
♥ Hanskin: Mid end cosmetic brand that Yoon Son-Ha, their brand model, made their BB creams immensely popular, so much so over half their sales were BB cream.
♥ Goeunsenag: High end cosmetic brand.
♥ Gaeam Food: Mid end cosmetic brand with their bestselling item Bamboo Salt, an item with a multitude of uses (add it into face wash, body scrub, etc.) that has been featured  30 times on TV and 60 times in newspapers. It is expanding to Japan, US, Hong Kong, Canada and more.
♥ It's Skin: Low end cosmetic brand created by a dermatologist of Seoul University. Bestseller: Snail Mucus Extract line.
♥ IPKN: Mid end cosmetic brand. IPKN stands for 'Independant Professional Korean New Yorker' [sic].
♥ Imselene: Low end cosmetic brand specialising in extra virgin olive oil as their main ingredient.
♥ IASO: Mid end cosmetic brand with the brand concept 'You don't have to be perfect. Environmental stress threatens the skin more these days.' [sic].
♥ isoi: High end organic & naturalistic cosmetic brand.
♥ Jaminkyung: Low to mid end cosmetic brand with the brand concept 'Doing well-bing' [sic]. Bestseller: Crema Caracol Original Snail Cream.
♥ Kwailnara/Gwailnara: Low end naturalistic cosmetic brand.
♥ Lotree: Mid end cosmetic brand with a pretty purple butterfly aesthetic. Target market: 20s.
♥ Lioele: Low to mid end cosmetic brand with a cute, princessy aesthetic that won CGMP (whatever that is) in 2006.
♥ Llang: Mid end cosmetic brand specialising in 6 year old red ginseng.
♥ Lalavesi: Mid end cosmetic brand with a funky pop art-style aesthetic.
♥ Missha: Low to mid end cosmetic brand that started on a woman's portal website '', it opened its first store in Seoul, 2003 and its first Japanese store in 2005. It has since expanded to New York, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, China and other countries. Bestseller: Red Perfect Cover BB Cream.
♥ Mizon: Mid end cosmetic brand. Bestsellers: Watermax Aqua Gel Cream and Snail Essence line.
♥ Nature Republic: Low end naturalistic cosmetic brand featuring ingredients such as hibiscus flower, aloe vera, 'tree from Souther France' [sic]. Bestseller: Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Cream.
♥ Neogen: Mid end cosmetic brand.
♥ Organia: Low end organic naturalistic cosmetic brand specialising in ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, etc.
♥ Ponds: Low end cosmetic brand, not sure if it's the regular Ponds brand or a Korean equivalent.
♥ Re:NK: Low end cosmetic brand but all their items are discontinued on Koreadepart at the moment.
♥ Rosee: Mid end cosmetic brand specialising in aloe vera products.
♥ Sanshim/Sansam: High end Oriental medicine cosmetic brand featuring 110 year old Sansam and 'special technology' [sic].
♥ SipJangSaeng: Low end cosmetic brand featuring 110 year old wild ginseng but all their items are discontinued on Koreadepart at the moment.
♥ Skinfood: Low to mid end naturalistic cosmetic brand featuring food as their main ingredients such as rice, milk, avocado, tomato, etc. Bestsellers: Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask and the Peach Sake line.
♥ Skin79: Mid end cosmetic brand famous for their BB creams. Bestseller: Hot Pink BB Cream.
♥ Secret Key: Low end cosmetic brand featuring snail mucin and syn-ake extracts. Bestsellers: Snail & EGF Repairing Cream and Syn-ake Anti-Wrinkle & Whitening Cream.
♥ Skincure: Mid end naturalistic cosmetic brand, like a more expensive, lesser known Skinfood. Features ingredients from Jeju Island as well as Sandawha, Noste, Stemcello and Daunbee, whatever the hell they are.
♥ SCINIC: Mid end cosmetic brand but all items are discontinued on Koreadepart at the moment.
♥ So Natural: Mid end cosmetic brand with a naturalistic but pretty aesthetic. Koreadepart have a weird, bulk purchase thing going on with So Natural at the moment, like $120 for a 12pc skincare set, 3pc toner, etc.
♥ Skylake: Mid end herbal cosmetic brand featuring ingredients like mulberry, skullcap, wormwood, etc.
♥ Songak: Mid end cosmetic brand, seemingly unisex. Yet again, a weird bulk purchase thing going on at Koreadepart like $100 for a 6pc set, $30 for 3pc soap, etc.
♥ Serazena: Mid to high end cosmetic brand with Western philosphies and ingredients, such as 'nanotechnology of bio-collagen' and plant stem cells.
♥ Tony Moly: Low end cosmetic brand. 'Tony' means 'a lovely appearance' in English (No, it doesn't!) and 'moly' means 'flourishing' in Japanese. Bestseller: Cat Chu Wink line.
♥ The Saem: Low end cosmetic line meaning 'the spring water (saem) of beauty' launched in 2010. Their brand model is Lee Seung-Gi, a popular actor/singer in Korea and Japan. Bestseller: Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask.
♥ too cool for school: Low to mid end cosmetic brand with a cute, quirky aesthetic. Bestsellers: Lunch Box and Pudding Aqua Shaking BB creams.
♥ Tears: Low to mid end cosmetic brand with only two products available at the moment on Koreadepart.
♥ Yadah: Low to mid end naturalistic cosmetic brand.
♥ Y.E.T.: Low end cosmetic brand with a cute, funky aesthetic. Y.E.T. stands for 'Yes! Enjoy Time!'. Y.E.T. is the result of 20 years of cosmetics know-how collaboration with B&B Korea and MOU.
♥ Zeniswell: Mid end eco-friendly cosmetic brand.
♥ Enature: Mid end cosmetic brand featuring 'plant growth cell extracts' [sic].
♥ ESMEDIC: Mid end cosmetic brand for troubled/sensitive skin.
♥ OGANIC: Mid end organic cosmetic brand.
♥ Kelly Water: Mid to high end naturalistic cosmetic brand.
♥ Ameli: Mid end cosmetic brand.
♥ Holika Holika: Low end cosmetic brand launched by Enprani with a dark, cutesy witch aesthetic. 'Holika Holika' is a magic spell to make you more beautiful. It finds hidden beauty in you that you didn't know you had [sic]. Bestsellers: Magic Wand Mascara and Egg Shop line.
♥ L'Egere: Mid end cosmetic brand.
♥ Kameria: Low to mid end cosmetic brand.
♥ Sua Young: Mid to high end cosmetic brand used by luxury spas and dermatologists.
♥ Puretem: Mid end organic cosmetic brand specialising in aloe vera ingredients.
♥ Bornskin: Low end cosmetic brand.
♥ Mora Savina: Mid to high end cosmetic brand.
♥ Lisange: High end cosmetic brand originally launched by Joycos but split from them in 2006.
♥ Rita Rove W: Mid end cosmetic brand with a pretty purple and silver aesthetic.
♥ A3F[ON]: Mid end cosmetic brand.
♥ Yuhwayeon Jinhyo: High end Oriental medicine brand.
Urban Doll: Mid end cosmetics brand specialising in BB and CC cream.

Bathing & Soap Brands 

♥ Mukunghwa: Low end soap brand.
♥ Chamtowon: Mid end soap brand.
♥ On The Body: Low end soap brand.
♥ OLSKIN: Mid to high end soap brand.
♥ JIMIL: Mid end soap brand.
♥ Seannuri: Mid end soap brand.
♥ Say: Low end bathing/soap brand.
♥ Dongsan C&G: Low end soap brand.
♥ Nandamo: High end soap/skincare brand.
♥ Hansamin: Low end soap brand featuring wild red ginseng ingredient.
♥ Hwangtomiso: Low end soap brand.

Haircare Brands 

♥ Dengimori: Mid to high end Oriental medicine haircare brand.
♥ Esthaar: Mid to high end haircare brand specialising in fermented ingredients but all their items seem to be discontinued on Koreadepart.
♥ Gatsby: Low to mid end haircare brand specialising in hair gel.
♥ KeraSys: Mid end hair care brand with premium Oriental herbal medicine lines
♥ Somang: Mid end haircare and skincare brand with hair gels & waxes endorsed by PSY.

Oral Brands 

♥ Aekyong/Aekyung: Low to mid end oral brand ($8 for toothpaste?).
♥ Niche: Low end oral brand.

♥ Feminine Hygiene Brands 

♥ Bodyfit: Low end feminine hygiene brand.
♥ Yegimiyin: Low end feminine hygiene brand featuring herbal ingredients.
♥ Whisper: Low end feminine hygiene brand.
♥ Goodfeel: Low end feminine hygiene brand.
♥ Hanbi: Low end feminine hygiene brand.
♥ White: Low end feminine hygiene brand.
♥ Lilian/Bogam/Lilian Bogam: Low end feminine hygiene brand.

...Are there even any mid or high end feminine hygiene brands? Who would buy them?