Monday, 11 March 2019

Look of the Day: Archery and Axe-Throwing Maiden

The other weekend I did archery and axe-throwing at a place called Laser Days with my friend Sarah and our mutual friends for Sarah's birthday celebrations. Obviously I had to dress for the occasion, and right now I'm playing The Last of Us on PS3 so I was very much in the post-apocalyptic mindset and channelled that through the day.

Post-apocalyptic gothic make-up

Post-apocalyptic gothic outfit

Undershirt: Topshop
Vest top: Unbranded and customised by myself
Skirt: 8th Sin sample

My shoes weren't noteworthy, just plain Doc Martens for hiking around in mud to go to the activity location.

Goth girl with throwing knives

Bonus photos of me with throwing knives

Archery group at Laser Days

Me thinking about all the lives these dirty, dirty hands have taken.

The day was really fun, and afterwards we went for a walk, then for pizza at Suede Bar in Nottingham.

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