Saturday, 14 April 2018

High Priestess Photo Set

A while back I had a photoshoot with a "Gothic high priestess, protector of the woods" feel to it so I thought I'd share the photos.

The photographer was Witchfinder Gothic and all make-up, hair and styling as well as editing was done by myself.

High Priestess photoshoot

Some of the inspiration I used for the shoot includes antique and vintage occult style, like those old urban legend photographs you see that are damaged and you wonder if they're real, featuring fairies, nymphs, etc.

Gothic priestess photoshoot

I got a bit of a Blair Witch feel from this shoot as well, especially post-edit.

Gothic tribal photoshoot

I also drew upon tarot card imagery and mysticism inspiration for the shoot.

Gothic tribal make-up
Close up of accessories and make-up.

Some of the make-up I used includes the Anna Sui Eye Color Palette (available here but discontinued by the brand), MAC Cosmetics Satin Lipstick in Verve (available here) and the gold shade in the Anna Sui Eye Color Palette for the stripe on my lips.

Pretty much the entire outfit is offbrand or thrifted - I'm thinking about making or stocking similar feathery capes at an affordable price in my store but I got this one a while ago from a random Chinese store. The bustier was found in a charity shop, the lace dress worn under it is vintage from the 1920s.

Antler headband: Ciciworks on Taobao (has since been discontinued)
Necklace and earrings: Palnart Poc Titania Necklace and Moon Phases Earrings
Bracelet: Paris Kids

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