Saturday, 24 March 2018

Look of the Day: Infinite Future Girl (Perfume Mugen Mirai MV inspired)

The other day I watched Perfume's music video for their new song "Mugen Mirai" (無限未来, Infinite Future) and although the song is just okay to me, I did get super inspired by their styling and outfits for the video and decided to channel that into my look for visiting a friend for afternoon tea.

 Everyday alternative make-up

Rather everyday make-up for me; I left it "natural" rather than vamping anything up as Perfume's makeup is always quite natural as well. Notable make-up used is Cezanne CC Lip Balm in 02 Red and Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss Neo in RD441, both of which I purchased in Japan. I would attach links to purchase each product but they're from eBay/Amazon/Yesstyle which usually end up unusable at some point due to expiring or running out of stock so I'll leave you to Google them if you really wanna check them out.

Perfume Mugen Mirai inspired gothic outfit

Harness: My brand, 8th Sin
Blouse: My friend's vintage shop, Charoll Vintage

I'm always thinking of new ways to wear harnesses, since some people think they can only be worn in either very skimpy outfits or, well, with nothing else on! I'm glad the Neo-Victorian/modern harness fashion mash-up turned out really nicely and will definitely use this styling again in the future.

Perfume Mugen Mirai

Here is a shot of the outfits Nocchi, A-chan and Kashiyuka wear in the music video. I was mostly inspired by Kashiyuka's outfit and I don't wear my O Ring Harness very much so it was a great way to style it differently.

Here's the music video below if you're interested in checking out the song.

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