Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Future of This Blog

Short update without going into too much: Much has happened in my life, I have evolved and grown as a person, and I decided to start blogging again, but not really about personal things or explicit details of my life. I have always wanted to be useful in whatever I do, so instead I'm focusing on the niches in my life that I feel others might find useful. I am very privileged and grateful that I get to travel a lot as part of my work, and for as long as I have been travelling in my adult life, I have always sought out gothic, strange and unusual attractions to see when I'm travelling. There's not really any Gothic Travel blogs out there haha, so I decided to show the places I've been so that you can use the information when planning your own trips.

I also decided to continue documenting my fashion and beauty in this blog, simply for inspiration and creative outlet. Whilst I haven't been blogging, I have still been taking in creative sources and inspiration in my life, like I always do, but I have found myself restless and I realised it's because I'm not putting any of this creativity out either. I read somewhere that in order to be a good Internet user, you must also put out content as well as absorb it. Whilst I probably won't be very good at doing full outfit photos like always, I like the idea of writing alternative fashion articles that will (hopefully) stand the test of time and that people can refer to for inspiration no matter the current trends.

I probably won't blog too much about Asian beauty any more though, since there are already lots of bloggers who dedicate their blog to it such as Fifty Shades of Snail and Snow White and the Asian Pear, and do a far better job than me of researching and reviewing products. However, I may still review the beauty products I have made permanent additions to my beauty routine, or review items that are not very well-known or have no reviews at all. Like I mention above, I want to be useful above all else, so what's the point in reviewing something 50 other bloggers have already reviewed, or something you can check reviews for on Make-up Alley? I still remember when you could only buy Asian beauty products from their respective country's websites, but now huge, readily available companies like ASOS, TK Maxx, Sephora and Cult Beauty now sell some Asian beauty brands.

I was recently fortunate to take a trip to Paris for my birthday, and I did lots of spooky and interesting things whilst I was there, so I've actually got content to post immediately. I just thought I'd better preface it by saying, well, I'm open to blogging again, and hope people who somehow find this blog to find it useful and use the information I have in their lives.

I will still continue my Japan posts as well, but will probably focus on specific experiences I had rather than documenting each day in detail. The exact details of each day are pretty blurry now, especially since I spent an additional month in Japan in December-January 2016-2017. It's pretty hard to remember exactly what I did each day for a total of 6 weeks in Japan.

If there's anyone left who used to read my blog, thank you for your patience and continued support. I am most active on Instagram, and I always post my beauty and fashion looks there, so if you like, feel free to follow me at @theheianprincess. I have been active on there since I stopped blogging so if anything, you'll always catch my updates there.

Please stay tuned for my experiences in Paris and France, including the Paris Catacombs, Sainte-Chapelle, Montparnasse Cemetery, a restaurant in the original house of alchemist Nicolas Flamel and more. I also visited London before heading to Paris, so I'll start with my London experiences.


  1. Well it seems my comment never got posted ;_; must have been my shitty connection...
    Anyways, I'd like to see you post more about your travels :) and about reviews, I feel the same, like there's makeup and asian reviews everywhere but maybe you could do something like listing your top 10 makeup infallible products or similar? :D this way it feels a bit more personal ^__^
    Hope you're doing well Laura!! <3

    1. (Argh I have written a lot more but it got lost and now I don't remember everything word for word ugh hahaha)

    2. Ah, thank you Carla! Yes, I will definitely keep up with travel posts, I seem to have a niche there. :) And I do still like writing about cosmetics and the like, so there'll definitely be a few cosmetics posts like the one you mentioned! Thank you for your comment!

  2. Late, but still- so glad you're blogging again! I followed you pretty closely for some time (I love your sense of style!) and was kinda bummed when your blog seemed to have been abandoned. But you're back!! I hope you can find your place in the blogging world!