Saturday, 24 February 2018

Look of the Day: Gold Card Suit Girl

Today I went to dinner with some friends I haven't seen in a long time.

Gothic Lolita make-up

Eyes: Anna Sui Eye Colour Palette and NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow in Sun Glow
Lips: Sugarpill Liquid Lip Colour in Trinket

Black and gold Gothic Lolita wearing Atelier Pierrot

JSK: Atelier Pierrot (super old school)
Everything else: Offbrand, some jewellery from Closet Child that you can't really see

One tip that has helped me create a cohesive wardrobe is that every time I put a look together, I look back on it and wonder if I could pick anything in the world, what I would change or add to it? I then decide if those items would go with other things in my wardrobe, and if so, find or make the items to improve the outfit next time. Looking back on this outfit, I would've worn something gold around the neck to break the colours up, and have more relevant card suit themed accessories, however I don't own many gold or card suit themed clothing items, so it wouldn't be worth me adding these to my collection.

I do need to get some new heels though; I had a pair I loved by Demonia, they went with so many things but I wore them so much the soles fell off and getting them repaired didn't last too long, so I had to throw them away. I haven't seen the same design since, I think they were an old style. Do you have any recommendations for me?