Friday, 23 February 2018

Look of the Day: Cybernetic Augmentation

Yesterday I went to dinner with a friend so here's the look I put together. I have huge love for Cyber fashion at the moment and am in the midst of writing an article about my take on it so, for now, here's what I guess you could call a first look at my Cyber fashion interpretation.

Cyber Goth Make-up

Shrug: Mistress Shrug from Cyberdog
Dress: Circuitry Dress from Cyberdog

Notable make-up includes NYX Cosmetics Hot Singles Eyeshadow in Bling, Shiro Cosmetics pigments in The Truth and Gift of Mercy.

I need some jewellery and accessories to go with my Cyber wardrobe, do you have any recommendations? Feel free to follow me on Instagram for regularly updated looks at @theheianprincess.


  1. I love the simple Gothic take on it! I post some Cyber looks on @white_bones but they tend to be more colorful. My favorite products for accessories are a pair of Cyberdog sunglasses that look like Cyborg's (X-Men) lens, and metal bones. As in bone/skull/horn jewelry made of metal. It's much easier to find plastic, or neon colored ones if you like, but I think metal jewelry would go well with your current aesthetic!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I love metal bone jewellery as well, like the collection Restyle do - I might have to treat myself to some at some point!

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