Saturday, 6 May 2017

Outfit of the Day: Post Apocalyptic Goth

The other day I visited my friend in Nottingham for tea and vintage shopping! Recently I have been loving Post Apocalyptic Goth fashion and went thrift shopping the other week to see if I could find any pieces suitable (I may write a post about that later on). I pieced together an outfit and am pretty pleased with the result but my take on the style still needs some work. I feel it still looks and clean haha? I might need to roll around in some dust haha!

Post-apocalyptic Goth make-up
Post-apocalyptic Goth make-up

I switched up my make-up a little bit, my reason being that a post-apocalyptic goth needs to look fierce and intimidating! I used dark brown eyeshadow all around my eyes to give a slightly weary, war torn look and instantly made my make-up 1000% gothier, more glam and more fierce by doing inner corner eyeliner, which may be my new favourite thing. I wore Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Piaf, which is a really unique brown with purple iridescent shift but it's hard to capture on camera.

Post-apocalyptic Goth outfit 
Sunglasses: Anna Sui
Undershirt: Topshop originally, but thrifted
Vest top: Offbrand, slashed up
Skirt: Ozz Croce
Tights: eBay
Boots: Offbrand but I think you can get them on eBay and AliExpress
Necklaces: Offbrand
Jacket: In talks with stocking it at 8th Sin, would you be interested to see it in my store?

Post-apocalyptic Goth outfit smiling
I thought I'd include this 'outtake' - normally I'm not a fan of my smile, but I am trying to get over that and thought this was quite nice to post. We all like to pretend we have such put together dispositions, and we want to look perfectly poised, posed and positioned but we're not and we should celebrate that more.

We went to Hopkinsons Vintage, Antique and Arts Centre, which is a three storey building filled with vintage and antique wares, cafes, a vintage style salon and even a guitar teacher. We spent a long time in there as there's so much to look at, they really have any category of vintage or antique items that you can think of. Afterwards we went to The Pit and Pendulum, a Gothic pub. It's shameful but I've never actually been in it, which is terrible as a Midlands based Goth haha! Every baby bat, including myself, couldn't wait until they were old enough to go to The Pit and Pendulum, but for some reason I just never got round to going. The pub is actually really cool, to be honest, and the clientele are naturally alternative so it's one of the few places in Nottingham you don't feel out of place as an alternative person.

I had a really fun day out and it was great to try a new fashion style. Have you been up to anything fun recently?