Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Outfit of the Day: Black & Red Gothic Lolita Little Red Riding Hood

Okay, so using 'Outfit of the Day' is a littttttle misleading, as this outing and outfit was taken the other week, but the principle still applies, damnit!

I wore Gothic Lolita to meet with my good friend Suzy in Manchester! I just realised I kind of went for a Gothic 'Little Red Riding Hood' vibe haha~

Gothic Lolita outfit
Blouse: Offbrand
JSK: H.Frill
Tights: Estrella (bought through Atelier Pierrot)
Boots: An*tai*na
Capelet: Red Queen's Black Legion
Hair accessory: Ciciworks

Gothic Lolita make-up
I was a little late arriving as my Internet was down and I was trying to fix it, so I just did a simple plait/braid to save on hair styling time.

We went for Mexican-fusion food, bubble tea and dessert, as well as shopping and a catch-up, of course!

Mexican food at Wahaca Manchester
Everything was SO good here! This was at a restaurant called Wahaca, they have a few chains throughout the UK.

Taro bubble tea at Wasabi Dessert Room Manchester
Taro bubble tea from Wasabi Dessert Room in Chinatown.

Bubble waffle at Wasabi Dessert Room Manchester
Chocolate chip bubble waffle from Wasabi Dessert Room. This was so so yummy, crispy but fluffy in the middle of the 'bubbles', with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream!

I had a really nice day with my friend; we hadn't seen each other for a little bit so it was lovely to have a catch-up and eat good food together.

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  1. Black and red is the great combo of any outfit plus I was eagerly waiting to see the picture of your outfit but it is not available. Kindly check this out.