Sunday, 21 May 2017

Meet and Outfit of the Day: London Gyaru Meet ft. Draculaura Goshikku Gyaru Look

On Saturday I attended a London Gyaru meet with my friends! Since our last meet some members including myself formed a Gyarusa called QueenE so this was the first meet we had since forming! I had such a fun time with old and new friends alike and lots of photos were taken, naturally!

We went for Korean BBQ at SuperStar BBQ, shopped at Japan Centre then headed to Namco Funscape for chilling, drinks and photos. The food was delicious at SuperStar BBQ, I have only eaten Korean food once but I want to eat more now! Namco Funscape has arcade games, bowling, pool and a bar so some of the group played games whilst the rest of us chilled at the bar.

The look I went for at the meet was a black and pink Goshikku-Agejo mix. It started when I was closet cleaning and found black and pink shoes and accessories I don't really wear much any more and was going to sell, but then I realised they'd look really cute together in an outfit, so that was the starting concept for this look!

Draculaura make-up

Monster High Draculaura look

This look turned out so much cuter than I originally planned! I posted it on Facebook and a couple of friends said I look like Draculaura! I know of Monster High but I don't really know anything about it or the character. I Googled her and damn, I really did pull off an inadvertent Draculaura look! Even my name is the same haha!

The circle lenses I used are EOS Adult Pink lenses from Pinky Paradise. I love how they show up on my dark eyes and look natural yet ethereal. The lashes I used are Diamond Lash Angel Eye for upper and Princess Eye for lower.

Goshikku Gyaru make-up

Goshikku Gyaru make-up close-upGoshikku Gyaru make-up close-upGoshikku Gyaru make-up close-up

Cute Gothic outfit
Fishnet shirt and skirt: Offbrand
Belt: DIA (borrowed from a friend)
Fishnet stockings: MA*RS
Shoes: Iron Fist
Accessories: Broken Doll, Offbrand

Japanese fashion selfie
 Babes Looi and Kei ♥

Cute girl selfie
This filter is so cute and matches my look haha! I am loving Snow Camera at the moment (photography app), I wish my whole life could be shown through Snow ;w;

I really enjoyed this meet and can't wait for the next one! I posted my look on the Gothic Amino community and someone suggested doing my personal take on other Monster High characters, since I apparently pulled off Draculaura well! I think that is such a cute idea and I am so down for it! I spent way too much time researching the characters from it and I'm now full of inspiration! What character should I attempt next?

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  1. I love reading your blog and I would love to see your outfits and the pictures of the meeting but unfortunately I don't know why but all the pictures have been removed from your blog post