Sunday, 16 April 2017

She's Baaaaaaaaaaack!

...Hello? Remember me? I used to write a blog named Geisha Baby a while back...I took an unexpected break and said I'd be back, then I disappeared again. Well, I'm hoping I'm back for good now! Before, I didn't think anyone really read my blog but I actually had a few people say they missed my blog and found my posts useful and interesting, especially my recent daily posts about Japan - at least two friends have told me they used my posts to help plan their own trip to Japan, and navigate around when they got there.

That made me really happy and actually want to start blogging again. I have been doing some really interesting and fun things during my hiatus, so thankfully I have quite a lot of blog about. I had a bit of a think about what I'd like to keep blogging about and if there were any new things I'd like to bring to my blog. I still adore alternative fashion, beauty, Asian beauty and making reviews so there'll definitely be a continuation of those posts. Since I've been away, I actually went to Japan for a second time, so I have lots more photos, posts and travel information to post! And since I've been back, I've been continuing with my business. Whilst I have travelled for work, I have also been taking the time to sightsee afterwards, and especially seek out all the alternative, off-the-beaten-path attractions and eateries. Because of this, I thought it would be interesting to share these places and my experiences in blog posts! Not only do I love alternative fashion, beauty, music, entertainment, etc but even alternative travel, so it's natural to just say my blog is 'alternative lifestyle' now! It encompasses everything I love to write about!

I have updated my blog theme and banner to reflect my style more now; I'm really loving grey recently. It's dark and gloomy, but also chic, which is what I aspire to haha~

As I have been doing lots of interesting things and taking lots of photos, I've decided to work backwards in writing all my experiences as it's hard to keep track or pick which to write first! Stay tuned for my next post which is about a Gyaru fashion meet in Birmingham I attended! Thank you all for continuing to read, please let me know you're still here in the comments or by sharing and help me continue my blog!

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