Sunday, 8 May 2016

Recent Outfits and Updates~

I thought I'd take a break from Japan posts and reviews to share some outfits and make-up I've worn recently and what I've been up to. Things are quite busy at the moment with a few exciting new things in the pipeline.

My partner and I are currently in the process of buying a house, which is super exciting! It needs a lot of work doing to it, which is why we got it cheap and it means we can really put our own touch to it. I'm still trying to get my partner into the whole 'Dracula's castle meets Silent Hill' aesthetic but he's not really feeling it.

I also started learning how to drive a couple of months back. It's a joint effort with my partner and I, as it means I'll be able to travel more easily to events, take more stock and also take his business and employees with me! Again, I'm trying to convince him a Hearse is our best option but again, it's taking some convincing haha.

Gothic Lolita selfieGothic Lolita outfit
An outfit for meeting a friend in Nottingham. This was the first time I tried the really red under-eye blush but I actually really liked it here!

Headbow: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: Miho Matsuda
Skirt: H.Gramm
Bolero: Black Peace Now
Tights: Grimoire Verum
Shoes: Everything 5 Pounds

Gothic selfieCasual Gothic outfit
Random errand running outfit. I really wanted to wear my Aural Vampire tights! I also decided to start tinkering around with my tripod and camera, so hopefully I will be able to take more outfit shots on my own now!

Headband: eBay
Undershirt: Taobao
Top: Everything 5 Pounds
Skirt; eBay
Tights: Nude Sox x Aural Vampire
Shoes: No Fall Harajuku
Choker: Viva Hate

Gothic Punk outfit
Outfit to set up for Telford MCM with my dear mum <3 No selfie because apparently I suck?

Top: Qutie Frash
Jacket: Living Dead Souls
Skirt; eBay
Tights: eBay
Shoes: Demonia
Bag: MA*RS
Choker: Viva Hate

Old school Lolita selfieOld school Lolita outfit
My old school Gothic Lolita outfit for trading at Telford MCM. I wanted to make a clunky old school coord with my new Demonia shoes!

Headbow: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: Surface Spell (Taobao)
JSK: H.Frill
Tights: Taobao
Shoes: Demonia
Handbag: Customised Taobao

Gothic Lolita selfie #2
Selfie from Birmingham MCM with super bad lighting and filters to compensate. Will MCM ever have good lighting?

Gothic selfie #2Casual Gothic outfit #2
Outfit to visit my mum and mama

Top: Hell Bunny
Bolero: eBay
Skirt: Living Dead Souls
Tights: eBay
Shoes: Everything 5 Pounds
Choker: 8th Sin

Then random selfies with no outfit shots to match~ *sad times*

Geisha inspired makeup
I went for a geisha inspired look here using my new Shiro Cosmetics eyeshadows in Little Bird and Philosopher's Stone (post about them to come soon)!

Pink glitter makeup
I saw a super cute make-up tutorial using glitter on the cheeks and really wanted to try it out. It involved pink circle lenses so cue really bad Photoshop haha! Makes me want to get pink circle lenses though!

That reminds me, because I started driving lessons, I took an eye test and it turns out I'm very slightly short sighted and I have astigmatism D: I really wanted Anna Sui glasses but I wasn't sure if they would suit me, since I could only find them online, but I found some very Anna Sui-looking ones at Specsavers and bought them. Maybe I'll take a photo wearing them one day~! I wondered if my astigmatism is why I have never liked wearing circle lenses. They are always hard to put in, stick to my finger and make my eyes dry and heavy. I asked if I needed toric lenses but they said no, so apparently my eyes just hate circle lenses? Do you have any recommendations for comfortable circle lenses? Another reason I don't like circle lenses is because I feel like they make my eyes look alien-ish, even with heavier eye make-up to compensate. I feel like my eyes are round, but small so the lenses block up too much of my eye. I may look at 14mm lenses but then that kind of defeats the point of circle lenses...advice?

NYX Cold Hearted Lippy selfie
I bought two new lipsticks from NYX from their Wicked Lippy line in the shades Cold Hearted and Betrayal. I'm wearing Cold Hearted in this photo and love love love it! It matches this Ghost of Harlem top perfectly haha!

NYX Betrayal Lippy selfie
Using NYX Wicked Lippy in the other shade I bought, Betrayal!

Gothic pigtail selfie
Another outfit and selfie for errand running. Driving lessons have given me another reason to dress up slightly, I mean, I'm not going to go full on glam for an hour and a half of being sat in a car. I really love this choker, it's so cute! It's from a store called MANA on Taobao.

Gyaru makeup #1Gyaru makeup #2
I bought one of those black tiered skirts with the zip hems and thought I'd ease myself into Gyaru again! My make-up can do with some work, which I'm looking forward to try again soon!

Casual Gothic makeup inspired by Melisandre
Selfie from errand running. I had watched the new Game of Thrones episodes the night before and looking back, I think I can tell I was inspired by Melisandre haha! I had also bought the Morphe Brushes 35P Eyeshadow Palette and wanted to try it for the first time.

Black and red Gothic punk make-up
My most recent look, black and red punk-ish for seeing my mum and mama. My first time trying Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light. Not sure if that glow is from the powder or awesome bathroom lighting haha. Also, like the random camel hair picture from Tunisia?!

Yakitori street food
In Derby there's a Farmer's Market every third Thursday of the month, and one month there was a Japanese food stall there! They sold melon pan, cream cheese buns, okonomiyaki, takoyaki and more! It was quite late in the day so there wasn't much left and I got teriyaki. It was really tasty and tender! It made me nostalgic for Japan~

Churros in Nottingham
During a random outing to Nottingham on my own, I got churros from a food stall. They were super fresh and tasty but I wish the coatings were distributed more evenly, they're just slopped into the cone haha...

Spicy duck tom yum ramen in Moon Sha
Whilst meeting friends in Derby we went to our favourite Japanese restaurant, Moon Sha. I had spice duck tom yum ramen. I almost always get ramen and always ask for it spicy!

Matcha latte in Nottingham
Salted caramel chocolate in Nottingham
Whilst meeting a friend in Nottingham, we went to 200 Degrees Coffee Bar. I had a matcha latte, which I learned doesn't actually have coffee in it, just matcha powder and milk! I missed out in Japan because I'm not a fan of coffee so I really wish I had a matcha latte in Japan haha. It's going on the list for next time, definitely! I also got a salted caramel bubbles cake bar from 200 Degrees, which was very nice but very rich and chocolatey!

I took some photos directly off my Instagram page, TheHeianPrincess, which you can follow if you really like. It's just more selfies and food but posted more regularly haha.

Have you guys done anything fun or ate tasty food recently? I'm off to Belfast on Thursday for Belfast Film and Comic Con so I hope to have more tasty food there too!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Review: It's Skin Clear Skin Daily Peeling Toner

Lately I decided to review the cosmetics I'm using right now rather than try to churn out review after review of bygone products. Today's review is about It's Skin Clear Skin Daily Peeling Toner. It is a BHA chemical toner similar to Clinique's Clarifying Lotion (review of Type 1 and Type 2 here) and Mizon AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner. Is it a cheaper dupe for Clinique's Clarifying Lotion? Let's see~!

 It's Skin Clear Skin Peeling Toner product info 
Brand: It's Skin
Name: Clear Skin Peeling Toner
Price: $5.76 on Koreadepart
Where to buy: Koreadepart, Tester KoreaeBay

The cheapest I've found this product is on Koreadepart, but unfortunately their shipping prices don't make it worthwhile to place small orders so the past few times I've ordered from Tester Korea. Now you've heard that I've ordered it a few times, I guess there should be spoiler warnings haha.

The toner is a 'peeling toner', which may sound scary but simply means it removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin to reveal fresher, newer skin. BHA can penetrate oils and get down into the pores so it's effective against preventing and calming breakouts.

It's Skin Clear Skin Peeling Toner contains salicylic acid (BHA), witch hazel and willow bark extract. Salicylic acid is the aforementioned breakout preventing beta hydroxy acid, witch hazel is an astringent that reduces inflammation and decreases oil in the skin which is great for acne-prone skin (although my dry skin hasn't suffered using this) and willow bark also contains salicylic acid, is an anti-inflammatory and astringent. So really, willow bark is like if salicylic acid and witch hazel had a skincare baby.
<It's Skin Clear Skin Peeling Toner packaging info
It's Skin Clear Skin Peeling Toner packaging
The packaging of Clear Skin Peeling Toner is a large dark green plastic bottle with a lighter green lid. It has a small opening in the bottle to pour out the toner. The packaging isn't great, I'll admit (i.e. it's not cute or pretty) but it's alright. The bottle contains 140ml of product and is pretty weighty.

It's Skin Clear Skin Peeling Toner packaging

It's Skin Clear Skin Peeling Toner packaging
Product info on the bottle

It's Skin Clear Skin Peeling Toner packaging
The bottle has the instructions and ingredients in English which is useful. If anyone wants me to type the ingredients out, let me know as I can't really find them online.

It's Skin Clear Skin Peeling Toner application info
It's Skin Clear Skin Peeling Toner on a cotton pad
As with any BHA toner, I apply this with a cotton pad. When you first open a new bottle, it can be quite hard to shake out the product but once you've used about a third of it, it becomes a lot easier. I find this happens with many toner or runny products, is there a reason why? Something to do with the pressure or air in the bottle? (/r/shittyscience)

I use this product in my morning and evening skincare routine. I have never had a problem using this product and even when my skin is acting up, it doesn't irritate it. In fact a few weeks ago my skin threw a fit at something so I literally used just this and coconut oil for a few days to calm it.

Because I've used BHA toners before this one, I can contest that it continues to prevent spots, and on the odd chance I do get a spot, it disappears within a day or so of continually using this product. It keeps my skin clear and soft, and because of the great price I can say it has made its way into my staple skincare wardrobe. I have just had three more bottles arrive from Tester Korea, and before that I ordered two bottles so I must have gone through at least 6 bottles of this so far! As far as BHA toners go, this is definitely holy grail status for me! I've seen a couple of reviews say it's not effective enough for them but as far as results go, it's just right for me. It doesn't smell of strong paint stripper like the Clinique one, and seems more effective than the Mizon one.

It's Skin Clear Skin Peeling Toner review
Seeing as I've gone through at least 6 bottles of It's Skin Clear Skin Peeling Toner, it's no surprise I will continue to purchase this and recommend it to anyone and their skin type, unless it's super sensitive, then I suggest trying it sparingly at first. It keeps my skin clear and although I don't get many spots anyway, has visibly reduced breakouts. The only thing I can possibly think of as a negative is that it's a little hard to get hold of as you have to order it online, but almost every Korean beauty website sells it and it's so cheap that this almost negates the wait, especially if you order multiples at a time like me! I give this product 5 stars out of 5! *fanfare*