Monday, 21 December 2015


Hi guys! It's been sooooo long since my last posts, I'm so sorry! ;w; The truth is, I have barely stopped working until very recently, and that's only because Christmas is this week! And then 4 days after Christmas, I go to Japan whuttttttttt~?! @_@ So until then I thought I'd just update you with a few photos and stuff.

I feel like for the past few months my life has been so boring. Of course, it's because I have been saving money to go to Japan. It's a bit harder to save money when you're self employed - we don't have a guaranteed paycheck with a guaranteed amount every month so I have really been saving every penny, just in case something happened and I couldn't save money for a period of time, like an emergency or not making any profit at events. Because of that, I haven't been able to attend many meets, I sold lots of clothes I don't wear so my wardrobe is lacking a bit and I have sold at many events to make money. In November I had four events, which was one almost every weekend!

I had one in Belfast spanning the last weekend in October, which went into 1st November, then Doki Doki in Manchester, then Birmingham MCM and then finally Hyper Japan! Hyper Japan was my last event of the year, and I thought I'd finally be able to relax a little and plan my trip - boy was I wrong! Christmas sales exploded after that and at one point I had 80 outstanding orders I had to fill all on my own! Each day consisted of: waking up, printing out address labels, making items, going to the post office, making items then going to bed. I'd chip away at my outstanding orders only to receive more that same day and during the night! Of course, it's the best possible problem to have and I'm so happy that it was my busiest Christmas period yet! Last week the sales finally started to die down, although people are still ordering from America and Canada...I hope they don't think their item will arrive before Christmas... >_>;;

I wore my circle lenses for the first time in a long time, and took some selfies!

In October, I had a little meet with a friend in Nottingham and this was my outfit! I really love this dress, but I also can't wait to buy more when I'm in Japan haha~

~Outfit breakdown~
Canotier and ring: Handmade (8th Sin)
Cutsew: Taobao (but dyed by myself because the white bits went grey)
JSK: Alice and the Pirates
Belt: eBay
Tights: eBay (probably)
Boots: Bodyline

At Doki Doki I met an amazing artist under the name of Plastic Moon! Her artwork is right up my street, I adore it! I bought some stickers that I haven't decided what to do with yet, and a ring and brooch! *swoon*

Then my last event of the year rolled around, Hyper Japan. It was so so nice to see many friends who live down South, but it's a shame I only see them when I go to Hyper Japan or other London events! Maybe next year I'll go to London casually more~

I bought the amazing headdress above from CiCiWorks/Cutie Creator on Taobao! I have never liked rectangular headdresses on myself personally, or even had the urge to try one but I adored this one and I'm so glad it didn't look silly on me haha!

I treated myself to this amazing Tokimeki necklace at Hyper Japan too. I know Lorina Liddell stock Tokimeki in Japan but they might not have this necklace for all I know, so I snapped it up immediately!

One thing I have noticed is that cutting right back on buying clothes, accessories and shoes has honed my personal taste SO much. I saw the table of Tokimeki items and immediately wanted only this necklace. Sure, if I had tons of money I might've bought the whole table but I knew this necklace was my style and suited my taste. I have been able to look at clothes, or accessories and decide whether I would actually wear them or not. I hope I can have such Jedi fashion skills in Japan, and only come home with things I adore and will use!

My outfit for the last day of Hyper Japan! I went for a comfy Dolly Kei vibe with my new necklace!

~Outfit breakdown~
Blouse: Received in a trade from a friend in Italy
Bustier: Warehouse label but found in a charity shop
Peignoir: Taobao
Tassel belt: Local craft store
Brooch and eyeball brooch on tassel belt: Handmade (8th Sin)
Necklace: Tokimeki

I think the most expensive item was my necklace haha XD I promise I will take more fashion photos after my Japan trip. At least having limited clothes has given me time to combine things differently and try different coordinations.

Then most recently, I went on a little date with my boyfriend! We went to an American diner themed cafe for waffles and milkshakes! I had a Groupon voucher to use and there was so much food! They gave us waffles with cream, bananas and chocolate sauce, then a sundae cup of ice cream, then a milkshake! I had a Snickers milkshake with real Snickers *q*

I am planning my Japan trip now, and a week from now I will be packing up the last of my things to get on a coach to Heathrow airport! Every so often my heart starts to race, but I don't think I'll fully believe it until I'm actually on the plane! I'll probably explode then, to be quite honest.

Some more exciting news I have is that recently my boyfriend and I have been looking to buy a house, and we are 99% sure we have one now! I'll update you when it's final but it's very nice, with a big corner plot and garden. It was quite cheap because it needs updating a lot, so we're pretty much going to be renovating the entire house. That will be something else I can blog about next year, as we are both alternative and want a grown up alternative house that doesn't look silly or Halloweeny so I can share renovation and decoration tips!

I hope my readers haven't deserted me during my absence haha. I haven't even blogged much about beauty, as I've only been buying my essential skincare and makeup items. I promise, and I mean promise that I am going to be back in full force after my Japan trip. I'll be able to blog about Japan, give you advice if you're going to Japan, blog about fashion and beauty, making an alternative house and more! I will be all about looking good in all aspects of life! See you very soon!

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