Monday, 28 December 2015

2016 Lolita Fukubukuro / Lucky Pack Information

I'm writing this post as I wait to go to bed. I have to go to bed a little later according to the Jetlag Rooster app I have on my phone, in order to reduce the effects of jetlag when I arrive in Japan! I get the coach to Heathrow tomorrow at around midnight, so this time tomorrow I'll be on my way to the airport, eek!

As I've been preparing for my trip, I hadn't seen much information on fukubukuro, or lucky packs, sold around New Year time all around Tokyo. I was most wanting to find information on Lolita and Gyaru brand lucky packs so I did a bit of Google-Fu and found some information I thought to share here!

If you are looking for lucky pack info for a specific brand, it's best to head to and enter the brand name along with 福袋 next to it. The brand name can be in English or Japanese, I tend to find.

Shinjuku Marui

I'm pretty sure this is across all the Marui buildings but obviously it will vary brand to brand. Shinjuku Marui's will have a Winter Sale with lucky packs in store, as well as other bargains, from the 2nd January, 10am onwards.

Shibuya 109

Shibuya 109's lucky packs go on sale on 2nd January from 10am onwards. Their general winter sale will start on the 9th until the 31st January.


LaForet's lucky packs and winter sale start on 1st January until 3rd, although the winter sale will probably go on throughout the month.

Although they are not my style, here are some pre-filled lucky packs from brands at LaForet:

Ank Rouge on 4F

The Ank Rouge lucky pack is on sale for 21,600¥, with the contents being worth 65,000¥.

jouetie on 4F

The jouetie lucky pack is on sale for 8,900¥ with the contents being worth 35,000¥.

Lee Shop on 3F

The Lee Shop lucky pack is on sale for 10,800¥ and the contents are worth 40,000¥.

Some of the more interesting brands offering lucky packs this year are:

E Hyphen World Gallery Bonbon: Two lucky packs at 10,800¥ and 12,960¥. You can reserve these lucky packs over the counter before they go on sale.
Algonquins: Three lucky packs at 15,000¥, 25,000¥ and 50,000¥. They are available to reserve by phone or over the counter.
Ghost of Harlem: One lucky pack for 10,800¥, available to reserve by phone, over the counter or online here.
Angelic Pretty: One lucky pack for 32,400¥, only available to reserve over the counter.

Atelier Pierrot are selling a few lucky packs too. It's not clear whether one is online only or not, but there is one for sale at 17,000¥ plus tax that contains 40,000¥ worth of items. You will either get a skirt+blouse or cutsew+cape+accessories. From 9am in their LaForet store they are selling lucky packs at 10,800¥, 16,200¥ and 21,600¥, worth 28,000¥-32,000¥ containing 7-9 items, 35,000¥-45,000¥ containing 8-10 items and worth 53,000¥-60,000¥ containing 8-11 items respectively. Source

Atelier Boz lucky pack information:
Regular lucky pack for ladies: 20,000¥ containing a blouse, mini skirt and tie.
Regular lucky pack for men: 23,000¥ containing a blouse/shirt, pants and tie,
Special skirt lucky pack for ladies: 39,000¥ containing a jacket, blouse, mini skirt and one accessory.
Special pants lucky pack for ladies: 39,000 containing a jacket, blouse, short pants and one accessory. 
Special lucky pack for men: 44,000¥ containing a jacket, blouse/shirt, long pants and one accessory.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright lucky pack set #1 featuring the print Hello Dear Bunny's Little Enchanted Room:

Set #2:

Alice and the Pirates lucky pack set #1 featuring the print Kitten's Wonder Night Tea Party:

Set #2:

Set #3:

Set #4:

Here is Metamorphose's lucky pack featuring the print Secret Eden:
10,800¥ including tax

Personally, I am quite picky in my fashion taste so I don't think I'll be partaking in any lucky pack purchases! Instead, I'll head along to the general winter sales shortly after! I am off to bed now to finish packing and preparing tomorrow!

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