Saturday, 3 October 2015

Event: J-Con 2015

I've been a little ill recently so apologies on the blogging delay. Last week I went to J-Con, the largest anime/manga/sci fi convention in the East Midlands. As always, I trade there and as always, I have lots of fun! This year really outdid itself because for the Friday band/chill out night, we were able to book FUCKING SAVLONIC.

They're an electro-pop trio from the UK who are technically ran on MrWeebls YouTube page along with his other stuff. Although Weebl usually does funny songs and jokes, Savlonic songs are far more legit in terms of real music. They have an album out funded by Kickstarter and another album on the way. Me and Rob adore them so late last year we thought it'd be amazing to at least try to get them to perform at J-Con, only hoping that they'd actually say yes!

Here they are on the Friday night - I think it's so so cool that they had their videos playing behind them, and then they're actually there in the front!

I got a selfie with friend Angie/Johnny Reaper.

Unfortunately my bestie Jayde couldn't come down to J-Con so I didn't really take any photos, or even use the free purikura booth we have! ;w; Johnny did take a photo of me, Suzy and Adele at the Lolita tea party though.

I'm on the case you can't tell...

And my lovely friend Lauren also took a photo with me. My outfit was a bit 'blegh' that day...I was supposed to wear a chain belt that I was supposed to fix that morning but I felt a bit ill and was unable to fix it. I also totally dipshitted out and forgot to put something on my head! >_> Urgh fail Lolita...although I wanted to wear a hairbow Jayde is giving me, and another friend was supposed to be giving me a hairbow at J-Con, so I ended up with neither...

Outfit rundown:
JSK: Innocent World
Lace bolero: eBay
Belt: eBay
Choker: Atelier Pierrot
Accessories (not pictured): 8th Sin

J-Con was really fun and I had a good time with friends I haven't seen in a while. My next event is Belfast Film and Comic Con on October 31st so I'll try to post more between then!

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