Friday, 28 August 2015

Review: Coreana Senite Pure Nokdu Sheet Mask

Today I have a sheet mask review for you - it's the Coreana Senite Pure Nokdu Sheet Mask. I got it as a free gift when I bought the Coreana Senite Polynesian Intensive Cream from Koreadepart a while ago.

Brand: Senite (brand of Coreana)
Name: Pure Nokdu Sheet Mask
Price: $11.53 for 5 sheets
Where to buy: Koreadepart

Senite is a sub brand of Coreana - it is slightly less expensive than its umbrella brand (is that the right term?) and is marketed towards a slightly younger adult audience. However, the packaging is still very elegant and classy.

I have no idea what 'Nokdu' is - it says it has fermented mung bean extract in it so maybe it's that in Hangul. The mask promises to moisturise, soothe and repair the skin.


The packaging is quite classy and elegant. I quite like it! The packaging for the mask is blue and orange with a fancy border pattern round the edge of the pack. 

For some reason the Koreadepart listing shows the mask packaging as a green, mung bean shade. I'm not sure if they changed the packaging at some point or it's a different mask, but I can't find any info on any other Pure Nokdu mask.
I can tell the sheet mask is slightly thicker than cheaper ones I own as soon as I take it out of the packaging. As well as the face mask, it also has a neck mask. I've never tried a neck mask before so it was a pleasant surprise.

I applied the face mask first. The mask was too long for my face, but every single mask I've ever tried has been the same. The part that goes above your upper lip always hits my lip, and I have to fold the mask up to get it to fit. I think next time I'm going to cut it at that point, then I can layer each part to fit.

The neck mask was fine - I would assume it'd be fine on anyone, unless you have an oddly shaped neck?! However, when I applied the neck mask, it gaped in the middle and slid down if I moved or kept my face/neck upright. I kept having to pull it at the sides to tighten it.

The mask felt soothing and refreshing going on. The scent was subtle, a little clean and floral smelling, it didn't affect me at all. After 20-30 minutes the mask started going dry so I removed it and let the excess serum soak in. I used some of the remaining serum on my hands and back of my neck.

My skin felt a little more moisturised and plump after using the mask, but not massively so. I didn't notice any brightening effect, although it didn't claim to have any - sometimes a mask will give you a nice healthy glow though, which is always welcome. My neck felt a little more moisturised after using the neck pack too ", but again, not overly so.
This mask was nice to use and it feels like a treat to use 1-2 times a week but I didn't notice a massive moisturising effect on either my face or neck. You might see better results if you use the mask regularly but then it gets kind of expensive. I see a mask as an occasional skincare treat that I would like to see immediate results from, and that gives a more potent/different effect than my usual skincare routine, otherwise what's the point in using it? I would more than likely just buy cheaper sheet masks over this one. Both masks were okay but the neck mask was a little annoying to wear. I would give it 3 out of 5 stars.

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