Sunday, 7 June 2015

Review: Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum

Today I thought I'd do a review on Clinique's Smart Custom Repair Serum, or just 'Smart Serum' for short. When this was first launched there was a lot of advertising and promotion for it to cause lots of hype. Let's see if it was justified, shall we?

Brand: Clinique
Name: Smart Custom Repair Serum
Price: £48 for 30ml, £68 for 50ml or £110 for 100ml
Where to buy: Clinique online, Boots and Debenhams counters worldwide.

The tagline for this product is 'A serum that is smart enough to understand your skin's past, and changes its future.' Urgh, it's sooo cheesy and American. It has a decade of research and patented technology in it. How it works is it responds to your skin's specific needs - it targets uneven skin tone and pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, firming and radiance. Whichever of these benefits that your skin needs, it responds to and helps repair. It has this technology in it that reads your skin's distress signals and concentrates the ingredients and effects on the areas of your skin that needs help. Once the problems have been dealt with, it just continues to keep the problems at bay and moisturises. I know, I know, it sounds, and probably is a lot of psuedo-science. The only thing I know enough to talk about is responding to your skin's distress signals - for example, your skin cells can get damaged and form free radicals, which cause a chain reaction in breaking down your skin cells and causes visible signs of ageing. What helps fight free radicals is antioxidants, so if you apply antioxidants to your skin, it can stop free radicals in their tracks.

So I can understand that the serum responds to your skin's distress signals if it is sagging (collagen and elasticity breaking down), radiance (dull and possibly flaky skin, and the serum contains salicylic acid so it gently exfoliates daily to expose new, fresh skin), lines and wrinkles (fills in the lines and helps stop free radicals) and uneven skin tone and pigmentation marks (breaks down the excess melanin to lighten marks). It contains part of the complex that Clinique's Even Better Serum has in it, which breaks down the excess melanin and dissipates it like dust, so it basically has lots of active ingredients to fight skin problems. However, the serum is very pricey to me. Clinique argues that it does the work of multiple serums and works out cheaper than if you were to buy individual serums for each problem (from Clinique, might I add) so the price is justified, but not to me.
I first got a sample of Clinique's Smart Serum, then I got a full sized one (30ml) as a gift.

Both packagings are similar. They are metallic silver with black writing, the Clinique logo and product name. The full sized product has a cap and pump. I guess it looks scientific and clinical, Clinique's brand image but it just looks 'meh' to me.
The serum is a light pinkish colour and slightly viscous like a regular serum. It spreads easily and absorbs quickly, and it does feel nice on the skin when absorbed; kind of powdery soft and hydrating.

30ml is supposed to last four weeks - you use two full pumps for your whole face and neck, twice a day morning and night. I didn't really keep tabs on how long it lasted me but I would definitely not pay £48 every four weeks. 50ml lasts six weeks apparently. Again, I would not pay £68 every six weeks! That works out at £612 every 54 weeks (a year and two weeks), or £550 if you buy the 100ml (would last a year and 8 weeks if 100ml lasts twelve weeks)! 

As far as the benefits of the serum goes, I don't have any lines and wrinkles just yet, so I can assume the serum didn't 'activate' for that problem. Again, I don't really have issues with uneven skin tone or pigmentation so I can't comment there. The only thing I can think of that I'd have liked to see some improvement on is radiance, but I honestly can't say I felt my skin was more radiant after using the product for four weeks. It felt a little softer but not much extra radiance. I wanted to blind people with my radiance, goddamnit! I can't believe that my skin is as radiant as it could be, but I do have a good skincare regime that keeps my skin exfoliated and hydrated. Perhaps all the good reviews this serum has been given is because if you don't do much with your skin to begin with, you notice the effects more.

Clinique is fragrance free so I didn't notice any fragrance coming from the serum.
I didn't see much improvement with my skin after using this serum for four weeks. It was a little softer but meh. I'm kind of disappointed, I definitely wouldn't pay full price to keep using this serum as I didn't see any long lasting effects and it's very expensive to me. I give it 2 stars out of 5.

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