Thursday, 28 May 2015

Belfast MCM Comic Con

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in a while! Today will be an update on what I've been doing these past few months. I haven't blogged so much because I've been pretty busy recently. I've done a lot more events and conventions than previous years so as soon as one is finished, I have only a couple of weeks to prepare until the next one! I've also been spending time selling clothes and having a clearout to help me save up for Japan, and spending more time learning Japanese too! So between my store and general obsessing over Japan, I forgot to blog! But I'll try to blog more now!

At the beginning of May, I went to Belfast MCM in Northern Ireland. This was the furthest event I've been to with my shop, and I'm very pleased to say it went great. I flew to Ireland as it was quicker and surprisingly cheaper than taking a coach. I had to take all my stock and personal belongings on the plane which was a little worrying! But it all turned out alright in the end. I considered it a kind of test run to Japan as that'll be the next time I'm on a plane, although it should be more relaxing as my suitcase will be pretty much empty (in anticipation for all the stuff I'll buy!) and I won't have to worry about my stock.

Actually that reminds me - I booked my flights to Japan the other week! I am there from 29th December to 13th January. I'll write a blog post on how to try and get the best deals on airfare as there is quite a bit to cover. I managed to time my bookings just right, as the prices dropped £1 the day after, then two weeks later they have rose by £100!

Here is my table at Belfast MCM. MCM always gives you a backing table, and my fabric was too short so it looks a little strange! It's also hard to fill a 4ft long table with the kind of items I sell, as it can be too long to reach sometimes.

I have added new items into my stock - leather pentagram garters! They're quite popular. I sell black ones as well as pink and white; black are the most popular. All my garters are elasticated at the back, and are adjustable in length too so many people of all sizes can wear them.

I also sell heart ring garters now to compliment my heart ring chokers! I sell these in black, white, pink and lilac. Again, black is most popular!

A selection of brooches on my stall.

Rings on my stall.

More bracelets and wristbands.

I had a great time at Belfast MCM and met some lovely new people. I got invited out for a meal and cocktails by two lovely girls and a guy, Rachel, Hayley and James, all from Scotland. They were so kind to invite me as I was on my own, and it can get a little lonely. It's also hard to pick where to eat as you sometimes feel that a restaurant is a bit 'fancy' for just yourself.

On the 22nd May I went to London for The Great British Tattoo Show at Alexandra's Palace. I stayed with my aunt in Wood Green, very close to Alexandra Palace. The event was over two days, 23rd-2th May. I had a great time and met some awesome people with awesome tattoos.
Here is my table at The Great British Tattoo Show. I sold t-shirts for my boyfriend. They're a collaboration between his brand, Cryptid Clothing, and the renowned tattoo artist and illustrator Adam Starfish Dutton.

Now I am debating whether to go to The York International Tattoo Convention in June, or just stick to my next planned event, Hyper Japan in July. It seems a lot of the hostels are booked up for York already!

I hope you enjoyed this little update and I promise you I will blog again soon! I'm ill at the moment (con flu D:) so I don't have much else to do.