Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Review: Clinique Mild Liquid Facial Soap

 Today I will review Clinique's Liquid Facially Soap in the Mild type, for Dry Combination skin. I have previously used and reviewed the Extra Mild type but I didn't feel it was effective enough for my skin. Coincidentally I then got a deluxe sample of the Mild type in a Bonus Time gift so I got to try the next type up; here are my thoughts on it.

Brand: Clinique
Name: Mild Liquid Facial Soap
Price: £16 for 200ml
Where to buy: Clinique counters worldwide, Clinique online (UK and US site), Boots
The deluxe sample packaging is a clear squeezy tube with a greenish tinge. The metallic silver Clinique logo and the product name and information are on it. The full sized soap is in a firmer plastic bottle with a pump. I actually prefer the squeezy tube because when the product has almost run out, I can cut the tube open to use the remnants. I had the full sized Extra Mild type and a lot got wasted when the pump couldn't reach the bottom and I had to throw it away.
This soap is clearer and more gel like, as opposed to the creamy Extra Mild variant. It lathers up too, again unlike the Extra Mild (although you wouldn't tell from the unnecessary photos I took XD). When I used it with my hands, I put a small amount into my hands, lathered it up a little and washed my face like normal. Now I use a sonic facial brush, I put a little onto the brush head and gently wash my face with the brush in circular motions. It lathers up mildly. My skin felt clean using this soap, not super squeaky clean but just clean. It didn't feel tight or dry immediately afterwards and I can continue my skincare like normal.
This liquid facial soap is more effective for my skin than the Extra Mild type. It makes my skin feel clean but not overly so. There is no film or residue left when I rinse it off. It's a good soap, however, a facial cleanser is a facial cleanser. I wouldn't pay the full price for a facial cleanser, I believe I can get the same results with other, cheaper facial cleansers. 4 out of 5 stars for me.

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