Thursday, 19 February 2015

Review: ModelCo Lip Enhancer Illusion Nude Lip Liner

Hi everyone! Sorry I disappeared for a short while again but I'm back with some new reviews! I've been feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed at the moment...not massively, just enough to stop me blogging because I feel I have more important things I need to sort out. I got overwhelmed and a bit mixed up with what reviews I have lined up but I think I've sorted myself out again and am starting new reviews so it's all good. I also stopped taking makeup photos/selfies and such so I am going to try and make that a bigger part of my blog rather than just reviews. Up for review today is ModelCo Lip Enhancer Illusion Nude Lip Liner! I always wonder if lip liner should be one word or not, like lipgloss...personally I think it should!

Brand: ModelCo
Name: Lip Enhancer Illusion Nude Lip Liner
Shade: Nude but there is no other option
Price: £16 but it was free with an issue of Glamour magazine a while back
Where to buy: ModelCo website

I got this free a few years back in Glamour magazine. I thought this brand was so 'high end' so I really coveted the freebies from the magazine, including two lipglosses too. I have my doubts about their exposure as a brand, however, as nowhere seems to stock them except their own website and they have their full sized products as free gifts in magazines, sooooo...
Woah, over-exposure much!!! If you aren't snow blind, the packaging of the box and product is white and pink. The box's text is slightly raised and looks good quality. There is a big pink kiss mark on the box. The product is just plain white with 'ModelCo' on it. The end of the pencil (the flat end) is pink but there is no product name or shade available on the product so unless you keep the packaging, you might have a hard time trying to repurchase this item once you've used it up (and of course, if you want to). The lip liner cap/lid has a built in pencil sharpener which is very handy. However, the creamy lip liner shavings (not the wooden pencil part) tends to get stuck in the blades and you have to clean it after each use.

The lip liner is quite creamy in feel, as far as lip liners go. However, it feels like a regular, slightly drying lip liner on the lips.

Swatches on the back of my hand

The lip liner applied to the right half of my lips.

The lip liner fully applied. As you can see, even though the colour is 'nude' and is supposedly a universal shade, it is quite different to my own lip colour, it's too browny. Because of this, it changes the colour of my lipsticks if I wear it, which defeats the purpose of it being a 'nude' lip liner.

This is quite a candy pink lipstick applied with the lip liner underneath. As you can see, it modifies the colour to a nudish brown-pink. I guess this is good if you want to change up your lipsticks or mix your own shades but I only really want a lip liner to increase the longevity of my lipsticks and be generally the same colour. 
There's absolutely nothing I can do about the lip liner not matching my own 'nude' lip colour. Really they should offer multiple different 'nude' shades since everyone's lip colour is different. If I liked the colour or wore nudish brown lipsticks, I could make this a lipstick on its own simply by adding clear gloss over the top but unfortunately I have no use for this lip liner and since I got it free in a magazine, I don't really feel I can sell or swap it so I tossed it shortly after taking these photos for review. 2 stars out of 5 for me.

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