Saturday, 28 February 2015

Review: Calypso Once a Day Sun Protective Lotion SPF40

Hi everyone! I'm here with another review, this time of a sun cream! We should wear sun cream every day to protect our skin against UV days and premature ageing, even when it's cloudy or dark, although it's easy to forget. I bought this sun cream, Calypso Once a Day Protective Lotion SPF40 in Wilkos during the summer as I wanted more protection for my face! Read on to hear my thoughts!

Brand: Calypso
Name: Once a Day Sun Protective Lotion SPF40
Price: £7-£7.50
Where to buy: Wilkos, Home Bargains, Tesco

This sun cream is water resistant (not waterproof though), preservative free, non-greasy and claims it is odourless. It is a physical sun cream and only has to be applied once a day for protection around 6-8 hours. It is then advised to wash it off when you remove your make-up/wash your face like normal.
The packaging isn't anything amazing. It's the regular Calypso brand colours, white, orange and yellow. The sun cream comes in a white box with flashes of yellow, orange and blue. It says 'Suitable for kids', which is one of the reasons I bought it (I thought it might be better for the face, less likely to cause irritation) but the packaging isn't too childish, which I like. The actual sun cream packaging is a soft white plastic tube with an orange flip top lid. It has identical images and text to the box packaging.
Even though the sun cream is described as a 'protective lotion', it's still a thick cream (I think of a lighter, more runny cream when you say 'lotion'). However, it spreads easily and is absorbed relatively quickly. It doesn't leave a white cast or any sort of sticky, greasy feel or as if there is a film over the skin.
The cream partially rubbed in
The cream rubbed in totally; as you can see, you can't even tell there's anything on the skin.

I guess I can't really comment on much else for this sun cream. After its absorbed, I apply my make-up like usual and it doesn't interfere with it. I can't tell the sun cream is on the skin and I can only assume it's doing its job of blocking out UV rays! I can't really say 'Oh, I can feel it protecting my skin for the first couple of hours but I can feel it fading after a few hours' haha. That would be a little weird...I can feel my skin cells burning and dying haha...
I find it strange that this sun cream states that it is odourless, since mine smells very strongly of coconuts and bananas...I take it it's supposed to be a 'tropical' scent, but it reminds me of muesli breakfast cereal haha! I actually find the smell a bit overpowering, heady and sickly. I'm normally not bothered by fragrances, artificial or otherwise but this is very sickly smelling. I actually find myself not reaching for the product because of the smell, although I do wonder if I imagine the scent worse than it actually is sometimes, because when I do use it, it's not that bad. It's still overpowering and sickly but I'm not gagging from it. Maybe they mean that it is odourless when absorbed into the skin? Which is relatively true but still, it's definitely not odourless when applied and it's not fragrance free.
The sun cream does a good job of protecting my skin from UV rays, I assume, because how am I supposed to tell otherwise? I've never gotten burnt using this cream, but I don't stay out long in the sun anyway. The price is pretty good and I like the convenience of only having to apply this once a day. I like knowing that if I use this on my face, it hasn't faded after an hour or so, it will last right until I wash it off. The only thing I dislike is the scent, I find myself being put off using the product because of the sickly sweet and overpowering 'tropical' scent. 3 stars out of 5 for me!


  1. I used to have the most disgusting smelling sun cream ever - it was by Alnatura and was supposed to smell like some flower and it was seriously yucky (and it made my face look like I put white paint on it, so I threw it out). I wonder if the companies even test the fragrances before launching products with strong smell. >.<

    1. Yeah, it's very strange! And if they do test the scents, who says 'Yep, this smells really nice!'?! Weak nosed people?!

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