Saturday, 21 February 2015

Recent Outings, Outfits and Makeup

I have a couple of photos from previous events and such so I thought I'd share them with you! To still try and show this is also a fashion and makeup blog haha XD

I went to see Babymetal with my bestie Jayde in London last year and of course selfies ensued!
Although you can't see it very well in the photo I wore a Putumayo JSK and black net top underneath for a Punk Lolita look.

At some point when I went to visit my mum, I got a rare photo with her! And my brother's dog in the background... >_> So yes...this is my mum Jill! Neither of us think we look alike although I know the hair colours make a large difference but let me know what you think heh heh~.

A photo of me and two Lolita friends at Hyper Japan Christmas Market! My outfit breakdown:

Blouse: Surface Spell
Bustier: Chess Story
Skirt: Anna House
Hair accessory: Peacockalorum

I remember a time when I used to take selfies with the default/back reason I haven't taken a lot of selfies recently is because I get disappointed when I use the front facing camera as 90% of the time they turn out crappy quality...and I can only really use the back facing camera if I have a mirror in front of me, so I can see my image reflected on the screen/mirror and work on my posing XD So here's a nice higher quality selfie, just running errands. Make-up breakdown:

Face: Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base in Berry, Diorskin Star Foundation in 010 Ivory, Clinique Almost Powder in Fair, Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer in Shade #21, MAC Pro Longwear Blush in Baby Don't Go (contour), Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Strawberry Mousse, Canmake Highlighter in Shimmering White.
Eyes: MUA Undress Me Too Palette, Estee Lauder Artist Pencil in Softsmudge Black, Y.E.T. Catgirl Waterproof Pen Liner in Black, Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara (on bottom lashes only), Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara.
Lips: Clinique High Impact Lipstick in After Party

PS I fucking love that net shirt haha, I wear it under stuff all the time~ XD

The first event of 2015 was Animanga Pop in Plymouth! I went with my brand last year and it was a good event so I went again this year. It's about as far in distance as I can possibly go (Plymouth is verrrrrry south, there are only 2-3 locations further down at 'Land's End', Truro, Falmouth and Penzance. I went for 3 days and stayed in a hostel, and wore Lolita all 3 days to save room in my suitcase from my petticoat! Each coach ride was 8 hours, a total of 16 hours on a coach in Lolita~ XD This was a casual coord and makeup for travelling back to Derby. My makeup is pretty much identical to the breakdown above, except I used The Saem Saemmul Flower Gloss in 01 Rose Red on my lips for a natural flush.

Outfit breakdown:
JSK: Alice and the Pirates lucky pack dress
Bolero: Peacockalorum
Choker: Atelier Pierrot

Then last weekend I ran my boyfriend's shop whilst he was away trading at MCM Telford! He has two shops in Derby, Viva Hate for alternative fashion, music, film, video games and comic merchandise and the newly opened Cryptid Clothing, an original paranormal themed brand made by him and his friend, and it also sells complimentary brands like Killstar and other items! Cryptid has green lights over the door for an eerie 'X Files' feel, you can see them in my photo! I ran Cryptid for most of the day but swapped to Viva Hate for a few hours in the afternoon. Again, makeup is identical breakdown to above but I wore Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Grandest Grape on my lips!

I hope you enjoyed these fashion and makeup photos for a change heh heh~ I really need to find a good set up to take full outfit photos >_< But I will try to take more! See you soon!

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