Saturday, 10 January 2015

Review: Estee Lauder Daywear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF15

Hi everyone! How are you? Today I have a review for Estee Lauder's Daywear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme - such a long product name! ;w; I was given a deluxe sample by a friend and I've just ran out of it and moved onto another cream, so it's the best time to make a review!

Brand: Estee Lauder
Name: Daywear Advanced Multi Protection Antioxidant Creme SPF15
Price: £40

The product description promises that this cream has their most effective anti-oxidant power ever, defends against and diminishes the appearances of premature aging, helps safeguard skin with broad-spectrum sunscreen and UVA defense, reduces the appearance of the first signs of aging like dullness and fine, dry lines and makes skin feel smoother and look fresher instantly.
I got a deluxe sample of the cream. The cream comes in a heavy plastic jar with a plastic lid. It feels weighty and luxurious, as I'd expect from a premium brand. Since I've used it over a few weeks, maybe a month or more, the words on the packaging haven't rubbed off and the quality hasn't diminished in the slightest. I hate when packaging rubs off, it's a sign of cheap packaging and hinders you when you're trying to buy it again or find information about it.
The cream feels cool and refreshing when applied. It's very easily spread, easily absorbed and doesn't feel sticky or greasy at any point. It's quite a light cream and is good for dry combination skin types. I used it as a day cream and the hydrating properties were sufficient for me but I need something heavier at night time. I can imagine that if there's a night version of this cream, it's slightly heavier feeling.
The cream partially spread. It kind of looks like a clay mask to me here, but rest assured it's a cream and easily absorbs!
The colour is a verrrry light green; maybe the colour is to brighten the skin's appearance? Green cancels out any redness in skin but I can't say I saw a massive difference or felt my skin looked fresher or more even. I only wonder because the product descriptions says 'looks fresher instantly'. However, if the product or colour does make the skin look fresher, I'm 99% sure it's a temporary benefit and does not stay long, especially if it's due to the colour of the product.
The cream has a very light, refreshing scent to it. It kind of smells like watery vegetables/fruit, like cucumbers, celery and lettuce. It does smell refreshing and nice but it doesn't really contribute to the 'experience' for me and if you're not a fan of perfumed lotions, keep this in mind.
Like I mentioned before, this cream gives me sufficient hydration in the morning but I need something heavier at night time. It doesn't hinder my make-up application and feels quite smooth. I can't say I've noticed much improvement in my skin, more like it just maintains it. I wouldn't purchase this full sized as I think a cheaper cream, probably from my favourite Korean cosmetics brands, would do the job equally or even better. 4 out of 5 stars for me!


  1. You did a very detailed review, which is really nice. The packaging of this product is attractive!