Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Review: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant

Hey everyone! Today I have a review of the skincare cult classic, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant. It's Elizabeth Arden's best known product, and with many companies, they have now realised that if they stick '8 Hour' in front of their other products, it'll sell. They have an 8 Hour Moisturising Face Cream, 8 Hour Lip Protectant, 8 Hour Night Cream and 8 Hour Hand Cream, among other products. It's like Estee Lauder and their 'Double Wear' products. Anyway, let's get to the review!
Brand: Elizabeth Arden
Name: 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant
Price: £26
Where to buy: BootsElizabeth ArdenAmazon (only £12), DebenhamsFeel Unique (£22.10)

This cream is a skincare classic and apparently no one should leave home without it or go without it. It promises to soothe roughness, redness and calms minor skin irritations. It can be used as a moisturiser, a body moisturiser for knees, elbows, rough patches etc, can be used for lips, cuticles and to keep eyebrows in place. It doesn't claim to have any miraculous benefits like age-prevention or evening of skin tone, it just promises to moisturise and soothe.
I got a small promotional size from a friend, I'm not sure if it's a deluxe sample or perhaps part of a free gift. However, this is the packaging and is pretty consistent with the full sized packaging too. It's white with a very light grey pattern of '8's and the red Elizabeth Arden logo and screw-top lid. It doesn't scream cute, or even classy. It kind of has an old fashioned grandmother feel to it, but I think that's Elizabeth Arden's target market and/or brand feel.
The cream is a light orange colour and is very thick. Like, I've heard people say some face creams are thick and I've thought 'What are you on about, it feels like normal face cream?' But this is by far the thickest face cream I've felt before. It's more like a balm or ointment, and has the consistency of thick lipgloss to me. No joke. It also feels like lipgloss when I spread it on my is very thick and kind of sticky, but it does a great job of sealing in moisture. I apply it at night and the stickiness doesn't bother me too much. I'd say the sticky feeling goes after an hour or so but if I go to bed straight after applying it, I don't notice the stickiness disappear until I wake up the next morning.
Some people may not like the very thick and sticky feel, especially combination or oilier skin types, but it really does a great job of locking in moisture. It's almost like a sleeping mask, I couldn't actually imagine applying it in the morning and trying to put make-up on over the top, even if I left it  a while. I don't notice any brightening, wrinkle prevention or any other benefits but I didn't expect to. It's a very basic moisturising cream.
The scent of this cream...oh God, the's horrific. Really. I had no idea of the smell of the cream until I tried it, and the packaging says 'Fragrance free' so it's just the natural smell of the cream but it frigging stinks. I heard Elizabeth Arden made this cream for her horses' hooves, to prevent them cracking, then she noticed her stableboy had really soft hands, because he was using the cream, so she marketed it for people too...when I heard it was horse cream originally, then smelled the cream, I fucking believe it, without a doubt. Horses don't give a crap about the smell of the product! I can't even really describe the's kind of sweet but very sickly, and there's something a bit off about it. I actually have to hold my breath as I apply this. I've never had a problem with the smell of skincare products before, I'm not one of these people with a sensitive nose or dislike of fragrances. However, when I check reviews of this product, no one says they dislike the smell, and one woman said she liked the 'slightly sweet, almost herbal smell' so I don't know if it's just me?! But me, this product reeks. I don't actually know if I would actually buy this product, just because of the awful smell.
This cream is a cult classic and very well-known. It's a no-frills, basic moisturising cream for face and body. It does the job well enough but for me, it's too greasy to be used in the morning. It's a great night cream that I use after all my other products, so that it locks all the products and moisture in. However, the smell is really something I dislike about this product. It makes me feel sick and I have to hold my breath as I apply the cream. I'm finishing the small tube I was given but I wouldn't repurchase a full sized product, mostly because of the smell. I give it 4 out of 5 stars, with one star taken off for the smell, though I could seriously deduct more haha.


  1. Genuinely love Elizabeth Arden products so I'm excited to pick this one up the next time I go shopping; great review girl!

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy this product!

  2. This sounds perfect for long haul flights, I'm just wondering, with ingredients being just this: Petrolatum 56.8%, Lanolin, Mineral Oil, Fragrance, Salicylic Acid, Propyparaben, Castor Oil, Corn Oil, Tocopherol, BHT, Iron Oxides
    It must be possible to find a cheaper dupe somewhere, or even mix it at home... I could actually do without the parabens.

    1. I bet you could find a cheaper dupe, definitely! Or like you say, even mix it at home. I never guessed it had salicylic acid in it, curious! And yes, I can imagine it is perfect for long haul flights! But I'm too vain to not wear makeup on flights... ;w;

  3. I am so glad you posted this!
    I have been contemplating getting this for a while.
    Not sure I will though haha!
    I have used other stuff in the Elizabeth Arden skin care range but always been interested in this product as It pops up alot in beauty stores and what not.

    Have a cute day :)

    1. I'm really glad you enjoyed the review! I have not tried anything else in the Elizabeth Arden range, is there anything you would recommend? The lip treatment/protection stick looks quite good!