Monday, 28 December 2015

2016 Lolita Fukubukuro / Lucky Pack Information

I'm writing this post as I wait to go to bed. I have to go to bed a little later according to the Jetlag Rooster app I have on my phone, in order to reduce the effects of jetlag when I arrive in Japan! I get the coach to Heathrow tomorrow at around midnight, so this time tomorrow I'll be on my way to the airport, eek!

As I've been preparing for my trip, I hadn't seen much information on fukubukuro, or lucky packs, sold around New Year time all around Tokyo. I was most wanting to find information on Lolita and Gyaru brand lucky packs so I did a bit of Google-Fu and found some information I thought to share here!

If you are looking for lucky pack info for a specific brand, it's best to head to and enter the brand name along with 福袋 next to it. The brand name can be in English or Japanese, I tend to find.

Shinjuku Marui

I'm pretty sure this is across all the Marui buildings but obviously it will vary brand to brand. Shinjuku Marui's will have a Winter Sale with lucky packs in store, as well as other bargains, from the 2nd January, 10am onwards.

Shibuya 109

Shibuya 109's lucky packs go on sale on 2nd January from 10am onwards. Their general winter sale will start on the 9th until the 31st January.


LaForet's lucky packs and winter sale start on 1st January until 3rd, although the winter sale will probably go on throughout the month.

Although they are not my style, here are some pre-filled lucky packs from brands at LaForet:

Ank Rouge on 4F

The Ank Rouge lucky pack is on sale for 21,600¥, with the contents being worth 65,000¥.

jouetie on 4F

The jouetie lucky pack is on sale for 8,900¥ with the contents being worth 35,000¥.

Lee Shop on 3F

The Lee Shop lucky pack is on sale for 10,800¥ and the contents are worth 40,000¥.

Some of the more interesting brands offering lucky packs this year are:

E Hyphen World Gallery Bonbon: Two lucky packs at 10,800¥ and 12,960¥. You can reserve these lucky packs over the counter before they go on sale.
Algonquins: Three lucky packs at 15,000¥, 25,000¥ and 50,000¥. They are available to reserve by phone or over the counter.
Ghost of Harlem: One lucky pack for 10,800¥, available to reserve by phone, over the counter or online here.
Angelic Pretty: One lucky pack for 32,400¥, only available to reserve over the counter.

Atelier Pierrot are selling a few lucky packs too. It's not clear whether one is online only or not, but there is one for sale at 17,000¥ plus tax that contains 40,000¥ worth of items. You will either get a skirt+blouse or cutsew+cape+accessories. From 9am in their LaForet store they are selling lucky packs at 10,800¥, 16,200¥ and 21,600¥, worth 28,000¥-32,000¥ containing 7-9 items, 35,000¥-45,000¥ containing 8-10 items and worth 53,000¥-60,000¥ containing 8-11 items respectively. Source

Atelier Boz lucky pack information:
Regular lucky pack for ladies: 20,000¥ containing a blouse, mini skirt and tie.
Regular lucky pack for men: 23,000¥ containing a blouse/shirt, pants and tie,
Special skirt lucky pack for ladies: 39,000¥ containing a jacket, blouse, mini skirt and one accessory.
Special pants lucky pack for ladies: 39,000 containing a jacket, blouse, short pants and one accessory. 
Special lucky pack for men: 44,000¥ containing a jacket, blouse/shirt, long pants and one accessory.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright lucky pack set #1 featuring the print Hello Dear Bunny's Little Enchanted Room:

Set #2:

Alice and the Pirates lucky pack set #1 featuring the print Kitten's Wonder Night Tea Party:

Set #2:

Set #3:

Set #4:

Here is Metamorphose's lucky pack featuring the print Secret Eden:
10,800¥ including tax

Personally, I am quite picky in my fashion taste so I don't think I'll be partaking in any lucky pack purchases! Instead, I'll head along to the general winter sales shortly after! I am off to bed now to finish packing and preparing tomorrow!

Monday, 21 December 2015


Hi guys! It's been sooooo long since my last posts, I'm so sorry! ;w; The truth is, I have barely stopped working until very recently, and that's only because Christmas is this week! And then 4 days after Christmas, I go to Japan whuttttttttt~?! @_@ So until then I thought I'd just update you with a few photos and stuff.

I feel like for the past few months my life has been so boring. Of course, it's because I have been saving money to go to Japan. It's a bit harder to save money when you're self employed - we don't have a guaranteed paycheck with a guaranteed amount every month so I have really been saving every penny, just in case something happened and I couldn't save money for a period of time, like an emergency or not making any profit at events. Because of that, I haven't been able to attend many meets, I sold lots of clothes I don't wear so my wardrobe is lacking a bit and I have sold at many events to make money. In November I had four events, which was one almost every weekend!

I had one in Belfast spanning the last weekend in October, which went into 1st November, then Doki Doki in Manchester, then Birmingham MCM and then finally Hyper Japan! Hyper Japan was my last event of the year, and I thought I'd finally be able to relax a little and plan my trip - boy was I wrong! Christmas sales exploded after that and at one point I had 80 outstanding orders I had to fill all on my own! Each day consisted of: waking up, printing out address labels, making items, going to the post office, making items then going to bed. I'd chip away at my outstanding orders only to receive more that same day and during the night! Of course, it's the best possible problem to have and I'm so happy that it was my busiest Christmas period yet! Last week the sales finally started to die down, although people are still ordering from America and Canada...I hope they don't think their item will arrive before Christmas... >_>;;

I wore my circle lenses for the first time in a long time, and took some selfies!

In October, I had a little meet with a friend in Nottingham and this was my outfit! I really love this dress, but I also can't wait to buy more when I'm in Japan haha~

~Outfit breakdown~
Canotier and ring: Handmade (8th Sin)
Cutsew: Taobao (but dyed by myself because the white bits went grey)
JSK: Alice and the Pirates
Belt: eBay
Tights: eBay (probably)
Boots: Bodyline

At Doki Doki I met an amazing artist under the name of Plastic Moon! Her artwork is right up my street, I adore it! I bought some stickers that I haven't decided what to do with yet, and a ring and brooch! *swoon*

Then my last event of the year rolled around, Hyper Japan. It was so so nice to see many friends who live down South, but it's a shame I only see them when I go to Hyper Japan or other London events! Maybe next year I'll go to London casually more~

I bought the amazing headdress above from CiCiWorks/Cutie Creator on Taobao! I have never liked rectangular headdresses on myself personally, or even had the urge to try one but I adored this one and I'm so glad it didn't look silly on me haha!

I treated myself to this amazing Tokimeki necklace at Hyper Japan too. I know Lorina Liddell stock Tokimeki in Japan but they might not have this necklace for all I know, so I snapped it up immediately!

One thing I have noticed is that cutting right back on buying clothes, accessories and shoes has honed my personal taste SO much. I saw the table of Tokimeki items and immediately wanted only this necklace. Sure, if I had tons of money I might've bought the whole table but I knew this necklace was my style and suited my taste. I have been able to look at clothes, or accessories and decide whether I would actually wear them or not. I hope I can have such Jedi fashion skills in Japan, and only come home with things I adore and will use!

My outfit for the last day of Hyper Japan! I went for a comfy Dolly Kei vibe with my new necklace!

~Outfit breakdown~
Blouse: Received in a trade from a friend in Italy
Bustier: Warehouse label but found in a charity shop
Peignoir: Taobao
Tassel belt: Local craft store
Brooch and eyeball brooch on tassel belt: Handmade (8th Sin)
Necklace: Tokimeki

I think the most expensive item was my necklace haha XD I promise I will take more fashion photos after my Japan trip. At least having limited clothes has given me time to combine things differently and try different coordinations.

Then most recently, I went on a little date with my boyfriend! We went to an American diner themed cafe for waffles and milkshakes! I had a Groupon voucher to use and there was so much food! They gave us waffles with cream, bananas and chocolate sauce, then a sundae cup of ice cream, then a milkshake! I had a Snickers milkshake with real Snickers *q*

I am planning my Japan trip now, and a week from now I will be packing up the last of my things to get on a coach to Heathrow airport! Every so often my heart starts to race, but I don't think I'll fully believe it until I'm actually on the plane! I'll probably explode then, to be quite honest.

Some more exciting news I have is that recently my boyfriend and I have been looking to buy a house, and we are 99% sure we have one now! I'll update you when it's final but it's very nice, with a big corner plot and garden. It was quite cheap because it needs updating a lot, so we're pretty much going to be renovating the entire house. That will be something else I can blog about next year, as we are both alternative and want a grown up alternative house that doesn't look silly or Halloweeny so I can share renovation and decoration tips!

I hope my readers haven't deserted me during my absence haha. I haven't even blogged much about beauty, as I've only been buying my essential skincare and makeup items. I promise, and I mean promise that I am going to be back in full force after my Japan trip. I'll be able to blog about Japan, give you advice if you're going to Japan, blog about fashion and beauty, making an alternative house and more! I will be all about looking good in all aspects of life! See you very soon!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Review: Bausch and Lomb Biotrue Rewetting Drops

Today I'm doing a review for a product called Biotrue Rewetting Drops!

I was asked to review this product in exchange for the item so this post is sponsored, but all of my opinions and material are 100% mine and honest.

Brand: Bausch and Lomb
Name: Biotrue Rewetting Drops
Price: £9.99 for 10ml
Where to buy: Boots

These rewetting drops are used to rehydrate your eyes throughout the day. Your eyes can get dry and tired from wearing contact lenses, gadget usage (staring at a computer/phone all day), environmental conditions, air conditioning, heating, cold or windy weather or even things like travelling on planes. I chose to review this item because I have just started wearing circle lenses again and it's always good to have eye drops at hand because my eyes can get very tired and dry. I think I'm going to take this with me on the plane to Japan in December since it can be used up to 6 months after opening.

These eye drops contain hyaluronic acid, one of my favourite ingredients in skincare; it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water so it keeps your eyes hydrated longer than eye drops without hyaluronic acid.


The outer packaging box is green and white with a real-sized picture of the product on it. It has a description of the product and ingredients on the sides.

Quite a nice little feature, to be able to write the date you opened the drops so that you know when to throw them away!

Cap and nozzle


 These Rewetting Drops have quite a unique feature - the blue plastic around the bottle acts as a sort of applicator - you put your thumb on the plastic part at the top and the rest of your fingers on the bottom of the bottle. When using these eyedrops, you push your thumb down and the applicator dispenses exactly one drop of the product!

The drops in my hand

I find the applicator a little stiff to use, so it makes me hesitate and blink when I think the eye drop is going to be dispensed. It makes it a little hard to use, since I'd prefer it to be over and done with so I can't try to avoid it! Once the eye drop is in, it does feel very soothing and hydrating though. There is no burning or stinging sensation. The effect lasts an hour or so and can be reapplied if needed.

One drop dispensed by the product.

I put my circle lenses in and took some high quality selfies, then decided to include the product haha!


These eye drops are great for soothing tired and dry eyes, and the applicator is unique but it's a bit stiff to use, which makes me move my head and miss the eye drop. I do like the inclusion of hyaluronic acid in the product, and would probably pick it over another eye drop product. I give this product 4 stars out of 5.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

13 Halloween Questions Tag


I saw this fun meme posted on The Everyday Goth so I thought why not? Halloween is just around the corner so here are some fun related questions! Feel free to post them yourself, I'd love to read your entries!

1. Favourite Halloween song?
Oh that's really hard! I really love 'Soloween' by Aural Vampire but I also love Tommy Heavenly6's entire Halloween album HALLOWEEN ADDICTION, especially 'I'm Your Devil' and 'Lollipop Candy Bad Girl' (the main song mostly).

2. Witch or Vampire?
Again, so hard! I love witchy fashion and the feel but there's just something about being ethereal and immortal that is hard to resist! I'd have to say vampire!

3. Favourite thing about Halloween?
It makes me really happy that everyone enjoys being as spoopy as they can for a month. It seems every year people get more and more involved, planning parties, elaborate costumes, watching horror films, etc. It makes me happy because that's how I feel all year round, so it's like everyone is finally catching up to me haha!

4. Halloween party or scary movie marathon?
Halloween party, definitely! You can have a scary movie marathon any time, and I love a really well put together Halloween party, with themed decorations, food, music and everyone in costume! It's been a while since I've been to one!

5. Skeletons or zombies?
I think skeletons. Zombies are cool and there's more media stuff about them but I love skeleton and bone motifs for my fashion, like skeleton print tights and bone hair accessories!

6. Favourite Halloween candy?
The UK doesn't have much Halloween-centric candy. You can only really buy candy corn from import stores or very large supermarkets. I think my favourite Halloween candy is toffee apples (candy apples), which are more for Bonfire Night in the UK but since the holidays are close to each other, you can buy them around Halloween too!

7. Favourite Halloween movie?
Now, are we talking about a Halloween themed movie or the best scary movie for Halloween? I really like Donnie Darko for a Halloween movie but for the best movie to scare you witless for Halloween, I like Lake Mungo, Pulse (Kairo in Japanese) and Event Horizon. I also really like to watch Ravenous around Halloween too!

8. Favourite Halloween costume?
I like a good vampire or witch costume if it's done right, and I really like super gross special FX makeup and injuries!

(C) Freakmo

9. Favourite Halloween store?
To be honest, the UK doesn't have that great a selection. We have Halloween ranges in places like Poundworld, Tesco, Home Bargains, etc. I think it'll have to be H&M for their wearable Halloween cuteness like this bat headband Adora and Victoria are wearing!

10. Jack-o-lanterns, yes or no?
Definitely yes! I haven't carved one myself in years but they're fun, especially if it has a gorgeous intricate design on it! The traditional triangle shape faced ones are cute too!

11. Bats or black cats?
For fashion, bats always but if I could own one, it'd be black cat, definitely! I adore bat motifs like tights, hair accessories, earrings, etc. but black cats are so cute and,

12. Is Halloween your favourite holiday?
Yes yes yes! Like I mentioned above, it's nice to see everyone as spoopy as I am for a month! XD

13. Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate?
I don't think I've ever tried a pumpkin spice latte so I'll say hot chocolate. You can never go wrong with hot chocolate!

I won't tag anyone in this, everyone is free to do it! Put your blog posts in the comments and I'd love to read them!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Review: Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser

Today I'm doing a review of Clinique's Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser. I have so many reviews I would like to do so I'm trying to power through some ones I think that would be useful! I also hope to do some fashion stuff soon!

Brand: Clinique
Name: Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser
Price: £17
Where to buy:,, Boots, Clinique counters worldwide.

Clinique says you can use this as a makeup remover but I would rather do a regular double cleanse, with this as the second cleanser. I don't trust rubbing soapy foam into my eyes to remove eyeliner and mascara...It says it can be used for any skin type and leaves skin feeling moist, clean and fresh.
I got a travel sized tube of Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser in a bonus time gift. The packaging is almost exactly the same except the full sized tube has a green lid. The tube is soft plastic and I cut it in half after I couldn't squeeze any more cleanser out so that I could get the remnants out with a cotton bud. It gave me about a week's extra usage!
Here's the cleanser when lathered up with hands. It produces quite a thin yet creamy foam. You can control the foam by how much water you mix in. If you just wet your hands, it creates a thick, ultra-cleansing foam but if you 'dilute' it more, it produces a light, bubbly foam.

Here is the cleanser on Clinique's Sonic Cleansing Brush. It has a mousse like texture when squeezed out.

I apply a bit of water to the brush head and the cleanser goes into the bristles.

This is the cleanser after it's been worked into a lather. It produces a thicker, creamier lather than using your hands alone.

This cleanser does a good job of cleaning your skin but it's a bit drying for my skin type. I have to dilute the cleanser to make a very light foam in order for my face to not feel squeaky clean or stripped. I can't use this cleanser like my regular one, twice a day every day, as it's just too drying. Small dry patches appear on my face if I use it regularly. I took this cleanser when I went travelling and used it up that way.

Compared to the Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soap, this soap is a bit stronger and more 'cleansing'. I can use the Foaming Facial Soap daily, unlike this one.
This cleanser is effective but a bit too drying for my skin (I'm a Type 1-2 in Clinique terms). I couldn't use it regularly on a daily basis so I wouldn't buy a full sized version. This cleanser gets 2 stars out of 5 from me.