Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Review: Avon Color Trend Lip Stix in Rosewood

I'm back with another review today! I have accumulated so many lipsticks now so I'm trying to review them, since they're easy to review and it seems reviews with lipsticks on people's actual lips are hard to come by. It also depends on the colour of your own lips compared to the reviewer's so always make sure to check that too!

Brand: Avon Color Trend
Name: Lip Stix
Shade: Rosewood
Price: £4.50 RRP
Where to buy: eBay (Link 1 and Link 2)

My friend gave me this lipstick, since she used to 'work' for Avon, bought loads of their items to try and sell then ended up giving them to me.
I think Color Trend is Avon's cheaper colour make-up sub-brand but it's all the same to me. The box is black and purple with the Color Trend logo. The Lip Stix packaging is the same colour as the actual lipstick, which is neat. The other one I owned, Brick Red, was a bright red colour. The packaging isn't great but you get what you pay for.
The application of the product is very creamy and easy to apply. The colour can be a little sheer at first but can be built up to full opacity with two or three coats. The shade is a very neutral brown with a slightly pink tone to it. It's a really easy, wearable colour and depending on your lip colour, can be a great nude lip.

Here's a photo of my bare lips. They look quite pink here but they have a slightly brown/dark undertone. I find it hard to find baby pinks or nude lipsticks that don't wash me out or look sickly.

I really love this colour, it's super easy to wear and can be worn with many make-up and outfit looks. It looks a bit darker here but it's a great nude/natural lip colour for me. It's like my lips but better. The lipstick is creamy, non-drying and the lipstick kind of sets on your lips so the colour lasts a few hours. It has a pleasant smell and taste, kind of sweet but not overly so.
The last Lip Stix I reviewed was awful but it seems that the durability and general quality varies with each colour and formula. I really like this colour, staying power and feel. It's cheap but does the job nicely. I'd give this 5 stars since there's not much wrong with it, if anything!

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