Sunday, 21 December 2014

Lolita Post Prompts: What's in My Lolita Make-up Bag

Today I will share with you guys what I have in my make-up bag for touch-ups throughout the day, especially for Lolita make-up! Up until a month ago, I seriously just had a billion lipsticks and lipglosses...but I figured that if I take them all out and pick one or two to wear throughout the day, I can have more important stuff like powder, eyeliner, etc. in my make-up! My make-up bag items don't much change for my Lolita make-up, except perhaps my lipstick and lipgloss depending on my outfit. I always try and buy high quality items that also have super cute packaging!

First up, this is my make-up bag:
It's from Cecil McBee; I got it free with Cutie magazine issue April 2011. You also got an extra mini little bag to go with it - I use it to store sewing tools, like a seam ripper, bobbin thread, measuring tape, etc! \(*0*)/

This is my touch-up powder in my make-up bag - It's Skin Babyface Pore Powder; I bought it as it's the perfect size for my make-up bag, has a little powder puff for on-the-go application and has super adorable packaging! Unfortunately the wings are part of the outer packaging but it still has the super cute face. It's just a basic translucent loose powder that I used to touch-up my nose and the sides of my face.

I also bought Y.E.T. Catgirl Waterproof Pen Liner recently to go in my make-up bag. I will be testing this out and if I like it, I'll make it my default liquid eyeliner and buy another one to go on my dresser! The packaging is really pretty and chic-looking.

I have Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Make-up Fixer. It's a nice setting spray that gives you a fresh look whist keeping your skin hydrated, so it's nice to keep in my make-up bag if my face feels or looks dry. However, for size I have decanted some of the full sized product into a Hello Kitty spray bottle!

I put it in the blue one to match, naturally! The atomiser isn't great though, it gives quite a thick spray as opposed to a fine mist. It's best to spray it into your hands, rub them together and gently pat it over the top of your make-up.

Next up, Skinfood Black Bean Lip Line Pencil in Pinky Red - I used to have a so called 'Nude' lipliner but it was much too orangey beige for my natural lip colour and the lipsticks I like to wear, so I replaced it with this one. It's much more natural on my lips and helps keep my lipstick stay on all day.

Another new addition is The Body Shop Lip Line Fixer - this is a clear wax lip liner that you apply over the edge of your lips; this creates a barrier to prevent any lipstick, no matter how cheap or bleedy, from bleeding! I haven't tried it yet but I absolutely can't wait to put it to the test! *godimsosad*

One thing I have in my make-up bag is Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint in Coming Up Rosy - Chubby Sticks are moisturising and this new Baby Tint type gives a subtle tint of colour that adapts to your own lips and tone, giving a personalised colour. It's great for whacking on if I've forgot my lipstick or my lips are feeling dry. The colour also stains so it lasts pretty well too.

At this point I've forgotten to take photo of some stuff in my make-up bag -_- One thing I carry is hand sanitiser, which looks exactly the same as any hand sanitiser you can find so it doesn't need a photo. Plus it's not cute haha ^_~ I also carry a chocolate and vanilla scented hand cream that smells sooooo nice that it's practically criminal that I can't eat it. ;w; Sometimes my hands feel dry so it's great them moisture? Obviously.

I also carry Avon's Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner in Black Diamond. This goes well with my liquid eyeliner and I use it to touch up my lower lash liner. It's a glittery black colour but quite subtle.

Okay, now some commonly used lipsticks I use for Lolita looks that I keep in my make-up bag.

I loooooove Etude House's Sweet Recipe Dear my Jelly Lips-talk lipsticks and own them in three colours now. One of my favourites is JPK003, a bright pink that looks great on all skintones. It gives my lips a lovely, juicy jellybean look.

This is my most recent Dear my Jelly Lips-talk lipstick, shade JPK002. It's a deeper fuchsia pink that, again, I think would look great on all skintones.

I love to pair the lipstick with Rimmel's Royal Gloss Lipgloss in 131 Jelly Baby. I got it in Poundland when the RRP is about £5.99. It tastes and smells super nice, isn't sticky, is a subtle shimmery pink and looks great combined with the above Etude House lipsticks.

This is L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine Cream Lipstick in Dream-me-Candy. It's a light, shimmery pink that looks pretty natural, aside from the shimmer. It's a perfect shade for many Lolita make-up looks and I've actually used up one tube of this lipstick already and am now on my second one. I've almost used that up but it's since been discontinued so I'll have to hunt for a similar one elsewhere. ;w;

I found my perfect baby pink lipstick in the guise of Avon's Color Rich Lipstick in Pout. The packaging is cute too but the colour is a really nice, milky baby pink that doesn't manage to wash me out or make me look sickly.

For darker Lolita looks, I carry The Saem Saemmul Flower Gloss in Rose. It's a shiny lipgloss that smells and tastes like roses, with a sheer red tint to it. It looks really natural and lovely on its own and gives a little gloss and depth of colour to lips when paired with a red lipstick.

Some red lipsticks that I sometimes carry depending on my outfit include The Saem Rouge Essential Moisture Lipstick in Blood Red and a discontinued Avon one that is split in half, into two colours down the bullet and the shade is called Beach Plum.

What do you carry in your make-up bag for Lolita looks?


  1. Wow, your bag is so complete! I actually rarely carry mine - at best I touch up my BB cream, so the most I ever carry is a BB cushion, oil blotting papers and lipbalm/lipstick... =D

    1. If I'm just out errand running for a couple of hours, I never really use my makeup bag except to reapply lipstick or as my products are running out, I'm taking them out my bag to finally use up and get some life out of them! But they're very handy if, for some reason, I forget to apply concealer or my eyeliner smudges! Or I feel a bit more shiny than usual!