Friday, 19 December 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Personal Lolita Goals for 2015

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've participated in a Lolita Blog Carnival article and now that the year is coming to an end, I thought I'd do this week's topic - My Personal Lolita Goals for 2015!

To start myself off, here are some Lolita outfits I wore in 2014:

All very black, you see ahaha~

Well that's not gonna change. ;D

It will be hard to try and improve my Lolita style next year since I have to spend as little money as possible...since I'm saving for Japan and aim to go in December-January >_< So I can't be buying a ton of clothes, accessories and new items since I'm aiming to splurge on all of that stuff in Japan~!

One thing I would like to do it make my coords more 'complex' or 'put together'...I don't know if it's just me but I always feel like my coords could be nicer or more thought out, rather than blouse + dress + shoes + hair accessories = done. Just using this as an example but a lot of the coords I admire and get lots of reblogs on Tumblr are a lot more involved and everything just seems to match. 80% of the time I carry the same plain black quilted handbag since it's my everyday handbag, yet I think a matching handbag can pull together a coord more so I will try to vary my handbags more in 2015. Other things that can make a coord seem more thought-out is better accessories, legwear and shoes, using colours wisely (like having accent colours as well as just one or two basic colours) and coordinating hair and makeup.

Another goal is to have more headbows next year...I know it sounds very strange but I actually have very few headbows haha...lots of crowns, garlands, smaller hair accessories, roses, etc. but maybe one or two headbows? For a plain black one I always borrow Jayde's BTSSB one if she isn't wearing it, since I swear it is like the most perfect staple Lolita headbow ever but I aim to get my own in 2015. I also always buy other headwear rather than headbows since I think 'Oh, I'll just make my own headbows, I don't need to buy them!'...then I never get round to it... >_> So next year I either have to sit down and make a fuckton of headbows or bite the bullet and actually buy them instead. THE CHOICE IS YOURS, FUTURE ME!

One thing I would also like to do is make a lot more of my own items! I'm finally sewing more recently, and I'm waiting for a ruffle foot and beading foot to be delivered so I want to make lots more skirts, capes, accessories, maybe even JSKs and OPs! Again, I don't have a lot of skirts since I figure I'll make them myself and never get round to it...

Another thing I would like to improve is my hairstyles...even though I have very long hair, I can't do much with it...I straighten it mostly, I can braid it, braid it when it's wet to make it wavy/crimped, put it in twintails and I've just about got the hang of my curling wand. I want to improve on updos and general nice hair to go with my Lolita outfits. Sometimes I think having very long hair is as hard as having short hair in terms of hairstyles...for example, people say victory rolls are easy - not when you have to roll your hair fifty times until it reaches your scalp! And when braiding your hair takes twenty minutes, you have to question whether it's worth it or not (it's usually a yes).

This is kind of detrimental to the whole 'saving for Japan' thing but I want to go to more meets and generally make more Lolita friends next year haha...but...Japan monies... >_< I can try to kill two birds with one stone whilst I'm travelling for business (trading at events and so forth) but there's nothing like a lovely casual tea party or get together.

Now that 2014 is wrapping up, do you have any personal Lolita goals for 2015? Any other 'New Years Resolutions' or do you not believe in them?

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