Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Taobao Haul September 2014

 Hey everyone! Recently I did a big Taobao order with some friends and it arrived last week so I'll show you what I got! I bought wayyyyy too many clothes and justified it by telling myself that they are all staples that can be mixed and matched. I hope my past self is right...

First up I got this pretty bejewelled lace top. It's really nice to wear with lots of things for a bit more glamour in everyday fashion and is comfy.

I got this super sexy leather bustier from the same shop as above. It's a bit small in the bust area for me at the moment but I want to lose a little weight so I'm hoping this can be a motivation piece for me! The buttons at the front are functional and you can remove the straps. Here's the shop for both items.

I got this relatively simple black lace shirt. Again, just a simple yet pretty shirt to wear with basic skirts.

I bought this skirt from the same shop as the top above. I thought I'd try and inject a bit more colour into my wardrobe, even if that colour is grey. XD This skirt is pretty and comfortable but both items smelled VERY fusty so I had to wash them beforehand. The smell disappeared straight after washing though. Here's the shop; they sell pretty and cheap clothing but I thought I'd warn you beforehand.

I did actually buy this cool looking galaxy print chiffon blouse in black and purple, but when I received my package in the UK, it only had one shirt in it... -_- I've sent the seller a message on Ali Wangwang but I don't know if they'll do anything about it. >_> The shirt is still cool though, I want to wear it underneath bustiers and maybe even Lolita dresses for something different. Here's the shop if you want to check them out but get your agent to check the package for you!

I wasn't too sure when I bought this shirt but I decided to go for it anyway since it was cheap. I was hoping that if I liked it, it'd be more colour in my wardrobe. When I tried it on it was too small in the bust area and I didn't like it on me anyway so I'll take that as fate. It's a really pretty shirt, with silky-feeling materials but I'm currently trying to sell it on my personal Facebook profile. Here's the shop.

I got this super cute skirt from a random shop. It's thicker than expected so I can't wait to wear it now we're approaching the colder months. It has a super cute little charm to it (which is detachable) and a lace pattern to the skirt; you even get a replacement charm, which you could also attach to a phone or your bag? *0*

I got this skirt from a shop - I bought it from another seller originally along with another skirt but they had neither item in stock so I got a refund and bought this one elsewhere, here's the link. -_- The tulle is soft and the lace isn't great quality but it's cheap, for casual styles rather than haute couture and you can't notice really. I'm wearing it now, actually and got the classic 'It's not Halloween yet!' comment today whilst shopping with my mum...ha...ha. I love it as it's really floaty and pretty yet it shows my legs off due to the shorter skirt underneath. Long, opaque skirts tend to drown me since I'm pretty short. Here's a stock image since it doesn't photograph very well:


I wanted to order this skirt since I stumbled upon it on my last Taobao order. It's soooo gorgeous for Dolly Kei style, look at the patterns, textures, layers and beaded ties! It's really high quality too, a bit more expensive than I'm used to on Taobao (£8, which isn't actually expensive anywhere else haha) and the shop sells lots of other cute stuff too.

I got this cute suspender skirt from a shop. I've got a few sheer chiffon and lace shirts that I think will look really nice under this. Next I want to get an elastic harness for over shirts, but I won't wear it with this skirt - harness overload haha!

I've wanted this dress from Boubou for absolutely ages but always thought it was a bit expensive for Taobao (around £16...Taobao has ruined me haha) but I finally forced myself to get it and am glad I did. It's every bit as gorgeous as I thought it would be - I didn't expect it to have a tulip/bubble style hem but it's really different and gives a nice silhouette. Very Gothy, I hope to incorporate it into Dolly Kei style. Unless you can't tell, I was very inspired by wanting to expand my casual Gothic and Dolly Kei wardrobe with this Taobao order.

I really wanted to find a peignoir on Taobao but they were surprisingly hard, even more so to find one in black. I considered buying a white or light coloured one and dyeing it black but eventually, after tweaking the search terms, I found a couple I liked. This is a mid-length one that ends around mid-thigh level. It's made of a thin, stretchy soft tulle fabric with a black lace overlay on the chest, back and hem. I think I had to use interchangeable search terms like 'long', 'transparent', 'sheer', 'gauze', 'jacket', 'outer', 'cardigan', etc. to find these ones. Here's the store link and the stock photo below since this looks a bit frumpy photographed.


I also wanted a long one and found one using the search terms above, from this shop. They do the peignoir in two lengths, I got the longest, and they do it in cream and lilac too. It's black lace fabric with pleats sewn into the skirt part made of a fine tulle/chiffon material. I can't wait to wear it with a belt cinched in at the waist! It came with these ugly white shell buttons going down it but I quickly removed them haha. Stock photo below, since the peignoir is really long and hard to photograph.


I got this cute black chiffon bolero for various fashion styles from this shop. It's really floaty and pretty, with a black lace overlay on the back (so much black lace on everything...).

For a bit more colour, I got this khaki brown waistcoat with braiding detail from this shop. It's mostly for Dolly Kei style and having a bit more colour in the outfit. I think it'll look really nice with bronze accessories.

I found this vintage cropped waistcoat on this vintage reseller store. Vintage clothing is so cheap on Taobao, we're talking £1-£5 per item usually. Maybe they buy it in big bulk bags or vintage just doesn't sell in China since you can buy brand new items for pretty much the same price anyway. This looked more red in the stock photo but it's a fuchsia colour with tan lace on the bodice and metal buttons. It's really interesting, I hope I can work it into a Dolly Kei outfit!

I got these amazinggggggg bone heeled boots from Taobao. I saw them on eBay and knew I could find them on Taobao cheaper. I can't wait to wear them! I tried them on briefly and I think they fit, but I can always put insoles in them, I think.

I got the same shoes in all black too, I just couldn't resist. The white bone version is made from a matte leather on the actual boot part but the all-black version is more of a faux suede material. These remind me of H. R. Giger designs.

I then got a few accessories, as shown below!

I got this faux feather collar for more dramatic Gothic and Dolly Kei looks. The feather are really soft but fake, which I'd prefer. The little roses near the ties are a nice touch too. I got it from this shop but I did expect it to be a bit more full/larger for the price (around £6).

I also found a rather interesting sort of tie-around belt featuring feathers from a different store too. It was super hard to photograph so here's the stock photo - because it had been squished in a mail bag, it just looked like a big crumpled tulle mess. I've since straightened it out. I figured this would be nice in layered Dolly Kei/witchy Dark Mori Girl for a kind of forest witch look! I think I'd wear it more to the side rather than a butt-belt thing.

I ordered quite a few accessories from Ciciwork after hearing good things about them. All her items are handmade and great for various Japanese fashions. She was super nice, asked me my preference for some items and included matching free gifts too, so sweet!

I fell in love with this amazing mossy antler headband. It's just sooooo cool and forest witchy, I couldn't resist! It's also a lot different and darker than other antler headbands I've seen around. I don't know what event I'll wear this at but I guarantee it'll be spectacular.

I've seen a few Lolitas order these beautiful crown hair clips with roses in the middle. They're super opulent and regal looking. I got one with a red rose in the middle and one with a black rose in the middle. They fasten into the hair with two crocodile clips but Cici also provides matching coloured ribbon if you like the tied on look.

The same crown in black. You can also buy replacement roses from Cici in many different colours - the top of the crown can be popped off but is very secure when attached.

I got this burgundy headband for Dolly Kei and Mori Girl style. I love the cute, thick look of it and the textured embroidery.

The free gifts Cici gave me included a matching ring for my antler headband! Sooooo cool!

She also included this ring for free, which is very similar but great for different looks.

She also included this cute hair clip with cherries on it! Super cute for Mori Girl style!

I also got a few other accessories from her that I forgot to photograph:

I got this uber luxurious looking berry garland. I'm really into the foresty and witchy look at the moment!

I got a smaller red berry garland too, with a creamy lace trail. I have a black and blue one at home so I'm growing my collection as they're so cute and easy to wear!

Then I also got this cute foresty accessory that doubles as a brooch or hairpin. Super cute for Mori Girl style and it'd look perfect holding a shawl closed.

I've discovered a love for backpacks, especially when travelling as it leaves my hands free to drag massive suitcases across the UK, which I am almost always doing if travelling. My friend Jayde got one in our last order and I really love its classic look so I copied her and got one! I got mine from this store.

I then got this cute brown straw bag with antique bronze detailing! It looks really vintagey, perfect for Dolly Kei. It's not massive, it can probably hold a small purse, phone, keys and a few makeup products. I got it from this store.

To finish the order off, I remembered I wanted a vanity case after seeing one in Primark and deciding I could get a nicer/cheaper one on Taobao. I wanted a really big one so that I can take all my full sized skincare items if need be, since I'm sometimes in London for a few days. This one has two compartments, split in half with a little shelf on one of them. Before, when travelling, I'll usually cram my skincare and makeup products around whatever else is in my suitcase, as well as stuff products in shoes, around the sides, whatever, in a desperate attempt to have more room. However, I've lost stuff in the past due to that, including my Holika Holika Jewel-light Eyeliner and Skinfood Gold Kiwi Suncream. Also when going to do my makeup in the morning in the hostel or hotel or whatever, it's nice to have all my products all in one place for easy carrying and time efficiency. I used this case when I went to Bristol this weekend and it was very handy and cute.

That rounds off my massive order this time round! I've promised myself I'm not going to order any more clothes from Taobao; instead I'm going to save my money for my Japan fund. At the end of the day, I have many clothes and I'd rather buy more in Japan than on Taobao. Now I have many staples I can mix and match, I'm sure that'll keep me occupied for a while. Have you ordered anything from Taobao recently? Taobao is an addiction that, once it grabs you, is hard, if not impossible to escape from!


  1. woooow *____* ALL IS SO COOL!
    I love the crop top, suspender skirt and hair accesories <3

    1. Thanks so much! I can't wait to wear it all! :D

  2. Wow, everything is really gorgeous! But the bone-heeled shoes are a killer, I'd wear those immediately. BTW, since you order a lot at a time, does it still come cheap if you include the horrid tax? Because once you go over 22 Euros, they charge tax from both the price of the package and the shipping fees, right?

    1. Thanks Vita! I couldn't resist the bone-heeled shoes when I saw them *0* As for customs/tax fees, my logistics company marks down the package for me so I still usally get customs charges, but they're a lot less than the actual value of the items. I haven't received any customs fees from TNT for this order as of yet, so I'm a little hopeful it slipped by the charges but I guess there's still time for me to receive a letter saying I have to pay. XD And yep, customs fees are charged on the combined price of the contents value and shipping cost, which sucks majorly -_-

  3. I have followed so many of the shop links in this post... great haul! Do you happen to have a link to the shoes?