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Review: Caolion Multi Soothing Booster Gel

Hi everyone! I just sorted out all my beauty review folders on my computer and I have soooo many reviews that are piling up haha...almost 145?! Including all the skincare I used to use and lipsticks... >_< So I'm going try to get on top of them, since there are lots that I've finished the product of, so I don't want to forget my opinion of the items!

Brand: Caolion
Name: Multi Soothing Booster [Gel]
Price: $21 (Wishtrend), $10 + $1.50 shipping (Qoo10), $27.99 (eBay)

I won this product in a $300 shopping spree from Peach and Lily. I picked a selection of products, some of which I've already reviewed, including Be The Skin Botanical Power Nutrition Toner, Essence and Cream. This seemed like an interesting product to try since it says it has tons of uses, including as a toner, cooling eye mask, cooling and soothing face mask, etc. You get 100ml of product in a squeezy tube. On the tube it says the product is mostly Aloe Vera gel and snail extract. I can't seem to find this product on Peach and Lily's website any more so it seems they don't sell it but you can find it on the above stores.

It 'soothes sensitive skin by quick absorption', 'provides ample hydration to dry skin' and 'quickly gets through the skin'.
The packaging looks quite mid end and clinical. The outer box is white and gold/yellow with black writing and an image of a grey snail with a clock for a shell. The actual product packaging is clear with a dark blue gradient on the top of the tube. The writing is black and white with the same image of the clock snail. The tube is made of flexible plastic with a white lid that snaps shut and can be squeezed to release the product. The packaging is kind of neither here nor there for me - it's not ugly but it's not cute, pretty or luxurious looking. It's inoffensive.



This is the size of the tube in comparison to my hand. There's 100ml of product in the tube. It's a pretty good size which is good, since there's lots of uses for the product so I wanted to try as many of them as possible.
The list of uses that Caolion Multi Soothing Booster includes:
'As a booster: Before using base [skin]care, apply this first to soothe and moisturise skin, and subsequent steps will work much more effective on your skin'.
You can use this as a toner, effectively. It absorbs and spreads easily, giving your skin light and soothing hydration ready to receive your other skincare items.

'As an emergency soothing pack: When your skin has turned red and irritated from external environments, this will effectively calm skin. In summertime, use it refrigerated so you can get quicker and more effective soothing'.

'As an emergency moisture pack: When your skin suddenly loses suppleness, or when using wash-off packs and mask packs feel too bothersome, take an ample amount of Multi-soothing Booster and spread it on the surface. It will soon turn moist and supple.'

Also as a make-up primer, make-up mixer (mix with foundation or BB cream for a sheer, dewy effect), as an eye pack, hydration gel for body, moisturising gel for hands and nails and as a hair treatment. I'm sure when I bought it the body, hands and hair uses weren't mentioned.

I tried it as many ways as possible, including as a toner, emergency hydration pack, eye pack and make-up mixer.

The product itself is clear, a little thick but easily spread and absorbed, and smells mostly of Aloe Vera.

As a toner, it provided quick, soothing hydration that absorbed easily and made my skin feel ready to receive other skincare products.

As an emergency hydration pack, it was very cool and soothing, and gave me a slight moisturising feel. It wasn't anything spectacular, if I needed lots of hydration I would've used a proper mask.

I got red and swollen eyes due to a nasty cold last year, so in an attempt to soothe my eyes for work, I did what was recommended for the soothing eye packs, and soaked cotton wool pads in the gel. I placed them on top of my closed eyes for about half an hour and then removed them. They felt cool and soothed afterwards, and the puffiness went down slightly but it wasn't anything drastic. However, there was a medical reason for my puffy eyes, so I have a feeling this use would be good for tired or dry eyes.

Here I demonstrated what the Multi Soothing Booster was like when used as a make-up mixer. Other products like Etude House's Nymph Aura Volumer do the same thing. You mix the product with BB cream or foundation (usually on a 1:1 ratio but you can experiment) for a sheerer, more moisturising dewy finish. Here I just used a foundation I was using at the time, I think it was Nature Republic Vanilla Sky or Makeup Forever HD Mat Velvet Foundation.

The mixer all mixed in. It makes the foundation a bit more gel like and cooling.

On the left, my bare cheek with no make-up on it. On the right, with the foundation+mixer on top. You can see the sheer coverage with a slightly dewy effect; even though the coverage is sheer, it still cools, soothes and combats any redness I had. It was pretty nice for casual errand-running days, I wouldn't use it if I had a meeting or event.
I chose this product more for the novelty of it but it seems pretty good. The many uses were interesting and it does carry them out well; however, I notice it is made up of 99% aloe vera gel, and the other 1% is snail extract, black bean extract and other items. I'm pretty sure you can just buy pure aloe vera gel from a drugstore or similar and use it for these many uses. After discovering that, I wouldn't spend $18-$27 on this product. I can't imagine the 1% snail extract and black bean extract does much for your skin, it's a very small amount. However, a product like this is great in a pinch, since I started using it as a toner when mine ran out, then I tried it on my eyes when they were puffy from a cold, etc. I'd give this item 3 stars out of 5 but wouldn't purchase again.

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