Sunday, 26 October 2014

My Halloween Bonanza 2014!

Hey everyone! I've been wanting to blog for a few days now but I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about. I figured I'd tell you about my super Halloween bonanza I've made for myself to enjoy a week of full Halloween!

On the actual day of Halloween, I'm going to London to see one of my favourite musicians of all time - Voltaire! I never dreamed I'd get to see him live so I'm soooooo excited! I've listened to him non-stop since I discovered him last year; can you be in love with someone's voice? I'm pretty sure you can. He's being supported by Gladstone and The Memepunks; I've seen The Memepunks before. I went to see Rasputina last year in London, at the same venue, The Purple Turtle, and The Memepunks were supporting them. The Memepunks make fun mash-ups of songs, including the Inspector Gadget theme tune + Love Cats by The Cure and Dead or Alice by Bon Jovi + the Firefly theme tune! They also sang Voltaire's 'When You're Evil' at Rasputina, when I didn't know who Voltaire was and I liked the song so much I researched it and my love of Voltaire began! So thank you so so much, Memepunks! *0* After Voltaire there's a Goth club event called 'Necropolis' until 4am so I think I'll check that out too! I'm staying at a different hostel to the one I normally stay at, and it's 3 minutes away from the venue - fucking awesome!

Then the next day I'm off to Chester early in the morning for a Halloween tea party with my bestie Jayde and the other amazingly lovely girls of the North West Lolita community! I love the Halloween tea party meets, they're always so nice, relaxed and full of food!

Leading up to this kickass weekend I'll be watching horror films, playing scary video games and listening to appropriate music. I've always loved Halloween but I always let the fun come to me - if no one was doing anything for Halloween, I wouldn't end up doing anything. I think this year I've realised that annual holidays like Halloween are only as fun as you make them; people like to say 'Oh, I'm too old for Halloween/Christmas' but if you want to enjoy them, do whatever you like to enjoy it! Dress up, decorate your house, watch appropriate films, etc!

I bet you're thinking 'What? Halloween-themed music? Isn't that really cheesy?' Nope! Here are my suggestions for Halloween appropriate music that isn't cheesy in the slightest.

Aural Vampire are an electro band featuring lead vocalist Exo-Chika and Raveman. Exo-Chika is a vampire and has real vampire fangs - this is all year round, not just Halloween! Raveman is a super scary butcher, again, all year round! They did, however, bring out a single for Halloween called 'Soloween', featuring songs like 'Back to Halloween', 'Soloween' and 'Halloween Jive'. The songs are sooooo super catchy and well-made, definitely not cheesy at all! I listen to them all year round but I really love to listen to them near Halloween.

Tommy Heavenly6 is an alter ego of Tomoko Kawase - she is the lead singer of The Brilliant Green and makes music under the alter ego of Tommy February6 too; February6 is more 80s inspired electro pop whilst Heavenly6 is more pop-punk and rock. They made a 'collaboration' album called 'Halloween Addiction' which is like a story of Tommy February6 & Heavenly6's back story, tied in with Halloween. My favourite songs from the album are 'Lollipop Candy Bad Girl', 'I'm Your Devil' and 'Never Ending Party Night'. The story is a little cheesy, especially with the little stories told in between songs, but in a good way! Again, I listen to the actual songs (not the story snippets) all year round but feel I can break them out even more at Halloween.

Of course, how could I mention Halloween-appropriate songs without mentioning Voltaire?! Voltaire's music is hard to fit into one genre but a lot of people say it is dark cabaret, similar to Amanda Palmer/The Dresden Dolls, Rasputina and Emilie Autumn. His songs vary from heart-melting lovely, heartbreaking, hilariously tongue-in-cheek and downright silly but he's also a performer/entertainer, comedian, author, animator and even toy maker! His songs often have eerie, creepy or Gothic themes and the fact he's having a Halloween party/concert is all the more reason to break them out at Halloween. My favourite songs of his tend to change but some classics of mine are 'Dead Girls', 'Bachelor(ette)', 'Caught a Lite Sneeze', 'The Chosen' and 'Hell in a Handbasket'. 'Bachelor(ette)' and 'Caught a Lite Sneeze' are actually covers of Bjork songs but they're sooooo great!

Yesterday I watched 'Let The Right One In', a Swedish horror film about the bittersweet love of a human and a vampire. Hearing that, it's definitely no 'Twilight' and I feel it's pitched wrong to an English-speaking audience. On the DVD cover and trailers it's pitched as a full-blown horror film but I'd say it's more of a romantic drama with horror elements in it. Oskar is a human boy who finds it hard to fit in and gets bullied, whilst Eli lives off of blood and has been 12 for a long time. Eli's gender is disputed and is portrayed as a girl for most of the film so I'd describe Eli as androgynous or gender-fluid. The film is so sweet and melancholic, it's one of my favourites.

I'm going to start playing Silent Hill 3 tonight since I've wanted to play it for a while, so what would be a better time than coming up to Halloween?! I've played Silent Hill 2 and have got Silent Hill 1 to play too at some point.

I'll try and get some photos of my outfits for the Friday and Saturday of Halloween to show you! In the mean time, have a great Halloween! Are you doing anything special for it?

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