Monday, 20 October 2014

Goth Post Prompts: Something I'm Saving Up For

In a desperate bid to get all my drafted blog posts either written and published, or deleted if they're not relevant any more, today I'll be talking about a few things I'd like to save up for in my Goth wardrobe.

Two items I have wanted for so long now are Adora Batbrat's own designs:

Adorable Heart blouse
Adorable Heart Blouse - $92

Victorian collar
Victorian Collar - $50

Both items are soooooo super cute and whilst they're expensive, they're Adora's own designs and are made in a small quantity. The blouse is made from chiffon and is wrinkle free, with a super cute heart design on the torso and puffed sleeves. The collar is made from bridal satin with polka dot tulle trim. I really want to support Adora's shop but at the moment I'm saving for Japan so it will still have to wait. ;w;

Leather Corset with Bolero and Belt
This is something else I have discovered recently and must own at some point! It's sooooooo cool and edgy! Very futuristic Goth Steampunk Blade Runner Aeonflux-esque! I love the built in bolero and belt/holster. A lot of places like Corsets UK sell pieces like these but I'm going to try Taobao for stell boned corsets one day and see how they are!

Hell Bunny Corset Top
This is a Victorian lace top from Hell Bunny - Hell Bunny hardly do any nice stuff nowadays, it's all Rockabilly/Horrorbilly style stuff so I really want to get this at some point!

Manic Panic® Vegan Dreamtone Flawless Foundation in Virgin
Another thing I'm on the look out for is Manic Panic's infamous Dreamtone Foundation in Virgin (white). It's soooo hard to find and sold out everywhere! You can either wear it on its own or mix it with other foundations to make them paler; I'd use it for the latter mostly and maybe the former for more uber Goth outfits, costumes and Shironuri. It's a slightly cheaper alternative to Illamasqua, MAC or Face Atelier but it still looks good quality. There are some cheap white foundations but I can imagine they're chalky and/or don't have great coverage, stuff like Laval, Stargazer (personally tried it, very chalky and sheer although the formula could've changed since I last used it) or Barry M.

Iron Fist Caged Zipper Rib Cage Skeleton One Piece Swimming Costume Swimsuit (Small UK 10) £40
This super awesome swimsuit is from Iron Fist and is unfortunately almost £40 :( It's soooo cool though and due to it being a one piece swimsuit, you can wear it anywhere as opposed to a bikini. I might see if Taobao do a similar one.

They are the main things I am lusting after right now! Do you have any coveted wishlist items?


  1. Adora Batbrat is a really good inspiration *-*

  2. The swimsuit is my favorite item! But the blouses are really cute too. :)