Wednesday, 3 September 2014

I Love Fashion

*Listening to: Death Suits You Fine by Lordi*

Hi everyone! How are you doing? This is another reminiscing/personal discussion post again today, sparked by Poupee Girl again haha! It was sparked mostly by Poupee Girl and partly by putting away clothes the other day...

I can't think of any other way to start this but than saying I love fashion. I think I love it more now than I did when I was younger, and I only hope my love can grow. Fashion is a wonderful thing and when you make it your own style, it is even more wonderful. Watching your wardrobe grow, your style evolve and change and the memories sparked by clothes is a very special thing that is hard to explain to people who aren't 'into' fashion. I remember joking with my boyfriend about moving to an isolated island and my own problem being whether they would deliver my Taobao orders to the island, to which he replied 'You wouldn't need that superficial nonsense'. Now, he knows that I don't buy and wear cute clothes to impress him, since he doesn't really care what I wear as long as I'm happy (and I doesn't look completely mentally ill, of course) but he somehow thought that if we were truly happy and away from annoying people you come across in everyday life, I wouldn't need fashion to make me happy. I wholeheartedly disagree.

Fashion is an art, and a way of making yourself feel like a piece of walking art. I might not be a masterpiece, but I'm still art. I can wear whatever I feel like at the moment, what my mood and outlook is like, and it can change daily to suit me. Fashion isn't just about buying and/or wearing clothes - for me, it's putting together these lovely outfits from individual items of clothing, raw materials if you will, and creating something awesome that can change and evolve by adding and subtracting these raw materials. Jewellery, accessories and shoes can change the feel of any outfit drastically and are more things you can play with.

Certain items of clothing and accessories spark feelings inside of me that can't be felt by other means. Finding ways of proudly organising and displaying my items is another way to have fun with fashion. Looking at the wooden Grimoire brooches transports me back to Frock On, seeing the silver and bronze eyeball ring and brooch Tina gave me at Hyper Japan makes me miss her and wish to go to Japan, even certain makeup, like one of my favourite lipsticks, Etude House's Dear my Jelly Lips-talk in PK001 combined with Rimmel's Royal Gloss Lipgloss in Jellybean makes my lips look and feel like cute, juicy jellybeans!

Just now, I uploaded this pair of boots to Poupee Girl. They're New Rocks with a black and silver spiderweb design on them and New Rock's classic grills on the platform. I've had them since I was 13-14; I remember I was just starting to get into Goth fashion and a friend of friend gave me some of her old alternative clothes. Nowadays our styles are very different - she was kind of a hippy Goth and some of the items she gave me included this ankle length knitted zip up red cardigan, a bit battered and beaten, and a pair of ratty red platform sneakers, kind of like Buffalo sneakers. I didn't have any other alternative clothes and wore the sneakers all the time, much to my mum's dismay. She kept telling me to throw them away since they were so beaten but I pointblank refused. They made me feel cool and different! One day we went to Derby for a shopping trip and I'd heard about this cool alternative shop called Haze, since closed down. We were just browsing, I was in awe of the Hell Bunny and Criminal Damage clothes, and these fucking awesome pairs of New Rock boots that lined one wall right across. My mum got me to try a pair on that I liked, these pair with the spiderwebs on and I thought nothing of it. Maybe for Christmas, a birthday, who knew? Much to my surprise, she actually bought them there and then for me, out of the blue! Apparently 'so I didn't have to wear those gross trainers anymore'. I was absolutely ecstatic and wore them any opportunity I could - after school, on the weekends, over jeans, with skirts, you name it. I fucking adored them and showed them all my friends, who thought it was so cool my mum bought me them. Just posting them to Poupee Girl made me all warm inside, the surprise of my mum buying me them, and even though she complained about my alternative fashion, knowing that she bought me them for whatever reason she had. I don't wear them as often now but feeling all these feels really makes me want to wear them again, like right now.

The feelings you can get from fashion and individual items of clothing is just mindblowing. These pieces of cloth stitched together, these bits of leather and rubber, that can have such life and feeling.

I love the feeling of putting new clothes away and displaying them properly. When I'm in the right mood, I love putting clothes away after I've washed them. I love taking care of them, hanging them up properly, storing and organising them in my wardrobe according to category (outer, tops, skirts, dresses, shoes) and styles (Lolita, Gyaru, Goth, Punk, Cyber, and all the items that cross styles). I love zipping dresses up, doing up buttons on blouses, sorting out the collar, tying waist ties and cravats.

Fashion isn't just about going into a shop and buying an item. To me, it's about scouring the most unlikely of places, charity shops, bargain bins, friend's sales, and finding precious gems that can shine in your wardrobe. My most loved pieces are never just from Primark, Criminal Damage, or bought directly from Angelic Pretty or Baby The Stars Shine Bright.

My most loved Lolita dress is this one I bought on a whim from a Taobao shop called Kirakira. I originally wanted a Rose Melody one, which was sold out, so I had to quickly find another one to replace it as my first proper Lolita dress. I saw this at a ridiculously cheap price, like £18 and thinking 'This is nice'. I had no idea how Kirakira's quality was, and I Googled reviews of them to no avail, other than saying 'You get what you pay for'. I bought the dress, not knowing what to expect; little did I know it'd be my most loved and worn dress in my wardrobe. Every time I wear it I get complimented, and people are surprised when I say how much it was and where I got it from. I don't think I'll ever sell it because of how much it means to me.

Nana Kitade was my introduction into Lolita fashion. I Googled and saved as many photos of her as I could, and one particular one that was my favourite was this one:

I loved her hair in it, her hair bow, everything. I loved the skirt but never dreamed I could own it. One day I found a girl selling it on EGL_Comm_Sales for around £120 but sadly, couldn't afford it at the tender age of 15-16. Gradually I saw her add it to the Lolita Facebook sales groups as they became popular, and she kept reducing and reducing the price until one day, I could afford it! I had started working at my boyfriend's shop and finally had a small wage coming in. I asked her to hold it for me and said I could pay half of the price, £25 there and then and the rest as soon as I got paid. She was dubious since she'd been let down by other sellers in the past but literally as soon as I got paid, I Paypalled her the money immediately. Within days, one of my first ever coveted Lolita items was in my hands.
It was even more beautiful than I imagined, even more high quality and it even had the surprise panel of pink tartan fabric featured in Nana's hair bow on the back of it! I loved it so much and wore it to see Perfume live, among other events. Again, I don't think I will ever sell this skirt because of how much it means to me.

This is a wonderfully unique bustier I found in a charity shop in my home town quite recently - my mum actually spotted it, put in the men's shirts section and marked as underwear! With all of its beautiful details, the iridescent bicone teardrop beads, sequins, gold metallic braid, lush velvet fabric and marbled floral chiffon ruffle trim, I just had to have it. It's one of my favourite Dolly Kei pieces and the most perfect example of the gems charity shops can hold within.
This is one of my most recent purchases and was found in the same charity shop as the bustier above! It's one of my favourite charity shops now! This beautiful skirt was actually available in two types - this one, a size 8 made of black organza and white embroidery, and a size 10 made with plain black opaque cotton and the same white embroidery. I preferred this one over the size 10 and was disappointed at the thought of the size 10 one fitting better. I tried both on and strangely, this one fit me better! I couldn't even zip the size 10 up! I knew it was fate and bought it straight away. Again, I absolutely adore it and it's one of my favourite Dolly Kei items.

When I buy clothes, I buy them to keep. I don't understand some Lolita girls who say they can only have 5 or so dresses before they feel guilty/spoiled and have sell them. If it's your money, and you earned it, who gives a shit? Who has the right to make you feel guilty or spoiled if you save money to buy the things you love? I don't buy clothes to wear once or twice then sell - sure, my style might evolve and change over the years, maybe even months, and I come to sell some of my clothes, as I have done many times over the years, but they have completed their purpose in my life and it is time to send them on their way to be loved and worn by someone else. I think that if you take care of, love, cherish and wear all the items in your wardrobe, you can never have too many clothes. The same goes for jewellery, accessories and shoes. My boyfriend says I have too many shoes, many of which I bought from, charity shops and Facebook sales but when I wear them with certain outfits and make sure they get outing every so often, who is he to judge? When he first moved into the house we live in now, he stored all of his shoes in his wardrobe, other than the two pairs he wore regularly. Last year we had a clearout and he pulled out all of the shoes he had stored, smart shoes for interviews/formal events, a pair of trainers, his old football boots, snow boots and a pair of chunky platform trainers he wore when he was younger (we all did it, see?!), he was shocked to find they were covered and ruined with mold. He said 'Why are all of my shoes covered in mold and yours aren't?! You even have more pairs than me!'...Mine weren't covered in mold because they were worn regularly, moved and maintained! Even if I only wore a pair once every few months, at least they were getting moved and worn out periodically rather than stored for years. It might sound like we disagree on fashion but we have never argued in our 4 years together and fashion is a very personal, private thing to me - he doesn't really get fashion and that's okay, my fashion has nothing to do with him haha.

Do you feel the same way about fashion as I do? This turned into a bit of a long post but it feels so nice expressing my love and getting it all out! Do you have any treasured items in your wardrobe? I'd love to hear! If you've got this far in my post, thank you and see you soon~!


  1. oh my gad your f*cking perfect boots :___D when I was in Paris 5 years ago I saw the same boots in a New Rock shop and I doubt if buy or not them... but finally not
    they're ahadgaughd PERFECTS!

    1. Ahhh, I love them so much! I really wanna start wearing them more often now! At least they get brought out when there's lots of snow and ice, they're so useful then. :D

  2. I get attached quite a lot to inanimate objects. Many of them are pieces of clothing I have memories with as well. I love fashion and I love dressing up. It makes me feel happy and sometimes I do it for no special occasion than dressing pretty. I confess though that most of the times I am just wearing whatever I find laying around, even though my goal is to only own really pretty pieces :)

    1. Yes, dressing up is such a good feeling! It makes you feel like the person you want to be. If I have been working a temporary job and have a boring uniform most of the week, I really want to go all out and dress really nice on my days off to make up for it. XD

  3. I totally agree with you, minus the occassional weird or absolutely neccessary purchase, I pick clothes that are somehow special for me and connect to a particular place or experience or at least were discovered on the sale rack in a second hand store. One thing I really miss is my sewing atelier, because I feel weird wearing only things that were made by other people, it feels like I can't express myself that well if I can't sew and re-sew the items myself.

    1. I really want to start making my own clothes...I've been saying that for a while now but I keep getting called back into temporary jobs and it's too tempting to say no... XD I've finally said no this time and will be dedicating some time to making and customising some clothes for myself! I have some fabric I really want to make a Lolita skirt from; it's purple, silver and black roses and I plan to add a black ruffle trim with silver braid detailing!