Sunday, 28 September 2014

Event: J-Con Derby 2014

Hi everyone! Last weekend I attended J-Con, a Japanese culture convention in Derby that showcases anime, manga, comic books, video games, Japanese fashion and more. My partner runs it and I've been attending since 2010, so this has been my 4th year and the 7th year J-Con has actually been running. J-Con 2014 was Friday 19th and Saturday 20th; the Friday was a chilled out anime viewing night with showings of exclusive animes and an abridged series voiced by MasakoX, as well as free popcorn and a live set and DJ set by Johnny Reaper.

My best friend Jayde came to Derby on the Friday and whilst walking to Patisserie Valerie, where we were gonna brunch all classy like, we came across the birds of prey sanctuary where they had some owls and falcons on display for photographs, holding and donations!

This demon owl was so fucking badass! I just had to have my photo taken with him.

Demon owl is protecting and looking out for me.

This was Gandalf. Gandalf was a frigging nutcase. He just stared at everyone, plotting his inevitable escape and massacre. Some people wanted to hold him, which was a big mistake. He kept trying to escape, opening up his huge-ass wings and when the keeper grabbed him and restrained him, Gandalf looked at him with a look that said 'I'm going to claw you to death. Just you wait.'

The name of this species of owl escapes me, the ones with the tufty ears. He was pretty chill.

Jayde got her photo taken with this cute little owl, except he's not cute at all; he's a cold blooded killer according to the keeper. I think he's deciding whether Jayde is worth the hassle or not in the last photo. He decided to go for an easier victim and let Jayde walk away with her life.

Afterwards we went to Patisserie Valerie and had lunch!

I had chicken, gammon and tomato grilled sandwiches with crisps and a weird salad that I didn't touch. The sandwiches were really nice and the crisps were ready salted flavour, so meh.

I had mango and passionfruit tea that got super strong towards the last cup.

For dessert Jayde and I both got Belgian waffles with chocolate ice cream and sauce...they were soooooo nice! I managed to polish mine off, with the unfortunate side effect of feeling sick afterwards but it was totally worth it.

Afterwards we went home, got changed for the J-Con Friday night and packed up my stuff ready to et up my stall.

Here's my outfit for the Friday night.

Blouse: eBay
Bustier: Warehouse
Skirt: eBay
Tights: Madame Chocolat
Accessories: 8th Sin

We had a fun time on the Friday, just hanging and watching what was going on. Afterwards we went home, got Chinese takeaway and watched the original Carrie movie, since I've only seen the sucky remake.

The Saturday of J-Con is a standard convention day, with cosplay contests, Japanese fashion catwalks, a Lolita tea party, Lolita 101 panel that I ran, video gaming contests, an artist room, arcade games and more.

My Saturday outfit and the worst quality selfie in existence.

Blouse: Infanta
Bustier: Chess Story
Skirt: Anna House
Tights: Primark
Boots: Bodyline
Headbow: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Accessories: 8th Sin

Me and Jayde's selfie during the day

Attending the Lolita tea party with my friends

After J-Con finished, we packed up my stall and headed to Moon Sha for food and karaoke. I wasn't feeling too well (I never do at events; I think it's the lighting, noise, being surrounded by people and sporadic food/drink situations) so I just got a starter of pork gyoza and a drink. Some friends arrived at Moon Sha later and had the teppanyaki show. We headed up to karaoke and sung a few cheesy songs before heading home, passing out and Jayde departing on the Sunday morning.

I had lots of fun, like I do at all J-Cons. It's really well organised, lots of people come and have fun and the events are interesting and varied. I did well with my brand, 8th Sin and got to see old friends.

Here's a random outfit from our last outing at Moon Sha a few months ago; I post it here because it's pretty similar to my J-Con Friday outfit. Blouse + black bustier = Easy win
Blouse: Received in a trade from my Italian friend Elena
Bustier: Warehouse
Skirt: Primark originally, but found in a charity shop
Tights: Grimoire Verum
Shoes: Everything5pounds
Accessories: 8th Sin

My next event is Animanga Pop, in Bristol next weekend! I'll be bring 8th Sin there too...I can't justify going to an event unless I'm trading haha XD I still don't know what I'm wearing there but it's only for one day so I'm sure I'll figure something out.

I've got some reviews for you guys soon, but I'm trying to have more personal and fashion posts too, rather than just lots of reviews! See you again soon!


  1. Sounds fun! I feel the same way at conventions, not enought oxygen, water and food and it gets too hot or cold... I really like your outfits, especially the tights in the first one.

    1. Thanks so much Vita! Ahhhh sorry for the late reply >_< Yeah, conventions can be fun but they can be crowded...often when I work with my stall, it's hard to get proper food and drink all day so that adds to the headaches...however, I always try and buy a big bottle of water for every event now, and it's helped a lot with my headaches! I did it at Hyper Japan and Bristol Animanga Pop so far. :)