Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Review: Taobao Store Muguamugua - Vein, Fake Suspender & Bat Print Tights

Today I shall start on my Taobao store reviews! This review is for the store Muguamugua, who sell cute and Japanese fashion inspired items like clothing, accessories and jewellery. I've just checked their store and they don't have many items for sale but they may be waiting for new stock or transitioning into new lines/styles.

I ordered three pairs of tights from Muguamugua; a black pair with red and blue veins, the same pair but in nude and a pair of nude 'tattoo' style tights with black bats.


The vein tights were 18CNY each (around £1.80) and the bat tights were 9.8CNY (around 98p-£1). I bought a couple of items for my friend Betty too and domestic shipping to the warehouse for all the items was 10CNY (around £1).

Shortly after placing the order, the store owner contacted me via Aliwangwang to say that they didn't have the nude vein tights in stock and that I could have another pair of tights instead or a refund.

I chose a pair of chain-style suspender tights for a slightly lower price than the vein tights and the shop refunded me the difference immediately. I then purchased the nude vein tights from a different store since I loved them too much! >_< I can't, for the life of me, find a stock photo of the chain suspender tights so here they are worn:


After I chose the replacement tights, they sent out the package very quickly and it was received by the warehouse in a few days. I got the warehouse to divide up mine and my friend's items; they posted my friends items to her and saved mine for the rest of my order.

When I received all my items in the UK, Muguamugua's order was still in their original mail bag that they had sent them in. They were packaged up well and only really needed the mail bag, since they're only tights.

All the items together - the items below are free gifts Muguamugua sent me!

The package of free gifts

Muguamugua's business card/flyer, a hand mirror, hair velcro and...I think an earwax scraper? It's wooden and has a Daruma doll on the top with a small yellow yarn loop.

The hand mirror they sent me free - so cute! I gave it to a friend though, since I have many hand mirrors. It was high quality though and had a super cute, kitsch design of 'Fifi Lapin' on it.

The hair velcro was useful since I use it anyway so it was appreciated! I already have an earwax scraper and am not sure what to think of it so I discarded the wooden stick they sent me.

The black vein tights - the material is relatively thick and I'm glad to say I haven't laddered them yet. I think I've worn them once or twice but like many tights of this style, the print starts to crack slightly when you first wear them but it isn't noticeable unless up close. The tights can be pulled up to my hips and up to near my stomach area so they're not too short or thin.

The bat tights - the material these tights are made of is thinner, like normal nude tights. I'd estimate they're around 10-20 denier thickness. I haven't worn them yet but I have worn similar tattoo style tights. I laddered the similar ones (which had machine guns on them) after two wears so I'm kind of hesitant to wear these. The price is pretty good though, so I can always buy more if I really love them.

I didn't take a photo of the chain suspender tights since they were in plain packaging and looked plain black, as you can see in the photo of all items above. The chain suspender tights were made of around 10-20 denier thickness nylon and were sheer black all over, with the darker black design. They were sooooo cute and I loved them so much - I wore them twice before they laddered! I caught them on a ring I was wearing one day ;w; They were so pretty and really sexy looking so I was really sad. I want to try and find them again but I can't find them on eBay so I'll have to try and find them on Taobao again.

Muguamugua's shop sold lots of cute things when I ordered from them, their items were well packaged and survived the transit from China to the UK, and the items were good quality for the prices. The black vein tights are quite ladder-resistant because of the material but the bat and chain-suspender ones are easier to ladder. For the price, they're reasonable though. I just need to buy 5 pairs of each every time I make an order so I can get 10-20 wears out of them! They're quite a bit more expensive on eBay - around £1.50-£2 for the bat tattoo tights and I can't even find the chain suspender tights on eBay.

I ordered these items because I was doing a Taobao order of medium-heavy weight items anyway - I wouldn't recommend placing a Taobao order made solely of lightweight items, since the postage will not make it cost effective. You might as well just buy the items for a slightly marked up price on eBay. I think I calculated the postage from China to the UK to be around 20p extra for each item I bought, so it didn't really make a difference buying these items along with the items I intended to buy.

I'll give Muguamugua 5 stars out of 5 since their items are good quality, reasonably priced, well packaged, the free gifts were lovely surprises and very generous! Their customer service was very fast and polite - I sorted out the stock issue just fine using Google Translate and had no problems. I'd recommend them and hope they start selling new items soon!


  1. The tights look so nice! Especially those with veins, I haven't seen that design before.

    1. Thanks Vita! I hadn't seen them before either - I saw them on eBay once and knew they'd be cheaper on Taobao but I hadn't seen the black version until Taobao!

  2. Your so gorgeous! And love your post!