Friday, 8 August 2014

Event: Hyper Japan Summer 2014 and London Adventures!

Hi all! I haven't blogged for such a long time, sorry about that! I was super busy leading up to Hyper Japan, then I was busy at Hyper Japan and then I was offered a temporary position at the beauty counter again two days after Hyper Japan! Wow! @_@ But today is my 'day off' so whilst I'm dyeing my hair, I will take the time to show you my adventures in London when I was at Hyper Japan!

I went down to London from Derby on Thursday 24th July and came back on the Monday. I stayed at the hostel I always do, Travel Joy Hostels, for four nights and stayed in London for five days, all on my own! Jayde couldn't come since she's off to Paris at the beginning of September so naturally she has to save as much money as possible for Paris AND Baby The Stars Shine Bright!

Thankfully I didn't have to get a super early coach to London as usual; I got in at 3.10pm as Fringe traders can set up their stalls from 3pm on the Thursday, the day before Hyper Japan. I got a bus from Victoria coach station to Earls Court since I didn't want to take my two suitcases on the tube! Urgh! I've done that before and it's hell!

I was right next to the Fringe Stage, towards the back of the venue and at first I was worried people wouldn't come all the way to the back but thankfully I was mistaken! There was lots going on so people wandered around all places!

I set up my stall with all the new stock I'd been making since I last finished being a beauty consultant! I didn't actually realise how much stuff I'd made/brought and there was almost too much! Some items had to be stored underneath my table until others sold haha! After I finished setting up, I couldn't have possibly fitted any more items on my table!

My finished stall! The banner arrived 10 minutes before I left for London!

Most of the chokers I'd made for Hyper Japan! There were duplicates stored underneath - I made 28 chokers in about a week for Hyper Japan and by the end of the event, I had one left!

New custom designed cameo necklaces! All the black ones sold out and almost all of the silver ones! I love the black fly one and the silver galaxy one!

Displaying earrings, bracelets and long necklaces~

Displaying rings and more necklaces! Originally I tried to display necklaces on the corkboard but there were far too many variations!

Someone took a photo of me on the Friday of Hyper Japan! I wore Rokku Gyaru with my own 8th Sin necklace and fly ring! Top and goggles are offbrand, skirt is from Glavil!

And the lovely Tartan Kawaii got a photo of me on the Saturday! I wore sort of Classic/Gothic Lolita with Innocent World's Gloria JSK that I recently got in a trade, an offbrand black lace bolero and hair garland and Crystal's necklace!

I saw old friends and met some super awesome new friends at Hyper Japan! My friend Crystal had a Fringe table opposite me with her amazingly cute brand La Petite Fille, I met my friends Suzy and Adele, I hung out with my awesome friend Jess, I met Tartan Kawaii for the first time IRL after being friends with her on Facebook for a while and my lovely friends Lisa, Roxana and Phoenix, who I also met for the first time!

I bought this beautiful necklace from Crystal and her brand! It's soooo pretty! I bought it on the Saturday to wear with my outfit and couldn't choose between navy or black but I figured I'd wear the black one more. It's so well made and unique! I highly suggest you check out her store for beautiful, high quality Sweet and Classic Lolita items!

I also got to meet the amazing band and fashion label Broken Doll! Kensuke, the guitarist and main organiser of the band's fashion label, came to chat to me on the Thursday whilst setting up and I met Sachi, the vocalist, too! I practised my Japanese with them and they practised their English with me too! We continued to chat over the course of the weekend and I got an awesome view of them performing on the Saturday and Sunday of Hyper Japan, being right next to the Fringe Stage!

London and Hyper Japan adventures!

I got a photo with Kensuke, Sachi and Yuu, the bassist, on the Sunday of Hyper Japan! There was a PR/band crew member there as well, a cool guy with blonde hair who was really nice too! He chatted to me lots as well and they all greeted me with 'Laura-chan!' when they saw me! >///< I bought from Broken Doll's brand on the Saturday and Sunday of Hyper Japan and Sachi gave me a special gift, a super cute Japanese chirimen phone charm, when I bought from them! OMG~!

The items I bought from Broken Doll at Hyper Japan! I got the Heart Switch ring, CD and free postcard on Saturday and I got the Heart necklace and badge on the Sunday! I got a free sticker for purchasing and the phone charm Sachi gave me as well!

The ring is so cute and well made! At first the ring looks like it isn't adjustable but rather than adjusting from the bottom of the ring, it adjusts at the top, near the base! So cool!

I got the super cool matching necklace on the Sunday! It has safety pins and studs in it with black chain!

Their special UK edition mini album with 5 songs on it - Angel Forever, I Miss You, Iikodenante Irarenai, Samishikunanka Nai and I Fear Nothing! They have more mini albums on their website, I wanna buy them all!

The free postcard I got for buying Broken Doll's CD! I got them all to sign it on the Sunday before we said goodbye >_<
Kensuke's signature

Sachi's signature

Yuu's signature

Free sticker you got with any purchase from Broken Doll!

On the Thursday of Hyper Japan I also met a very sweet, dear friend called Tina - she was representing the Joshibi University of Art & Design with two other girls. They all wore beautiful Lolita outfits and Tina has an amazing vintagey Classic/Gothic style! She saw my black fly necklace on the Thursday and said it was 'kawaii'! She then bought it along with a few more of my items over the course of the weekend! She loves insects, eyeballs, birds and lace so she bought the fly necklace, bird skull necklace, lace bird cameo ring, eyeball ring, eyeball brooch, spider hair slides and another lace ring! I gave her some white rose earrings and fly hair slides as a gift, she was so generous!

She had amazing outfits including a blouse with insects on it (I want one so bad!) and a striped navy JSK! She came to say goodbye to me on the Sunday and we didn't want to separate! She gave me so many big hugs and held my hands! We said we'd miss each other but that we'd write and I'd send her more of my jewellery! She gave me her very own jewellery that she had made - a silver eyeball ring and bronze eyeball brooch! Her brand is called Kimeya/きめや and I will treasure her items forever! I wore the ring on the Monday I was travelling back to Derby!

London and Hyper Japan adventures!
Her beautiful parting gifts ;0;

London and Hyper Japan adventures!
And her beautiful self! I will miss her very much! I want to go to Japan and see her and go to vintage stores and buy cute items together! ;w;

I went to the Hyper Japan after party on the Saturday too! It was held at Namco Funscape, an arcade in Westminster - I kept asking people where it was and they had no clue until I told them it was an arcade, to which they'd reply 'Ohhhhhh, I know where you mean!' It's over the bridge next to McDonalds!' >_>; It was super fun! I met Jess, Rebecca, Phoenix, a new friend also called Laura and Kelsey Ellison there; the after party was at a downstairs bar with all sorts of arcade machines and seating areas so I charged my phone up and watched Yanakiku, Kelsey Ellison and Broken Doll perform!

I packed up my stall on the Sunday after the event had finished. I took around 6-7 boxes of stock going to London and managed to fit everything that was left into 2 boxes! Yay! I'm happy to say I did quite well at Hyper Japan, I hope people remember my brand and enjoy my items! I got to sleep as much as I wanted that night, since I didn't have to get up early on the Monday! I managed to miss breakfast whilst packing though >_> I was trying to fit everything into one suitcase but I failed ;3; Checkout was at 11am and my coach wasn't until 6.30pm - I planned it so I could explore London a little more! I left my luggage at the hostel and headed to Covent Garden! My original plan was to go to Covent Garden, then Camden but I didn't have enough time to do both.

I wanted to find a vintage store called Blackout II in Covent Garden but they also had an antique market in the Apple Market too! What a coincidence!

I bought this suuuuuper awesome black and gold snake necklace from the antique market! It's from the 80s and whilst I generally think the 80s is best forgotten as an era, this is cool and tacky in an awesome, macabre way!

I also bought an antique wooden stamp of a Victorian scene from the market. After browsing the antique market, I watched a street performer juggle knives on an 8 foot unicycle and gave him some money. I then went to Laduree for some afternoon tea! Next time I definitely want to go with friends but it was very relaxing! I got called 'Madame' and asked if I would like to sit in the sun or the shade! Then leaving I got my chair pulled out for me!

Originally I wanted to order a side of French fries, a Millefeuille Praline and vanilla assam tea but somehow trying to order French fries in French got me an omelette hahahaha! The French for French fries was on the menu (Pomme pont-neuf) and I even pointed to the item but somehow it got lost in translation haha...the omelette was delicious though! It had tomatoes, mushrooms and bacon/ham in it! Although I don't usually like mushrooms, you couldn't taste or feel them in the omelette so I didn't have to be picky and pick them out. XD

London and Hyper Japan adventures!
I took lots of photos of my experience at Laduree! First I was served my vanilla assam tea!

London and Hyper Japan adventures!
'Artsy' shot of the Laduree napkin and cutlery!

London and Hyper Japan adventures!
Then came my omelette and bread rolls! I hadn't really budgeted for an omelette so I made sure to eat the bread as well haha! XD

London and Hyper Japan adventures!
And then my Millefeuille Praline! It was sooooooooo tasty! Like OMG! It was a bit messy to eat since the cream squirts out when you cut it with the knife and fork but good God it was nice. Caramalised almonds, praline cream, cinnamon, sugar... 0Q0 I got asked if I would like my Millefeuille served alongside or after my omelette and I chose after so shortly after I finished my omelette, they took it away and brought my Millefeuille! I then got to sit as long as I wanted, there was no pressure to ask for the bill or anything. I drank my tea, drank in the atmosphere and nice weather and asked for the bill. They include a 12.5% service charge to the bill so thankfully I didn't have to worry about how much to tip them. I don't normally tip services but obviously in places like that, you have to haha!

London and Hyper Japan adventures!
Of course I had to take a selfie at Laduree haha! I came into the fancy French patisserie all Gothed up with my snake necklace, leather top, studded skirt, creepers and eyeball ring! XD

Afterwards I found Blackout II, a vintage store in Covent Garden, and bought a silver belt with lots of tinkly coins on it! After that I went back to the hostel since it was about 3.30pm - I was too paranoid about timing to risk going to Camden since my coach was at 6.30pm! So I got back to Pimlico, bought some snacks for the coach journey back, walked back to the hostel with an ice lolly and chilled at the hostel until it was time to go home!

I had a really awesome time and it was actually very refreshing travelling on my own. It's definitely nice with friends too but the independence is something I definitely recommend you try at least once! Did you go to Hyper Japan?


  1. It's great you did so well at Hyper Japan!! :D Too bad you had to be there alone at the stall but you met some great people and bought some great stuff! That snakenecklace is really cool! Perfect for you :D
    Hahaha I'm really laughing at the omelette situation XD now I'd like to hear you pronounce pomme pont-neuf :D Really funny they brought you an omelette! Next time try to ask for 'pomme-frites' ;).

    1. Thanks Valerie! Yes, I couldn't resist the necklace when I saw it, too perfect! XD

      Apparently 'Pomme pont-neuf' is the French version of French fries, they're more thick-cut apparently? But yes, next time I'll either say 'pomme frites' or just plain old French fries haha! XD

  2. waaaa *---* so cool! I want to go to the hyper Japan one year too! It looks totally cool and funny!
    Your outfits was really cute :3 I love the second.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, it was so fun, there was lots to do! I hope you can go one day!

  3. Wooow, I'm glad you sold so many items and made new indie brand friends! The food at Ladurée looks and sounds amazing, I've only tried their macarons which are OK but sort of overhyped. But it sounds like trying the cafe would be a nice experience! And lol for the omelette - how does that happen is really interesting. Though sometimes it happens, especially when using foreign language. =D

    1. Thanks Vita! Yes, the millefeuille praline...OMG so good ;w; I wondered if their macarons were overhyped!