Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Fashion Inspirations

Hi everyone! I just realised I haven't blogged in a long time, I apologise! It's Hyper Japan in just 9 days and I head off the day before so I've been making jewellery and accessories like crazy! I've just been making rosary inspired necklaces and leather chokers but I'll take some time out to talk about some fashion inspiration idols rather than just throw out a review!

Adora Batbrat has been a long time idol of mine! Her Goth style is amazinggggg *0* She's so blingy, glamorous and fun! Her attitude and personality are so nice too - some people might think she's big headed but she knows how to love herself and the others around her!

Chances are if you've searched for Rokku or Goshikku Gyaru photos on places like Tumblr, you've seen Amihamu! She's such an amazing Gyaru with an edgy style! Her makeup and hair are so perfect too *0* She is my biggest Gyaru inspiration by far!

Misako Aoki is the quintessential Lolita! She is a massive hair inspiration for me, it's soooooo perfect! She looks amazing in all styles of Lolita and has the chance to model for so many awesome brands.

Hitomi Nomura is the founder of Grimoire - she sources amazingly unique vintage clothing from all around the globe and makes her own Grimoire Verum items including iPhone cases, tights, socks and tote bags. I've had the pleasure to meet her and she was so cute and funny! Her style is so amazing and I'd love the chance to visit a brick-and-mortar Grimoire store!

I can't say I partake in Shironuri fashion much (at all haha) but Minori has revolutionised Shironuri fashion and is my inspiration for being a living, breathing work of art. Her outlook on life and fashion is so lovely too, she's so inspirational.

I have a few other inspirations including Etsuna Otsuka for her amazingly whimsical look, Marie Tuonetar for her gorgeous period-inspired look and Kinki Ryusaki for her perfect combination of cute and edgy (though personally I prefer her without cheek piercings) and strong personality.

I head to London next Thursday (eek!) and come back on Monday. I'll be staying on my own but I hope to see many friends at Hyper Japan and around London! Who are your fashion inspirations? Are you coming to Hyper Japan~? ^0^


  1. I love Adora Batbrat too *-* her style is perfect!
    I dind't know the other girls (except Minori, so cute), so I think I'm going to investigate about.

    Hope you'll stay good at London :3

    1. I hope you have fun checking out the other girls! Adora is so perfect *0* Thank you dear! <3

  2. I didn't knw most of these girls before, though some I've noticed before. They're all amazing, now that I have the chance to compare, Japanese street fashion is a hundred times more edgy than Korean one... Though recently I've been more into the decent Korean style.

    1. I love Korean cosmetics but Japanese fashion is so cool, quirky and personal! Everyone has their own different style and it is totally unique! I really love it!