Thursday, 3 July 2014

Goth Post Prompts: Interests that 'Clash' with My Gothic Style

*Listening to - Family Party by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu*

Today I will take one of the Gothic Post Prompts I found on The Everyday Goth's blog and talk about it - Interests that 'clash' with my Gothic style! Should be fun!

Ballpoint Pen, Pen, Colorful, Red, Pink, Orange

I think the biggest 'clash' of interests with my Gothic style is my love of all things cute, especially when it comes to homewares. I feel most comfortable dressing in edgier, mostly black outfits but when it comes to my home, I want everything to be super cute and adorable! Most recently I bought a lot of cute stationery from Taobao including notebooks, pens, pencils, deco tape, etc. I have decoden phone cases, business card cases, compact hairbrushes, etc. At some point in the future I want to do a cute homewares order from Taobao, with things for the bathroom like a cute bath mat, towels, bin, perhaps even a toilet brush, etc. as well as slippers, maybe a onesie, new coasters, etc - all with a toothachingly sweet theme and probably with some sort of character. My favourite characters at the moment are Rilakkuma, Sentimental Circus, Little Twin Stars Kiki & Lala and Kuromi. Part of me wishes my house to be super cute and sweet, full of all the items mentioned before but another part of me wishes it to be dark, elegant, favourite way to describe it is like a glamorous Silent Hill. There's a shop in Derby that sells weird high-end decorations but I don't think they intend to...items like this weird glittery torso sculpture:

I wanna buy weird, creepy decorations like that, and from charity shops, flea markets and fill my house with them. I wanna write with syringe and bone pens into elegant notebooks and have people unsure of whether some decoration moved or was there last time they visited. I guess part of the reason I like and buy cute things is because they are more available and cheaper than their darker counterparts. However, I haven't started buying cute homewares yet so I may try and reel it in and look for darker versions instead. As I use up stationary, I will switch to darker sets; I especially want bone pens at the moment! I wanna deco some bone pens up too and have blingy bone pens (see what I mean about glitzy Silent Hill?)! I need to focus and think of my Gothic image haha!


Although I do love Gothic music like The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Voltaire and darker styles like dark cabaret, neoclassical darkwave and heavy rock, like my love of cute homewares, there's another part of me that loves super cute and/or pop music like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Perfume, Kukui, Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, Urban Guarde and Tommy February6. I feel no need, however, to change my music tastes as I completely enjoy listening to both 'sides'!

Colors, Makeup, Cosmetic, Fashion, Beauty, Feminine

The only other thing I can think of really is that I might be considered 'girlier' than most Goths, or at least stereotypes of Goths? I love beauty and fashion, have a complicated morning and night skincare routine in order to stave off wrinkles and I love experimenting with makeup, and enjoy hobbies like sewing. However, if you check out Adora Batbrat, Cajsa Kurayami, Victoria Ellen Eriksson and Mashyumaro, Goths are a dab hand at makeup - we have to be to look different and unique! So I guess the stereotype only applies to the more tomboyish Goths.

That's about all I can think of - other than the face that I write a journal; whilst a journal itself is quite common amongst Goths (or at least stereotypes of them), it's not filled with prose about how all life is pain and pain is life, it's covered in stamps and deco tape. XD Are there any hobbies or interests you love that don't quite 'fit' with people's expectations of you?


  1. I've always seen you as more of a creepy-cute than stereotypical goth. :) I pretty much fulfill my stereotypical princessy image, though I actualy dream of a very modern, minimalist house one day =D

    1. I would agree with that! I'm always torn between cute and creepy so I guess creepy cute is perfect haha! XD You are so pretty and feminine, your outfits are always so gorgeous! A minimalist house would be lovely and very much your style too! :D