Thursday, 12 June 2014

Event: Japanese Fashion Meet @ Alton Towers

Yesterday I went to Alton Towers (a theme park in the UK - the best in my opinion!) with my friends! It was a Japanese fashion meet planned a few months ago so Jayde stayed at my house on Tuesday and we went to Alton Towers by train and bus yesterday! I went in a sort of Gothic Dolly Kei mish-mash since I wanted to wear my Grimoire tights I got at Enchanted. I didn't really get a good photo of my outfit though, sorry! Photos are taken by my friends, Jayde and Jasmine~

Jayde and I met Jasmine and Jenn at Hanley bus station and caught the bus to Alton Towers together. We got there at 9.40am, 20 minutes before the park opened. We ran to where they let us queue up and when they let us into the attractions, we ran to The Smiler! It's Alton Towers' latest rollercoaster with the world record of 14 inversions (where the track turns around/upside down, or loops)! The last time I went to Alton Towers, The Smiler was very new and the waiting time never went under 2 and a half hours! But this time we only queued for 25 minutes and most of that was just walking down the queue paths!

Group selfie in the queue for The Smiler!

The Smiler was sooooo amazing, especially for the first ride of the day! We got to go right at the front! It was so cool! We went on Enterprise next and then Oblivion!

We're on the back row, you can see Jasmine's green hair!

We got to go on all the rides we wanted to! Jayde and Jenn went on Hex after Oblivion, then Thirteen, Nemesis Sub Terra, Air and Nemesis. We went on Duel and it broke down twice haha! Duel is like a haunted house but you sit in a car and shoot at lights on the monsters/walls with a laser gun! The first time it stopped for a little while to wait for the car in front of us but the second time the music stopped and we were motionless for about 5 minutes. We used this to our advantage and carried on shooting the lights over and over again and surprisingly, I won! My score was something like 34000 or something ridiculous!

Our 'Wanted' poster from Duel! We look like a really bad album cover XD

We tried to meet up with our other group of friends who arrived to the meet/Alton Towers a little later than us but we kept moving around different areas of the park so in the end, me, Jayde, Jasmine and Jenn (am I the only name not beginning with 'J'?! Seems so...) got some food and went on some more rides.

Me and Sonic after going on Sonic Spinball! This is the only full outfit photo haha:

Bustier: Charity shop
Lace bolero: eBay
Skirt: Revolve (local fashion shop in Derby)
Tights: Grimoire Verum (L'Art de Letolle print)
Studded creepers: Gift from my mama

We went on all the rides we wanted to and decided to go on Thirteen and The Smiler again! Rita had too long a queue, it always does for some reason. It's always over 30-40 minutes at least.

Scared photos queuing for The Smiler again!

I wouldn't normally post a photo like this but I actually think it's really cute in a fun way! I didn't know how to pose and ended up clawing Jayde in the face with my nails!

I had so much fun at Alton Towers! The last time I went was with my brother and he kind of ruined it so I'm really glad this day went pretty much perfectly! Next I really wanna go to Alton Towers when they have Scarefest near Halloween, it sounds soooo cool! Thanks for reading! <3


  1. Looks like you really enjoyed the day! Love your outfit and the last photo is super cute <3

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it was really fun! Last time I went my brother ruined it by wanting to leave early so I'm glad I was with my friends this time!

  2. Sounds awesome! Need to put this on my to do list

    1. You should! It's a really great theme park! I'd like to try Thorpe Park too, it looks good!