Sunday, 8 June 2014

Cute Stuff I Bought Recently~

Hey everyone ^^ Today I thought I'd just do a light post and show you some stuff I've bought recently. I bought it over the past couple of months, it's not just been one massive haul haha~

My most recent purchase was this Angelic Pretty cutsew. It's from the Dream Fantasy lucky pack. I'm always on the lookout for black & pastel shirts for Fairy Kei and cute casual fashion.


I also got this Liz Lisa top the same day. It's soooo cute! Again, I'm always on the lookout for darker Liz Lisa items since they're quite hard to find. I think this is perfect for Dolly Kei, I love the print and the lace.

Before working at a beauty counter, I had never thought to try an orange lipstick. I tried a couple whilst browsing Clinique and I actually really like them. Depending on the shade, an orange lipstick can look really bright, refreshing and cute. I really like the Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jell Lips-talk Lipstick and I knew they did an orange shade so I bought it! I haven't used it yet but I hope it's as cute and juicy as I imagine it to be!

I bought my first premium makeup brand product the other week when shopping with my lovely friends Noor and Jenna. MAC have their new limited edition Maleficent range out and I was interested in the Sculpting Powder but I'm always wary of contour colours being too warm or orangey. The makeup artist tried both the Maleficent Sculpting Powder and this Pro Longwear Blush in Baby Don't Go and we both preferred the latter. It's a cool toned taupe brown and is surprisingly easy to blend and contour my cheekbones! I'll do a review on it soon, I highly recommend it for people with pale, cool-toned skin!

I got this amaaaaaaaazing dress from Everything 5 Pounds the other month! I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, I'm gonna save it for my uber-Goth trips to London with the awesome Jessica!

I also got these awesome sandals the other day from E5P. They are so perfect for Gyaru style! Normally I don't like open toed shoes since I think my feet are small and piggy-like but to be honest, these look pretty nice! They make me feel so sexy haha~

Again, E5P. Most of their stuff is a bit rubbish and bland but they have some really unusual gems for alternative fashion. These are fucking awesome and soooo high! They're quite comfy to wear though since they're almost flat.

I traded some clothing for this awesome jacket the other month. Pink tartan, fucking awesome! I can't wait to wear it!

My friend traded me this Angelic Pretty Drop Waist Pleated JSK for store credit since it didn't fit her. It's soooo cute and perfect for more casual cute outfits!

I bought this MA*RS dress the other week from a friend too. She said it was too long on her so I bought it in the hopes that it would be a normal size on me but it's a bit short on me haha...I have to wear a black fluffy skirt underneath for a bit of extra length but it's still super cute!

I bought this Putumayo JSK to wear to Enchanted at the Sunday tea party. It's a red and black plaid design with gold threading, a handkerchief style hem and suspenders to make it gathered. Super cute! 

I got this Angelic Pretty Shantung Frill Party Skirt from Florrie the other week. I wore it to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in London in late April, it's so cute and fluffy!

I've got some more stuff arriving soon...I need to stop though haha! Everything is soooo cute, I just can't resist...have you bought anything cute recently? Make me feel a bit better and that I don't have a shopping problem haha!


  1. Love that your blog is getting updated again! I love that you don't just wear one fashion, but a whole mashup :D

  2. ohmygad *-* th spiked dress is perfect!

    1. I couldn't believe it when I saw it for £5! I can't wait to wear it~!

  3. Did you buy the AP cutsew recently from Ebay by any chance?

    1. I didn't, I bought it from a friend on Facebook!

    2. Any reason? Thankfully if I had bought it from eBay, Paypal would have covered me ^^;

    3. I sold something to someone I know personally and they charged the same price I gave it too them as- but as a starting bid so they were trying to take money from people and stated it as only having 1 previous seller when I told them that there were 4 previous sellers. I couldn't find the bid after awhile so I was worried maybe you had gotten it and I hate it when people cheat money out of people.

      And sadly its not really something PayPal can help you with I don't think, but I'm glad that you were conned from it :') <3

    4. Oh, that's such a shame! I hate when people lie about items; thankfully I haven't had much experience with it/bad sellers but I've had friends with similar experiences!