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Review: Technic Lipstick in Sassy

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Hey all! Since leaving my job as a consultant at a premium beauty counter, I've wrote myself a schedule to outline what I need to do every day. I'm going to try and update my blog 2-3 times a week so guess what's on today's agenda? 'Write a blog post (RE: Lipstick review)' Yes, I do write like that in my own planner. I even put corresponding stamps next to most tasks; for example, I usually put a teacup stamp on any 'Update blog' tasks since I'm usually drinking a cup of tea whilst blogging! My boyfriend asked me why I do this every night since no one else is going to see it - it doesn't matter, I tell him! I'm going to see it and it brightens my day a little more! Anyway, onto a relatively simple lipstick review now.
Brand: Technic
Name: ...Lipstick? I really don't think brands like 'Technic' have product lines haha
Shade: Sassy
Price: £1.99
Where to buy: Bodycare, a discount beauty store nationwide in the UK

I bought this lipstick whilst in Manchester shopping with my friend Emily. She wanted Bodycare for some hair products and whilst Bodycare isn't really known for their well-known makeup brands (they do have discounted well-known hair and fragrance brands though), I thought I'd browse the lipsticks and found this cute hot pink colour. I remember someone said I'd suit a bright pink lipstick, a similar shade to my Cyberdog Exposure Shrug so for £1.99, how could I resist? It has actually turned out to be a worthy lipstick in my makeup bag!
The packaging is pretty standard - it's not gorgeous but it could be a lot worse. I like the colourful flash of the hot pink on the top of the lipstick; it also shows the colour accurately which is always helpful. To be honest, this lipstick packaging has a pretty chic look for £1.99. It's a regular twist-up lipstick and the cap clicks into place.

The colour of the bullet is pretty accurate to what it looks like on lips.
Three swatches - from right to left, it's one, two and three swipes and the colour builds in intensity.

The colour is a hot, neon pink that was pretty adventurous for me when I bought this a few years back! You can build up the lipstick colour and when I first bought it, I applied it very lightly since I wasn't used to the colour. Now I just whack it on, full intensity haha! The little specks you seen in both photos are glitter but fear not! Contrary to what it looks like, it doesn't translate to a kiddie lipstick suitable for a 13 year old girl at a disco on the lips.
Here are my bare lips - the colours are a bit warmer in this photo than in real life due to lighting issues. >_>
The lipstick applied on one half of my lips (the right half)
The lipstick applied all over the lips, full intensity.

As you can see, you really can't see the glitter when the lipstick is actually applied. The colour is actually really pretty and suits my fair complexion! The texture is pretty moisturising and creamy but it can get a little gritty due to the glitter.
This lipstick can last about 4-5 hours on its own or with a lipgloss on top for me. I can apply it in the morning and not have to reapply until after lunch. If I don't eat for a while, the colour fades a little after 4-5 hours to a more natural, rosy pink. It doesn't do that thing where it leaves a line of lipstick around the edge of your mouth though, which I'm glad for.
To say this was a £1.99 lipstick bought on a whim, I'm pretty damn impressed with it! The colour is super cute and thankfully suits me, it looks nice with and without a lipgloss and lasts as long as other lipsticks. Maybe I'll take a trip to Bodycare's lipstick section more haha! At the prices, I can try any colour I like! If you're not a fan of glitter though, I'd advise to find a different lipstick as it can be gritty and you can see the glitter a teensy bit if you don't put a gloss over the top. I'm about halfway or more through of this lipstick and to be honest, if I can't find it again in Bodycare, I don't know what I'll do! I really like the colour and I hate having to hunt around other brands for the exact same colour. >_> I give this lipstick 5/5 stars; for me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!

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