Monday, 19 May 2014

Review: Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit in #1 Flaw Coverage and #2 Dark Circle Brightening

Once again I've been busy juggling my temporary consultant job and my business so I'm really sorry for the halt in blogging! Hopefully everything will be sorted in the coming weeks though and I'll have time for everything I need to do. Today I thought I'd finally use the photos I took for Etude House's Surprise Concealer Kit in both kinds, #1 Flaw Coverage and #2 Dark Circle Brightening and write up the review.
Brand: Etude House
Name: Surprise Concealer Kit
Shade: #1 Flaw Coverage and #2 Dark Circle Brightening
Price: $6.05 on Koreadepart, $15 on Amazon, $7 on Tester Korea

The dark circle coverage one promises a light scattering formula to brighten the dark undereye area. Both concealers are in a palette so you can mix both colours on your skin. I wanted to try this type out after seeing makeup artists use it (though they used MAC Pro palettes haha)!

Etude House's Surprise Concealer range comes in a creamy palette type (this one), liquid type with a doe-foot applicator and creamy stick type so you can pick whichever you prefer!
Both palettes come with a flip-top lid that lifts to the left. It has a mirror on the underside of the lid for easy application on the go, though I never used it. The packaging is quite cute, with a pink and beige theme to match the concealers. The concealer palettes are light and fit easily into your hand.

However, they are quite fragile - about halfway through using these, I dropped both of them at separate time points and the hinges shattered so the lids came off fully every time I opened it after that. They broke a little when I first dropped them but little bits of plastic kept breaking off each time I opened it until there was no hinge covering the metal rods that keep the lid in place.
The Flaw Coverage type, with two different beige shades
The Dark Circle Brightening type, with a salmon pink and beige shade

The size of the concealer palettes in my hand for better visualisation

This is what happened when I dropped them... orz
Both concealers are thick and creamy in texture. They blend relatively easily.
P1060861 P1060864
In the Flaw Coverage type, the lighter beige shade is the second swatch on my hand whilst the darker beige shade is the first swatch. When using it to cover flaws, I tended to find the darker beige colour a bit orangey/dark for my skin tone so I always just used the lighter version on its own.
P1060875 P1060883
You can see I hit pan on the salmon part of the Dark Circle Brightening type! I used this type every day as opposed to every so often with the Flaw Coverage type. The salmon colour is the second swatch and the beige colour is the first swatch. Again, I didn't really use the beige colour that much; I found that the salmon colour brightened my dark circles enough and was a good colour match so I didn't need to use the beige colour.

The Flaw Coverage type on an active spot. It covers it slightly but not totally. It doesn't highlight or exaggerate dry flakes or give the spot a crusty texture, like other concealers can do.

I know my head is tilted a little downwards in the first photo but I think you can see that the Dark Circle Brightening type does brighten my dark circles relatively well. There's still some slight discolouration near the inner corner though.

The colours blend easily into my skin and would suit a variety of skin tones. However, if your skin is deeper, I think it'd be a little too pale. The texture of the concealers is creamy and comfortable; they don't dry out or irritate my eye area or exaggerate any dry skin flakes I might have.
Though both types of the concealer go on nicely to begin with, there is some slight fading throughout the day. The dark circle type fades more than the flaw coverage type with me. It also creases slightly throughout the day which is annoying. I'd say in a full day's wear, it probably creases 2-4 times depending on how often I check. The concealer doesn't help with dark smudges I get under my eyes from mascara and/or eyeliner either so naturally, when I wipe away the black smudges, I fade some of the concealer too.
Though the concealer is quite nice and I like the concept of mixing shades to suit your skin tone better, the quality of the concealer is so-so. It fades and creases throughout the day, something that really annoys me with any concealer. I don't really wanna be constantly checking and blending it in the mirror every few hours. However, the colours are a good match for my skin; I don't think they'd suit deeper skin tones, however. I'd give this product 2.5 stars if I could but I'll lean slightly more towards 3.


  1. I was always scared of salmon concealers since I thought they would look too pink on me, but they blend surprisingly easy and match both the under eyes and other areas pretty well!
    Thanks for the review by the way, since I am looking to get a new one soon

  2. Yes, me too! Being scared of salmon concealers, that is...but it is really nice and a smart idea once you think about it! Thanks so much, I'm glad the review helped your decision a little!

  3. I was hoping to get a tip for a great concealer, bt in the end it's just another so-so one... I seriously hope I will discover a good one, nothing I've tried so far is really good. At least the colour mixing of these is a good idea. :)

    1. Yeah, it seems many concealers are so-so, I'm looking for something really awesome! I have been very pleased with my new Missha Signature Extreme Cover one though so don't lose hope, perhaps check that one out! My favourite feature is that it doesn't crease; having to check my eyes every few hours and rub away the creases makes me inexplicably angry! It makes your fine lines look worse than they are as well! D:<