Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Leaving My Beauty Counter Job

*Listening to: Sailorfuku o Nuganaide by Urban Guarde*

Hi everyone! Yesterday was my last day working at a premium beauty counter as a consultant. It was the end of my temporary contract and the only vacancy at the counter was for an Assistant Business Manager, something which they may have someone lined up for. I knew last week was the last week I could fax my temporary timesheet (actually, it ended the week before, unknown to me and my manager ^^;) so I knew something had to be discussed, the most likely of which would be my leaving. I was a little sad but I couldn't continue working 5 days a week as it was affecting my business and personal life more than I expected it to. My business suffered slightly, something which I'm trying to rectify and pick up now, and I didn't see my friends or spend time with my boyfriend as often. The most ideal situation would have been to be offered 10-16 hours (2-3 days) a week part time but I knew it was unlikely as there was no position like that needing to be filled at this moment in time.

However, I'm happy to announce that my blogging will resume and I'm even more motivated to work harder at my business and my blog! I had lots of fun working at the cosmetic brand and learned tons about cosmetics and sales (the latter of which is very useful with my business) but I ultimately knew what I'd prefer to do full time, which is run my handmade business, 8th Sin. I also wanted to start blogging more, and even vlogging but I was offered the job just as I was considering it so it was postponed. I hope to bring out some videos soon and blog regularly, perhaps 2-3 times a week!

To kickstart my business again, could you do me a favour and like my Facebook page? There's an exclusive 10% off coupon for all new fans (FACEBOOK10) that you can use at checkout for my Etsy store. I'm sad to say my stock has dwindled in the past 3 months but I'm working hard to get new, more high quality and competitively priced products out there suitable for alternative and Japanese street fashion! If there is anything you want to see in my store, inspiration or anything that is hard to get outside of Japan, let me know and I'll more than take it into consideration! Thank you, my dear readers, and I promise I'll see you very soon~! <3

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