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Event: Enchanted London 5th April 2014 (Part 1 of 2)

It's been two weeks since I boarded a coach at 6.35am to London for the epic Lolita event Enchanted so I should really make a blog post about it! I attended Frock On last year, which was nothing short of amazing so I was pumped when they announced Enchanted, a Japanese street fashion event held in London and organised by the newly formed Street Fashion Europe; a collaboration of some of the best J-fashionistas and event organisers in Europe, here to provide the best Japanese fashion and Lolita events in Europe. This year's event was held in London's financial sector, Bank and featured such guests as Ashizawa Yuko, head designer and CEO of Atelier Pierrot, Hitomi Nomura, creator and owner of Grimoire and Minori, arguably the most well-known Shironuri artist around. Enchanted also promised brand stalls for us to throw money at, a fashion show, makeup tutorial by Minori, Q&A with the guests, free dessert buffet and amazeballs raffle! I donated three items to the raffle; an ivory faux fur muff and collar set, a black faux fur muff and collar set & a coupon for a free custom deco item!

So let's get to the photos! I'm using photos from my friends Facebook feeds so credit goes to Sugar Noor, Anh Binh Photography and Florence Carousel - these are all I can remember so if I'm using your photo, please give me your link so I can credit you accordingly or ask me to remove it!

Let's start with my outfit for the Saturday!


Me and my awesome friend Jayde twinned in Chess Story's 'Je n'ai pas de temps' JSK & bunny ears, with my blouse from Surface Spell, bags by Loris, tights from Teja Jamilla, shoes by An*tai*na and accessories by yours truly. I think we looked pretty cute! However, I was pulling a moon face in pretty much every photo of Enchanted so...guh...

Super artsy serious photo of me cabbing it to the venue, Gibson Hall. I'm holding my handbag and donations for the raffle.

Me and our gorgeous friend Jenna in the cab. Jenna looks like she is getting married and we're her bunny bridesmaids!

A few of us arrived early as we had to rehearse the fashion show and a friend of mine had to set up her stall, Curse of Cute. I was modelling for Atelier Pierrot (second time, might I add ^_~) and Jayde was modelling for Atelier Dormir, luxury Lolita-styled roomwear indie brand. We were slightly late but due to hold ups, the rehearsals hadn't began by the time we arrived...phew. We practiced the walk down the catwalk a few times; there were two of us walking down. The first model starts walking down and when she gets to the bottom of the catwalk, the second model starts walking down to meet her in the middle and pose together. The first models walks off of the catwalk and the second model continues down to the bottom of the catwalk, in which time the third model starts walking down, and so on and so forth.

Instamax photo of me and Jayde together!

After the rehearsals we queued up for the actual event. Upon arrival we were given our goodie bags and a ticket for a free drink, either alcohol or non-alcoholic depending on what choice you gave when buying your ticket. Me, Jayde and Noor opted for the alcohol-free drink, a smoothie! I got mango, it was pretty nice.

The goodie bag contents - lots of sweets! Keeps your energy levels up during the day ;)

The tote bag the goodies were in - I've been using it to carry my lunch into work in style!

You got an Atelier Pierrot hand mirror in the goodie bag - fancy!

Plus a super adorable acrylic Enchanted brooch!

We walked around all the stalls to get a gist of what we wanted to buy. We checked out the bring and buy stall at around 2.30pm, when it opened but it was very busy and hectic! At 3pm we had to leave to change into our fashion show outfits. Up until now I didn't know what I was going to be wearing but I knew that it would be gorgeous, being Atelier Pierrot!


My outfit, with obligatory 'deer in the headlights' facial expression. I don't normally wear headdresses in my personal Lolita style but it was actually really cute! As Ashizawa-san was putting it on me, she said 'Kawaii...' >////<

The beautiful Connie and Rebecca, fellow Atelier Pierrot modelling posse. Both dresses and blouses are the same so whichever style you love, you can coordinate it nicely!

Polaroid of me and Jayde in our fashion show outfits!

Polaroid of my outfit...Jayde has an Instamax camera, can you tell???

The Atelier Pierrot models after the fashion show; Ashizawa-san is next to me, on the right! She's soooo lovely ^^;

Minori had two handmade outfits she was auctioning after the fashion show - she chose two models to model them during and after the fashion show. The outfits were beyond gorgeous, I adore the one on the right. *0*

I think the pink one on the left went for about £115 and the black & white bridal one went for about £260.

The amazing Ashizawa Yuko in front of her Atelier Pierrot stall *0* This is the second time I've met her and aside from the tea party I attended with her at Austen & the Abbey, I don't really converse with her because I get nervous and any Japanese I know flies out of my brain...she said it was nice to see me again though and gave me a big wave when she first saw me! I really adore her you think it would suit me? I have a full fringe though, I'll have to I don't really know how to do it XD

Polaroid with me and Ashizawa-san! Jayde took two and gave one to Ashizawa-san...she thought the camera was so cute and it was so cool when the photo popped out of the top! When we gave her the photo, she said 'Ah, for me?! Sugoi!' and shook the picture up and down! Somewhere in Japan Ashizawa-san has a Polaroid of us together... *0* Unless she threw it in the bin haha XD (Can't think like that! ;-;)

I got some Atelier Pierrot chewing gum when I visited their stall because I liked their Facebook page...most random item of the day! And no, I won't ever eat it!

After the fashion show we could shop around again. The dessert buffet was open and everything looked so good! There was a limit to 3 items per person, which was more than enough as it got quite sickly after a while but because there were no signs, people were piling their plates high then leaving half of it afterwards...sad times...I don't think anyone was left out though, thankfully.

When I first started shopping, I noticed the Grimoire perfume and a pair of dark blue constellation-designed tights I really liked. I missed out on the perfume at Frock On due to lack of money. I noticed if you bought two items, you got a free Grimoire catalogue, which looked really cute and plus, who isn't a sucker for free gifts? However, I should've snapped them up at the beginning of the event as when I went back after the fashion show, all items were gone...;-; Perfume and tights were out of stock and the catalogues had ran out...too slow! So I bought another pair of tights I liked instead, a paler white pair with horoscope symbols on them. Next time I will literally run up to the stall and throw money at Hitomi.

I got a picture with her though!

Next to the Grimoire stall was Sweets Artist Kunika. She is an amazing sweets deco artist who trained as a patissiere for two years and has made fake sweets for one year. Her fake cakes and sweets have been used in photoshoots for Amo and Misako Aoki, to name but a few! She is friends with Amo and says she is very cute and funny!

Her cakes are out of this world *0* You can really tell she is professional trained with that piping! One day I hope to be as good as her! I told her I make fake sweets but never as good as her. I'm actually seriously considering taking an amateur piping lesson or something, just to level-up my piping...or at least practicing very hard. I also want a cake board now, it seems a lot easier to pipe on them! Kunika was also selling handmade, edible cookies with 'Enchanted', 'Sweet Lolita' and other cute words on them as well as brooches. I bought a brooch that had one of the cookies and a ruffly trim photographed on it.

Me and Kunika ^0^

The brooch I bought from Kunika!

I shopped a little more and bought an Atelier Pierrot choker I missed out on at Austen & the Abbey (I actually bought it at the beginning of Enchanted haha), a hair clip from Stocking Shock and a ghost ring and matching hair clips from Roxie Sweetheart.

Super crappy photo of my Atelier Pierrot camera really doesn't like black. D:

P1090323 P1090318 P1090313
Roxie Sweetheart items

The tights I bought from Grimoire - I'll be quicker for the items I want next time!

Red & silver dangling heart clip from Stocking Shock...I bought one in black from Fuchsia at Austen & the Abbey!

Minori then did a makeup tutorial with a volunteer from the event.

I saw Minori walking around the event before the makeup tutorial...she is too stunning for words...she literally looks like a piece of art that has jumped out of a painting and is walking around. Her makeup is stunning, entirely streak-free obviously and her trousers are handpainted.

I got a photo with her and told her she was a great inspiration.

Afterwards the raffle began! When I first got my raffle tickets, I kissed mine straightaway for good luck - and I won something! I kissed both my raffle tickets and won on both days! My kisses are good luck...form an orderly queue please... ;)

I won an English version of the book Shades of Wonderland, a German-published book full of street snaps! Grace St. John also won one too! We will get them in the post when they are published in English! The books are worth £43 and were sooooo thick and heavy! I love street snap books so it was probably one of the best prizes for me to win!

After the raffle we had a group picture - OMG so many of us! I was right at the back though... ;-; I can just about see my bunny ears and black hair but I think if I point it out to you, you won't be able to notice haha...right at the back, about a third of the way in?

Afterwards we took some photos of people and some photos together.

Love this girl's outfit? I made the veil! I made and posted it before Enchanted for the lovely Leia. Her outfit is sooo gorgeous, only outshone by her adorable face ;-;

I grabbed a photo with her after the raffle!

Two beautifully dressed people...the girl is Arthael Walkingshadow, she always looks so perfect!

Random selfie with Jayde!

10154215_521859065841_5898357635805175425_n (1)
We found Vief (black and blue hair) and another girl wearing stripes so we had a photo together! Monochrome stripes FTW!

And a derpy group photo together to finish the day! This was our awesome posse I stayed with the whole weekend - Noor, Jayde, Lily (Curse of Cute), Jenna, Emily and some weirdo who decided to jump in last minute.

The day was absolutely amazing, I loved every minute of it! After the event we went back to our hostel and ordered food from the Thai & English restaurant downstairs. It was surprisingly good! I just had a chicken burger and chips, true Brit style ;D We then met our Belgian friends Saltje and Joke for a walk around the area at around 11.30pm! Afterwards we went home and whilst a few friends decided to stay downstairs and socialise, I decided to be an awkward turtle, go take a shower and go to sleep.

Just before I took the shower, Noor and Jayde came into the room with their key card to say they were staying downstairs for a bit but that they'd be up soon - little did any of us know that they accidentally left their one and only key card with me, meaning all the key cards were in the room. I then fell into a comatose state and about an hour later, everyone came upstairs, realised they were locked out and banged on the door for about 10 minutes but I didn't stir! They had to go back downstairs and literally beg a new key card from the hostel staff and let themselves in...I don't even remember them coming in either, I never stirred! I just woke up the next morning like '...Morning y'all!' I never realised I'm such a heavy sleeper haha...

I'll be back for part two of our Enchanted adventure soon! Sooo many photos and activities to tell! Did you go to Enchanted? Do you have any event like this in your country? Please tell me in the comments below, I'd love to know if you were there!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

40 Beauty Questions

Hi everyone! How are you? I came back from London and Enchanted on Friday so I've been recovering from that haha! I'll do a follow-up post soon with outfit shots of Saturday and Sunday! Right now I found a fun beauty question meme thing so I thought I'd do that as it's simple and fun! Feel free to answer the same questions with your own opinions and products; leave a link in the comments so I can read it! ^_~


-How many times do you wash your face daily?:
I wash my face twice a day - once with just plain water in the morning and once at night starting with makeup removal by olive oil, baby/face wipes and a foaming cleanser.

-What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo):
I have very dry skin. It gets dry on my forehead, nose and chin as well as my cheeks, which constitutes very dry skin by many cosmetic brands and dermatologists. It's not suuuuuper bad though, like severe eczema or psoriasis (holy shit I spelled that right first try).

-What is your current facial wash?:
I currently use Nature Republic Blemish Lab Sebum Clear+ Acne Cleanser. Even though it's for acne-prone skin, it's quite gentle and I got it free with my first Koreadepart order (full size and I'm still using it!) It's a foaming cleanser you lather up in your hands with water.


-Do you exfoliate?:
I do! Two or three times a week normally.

-What brand do you use?:
At the moment I'm using St Ives Apricot Scrub but I'm almost out. I've heard the walnut shells in the St Ives scrub is bad for you as they are too sharp, can cause microtears in the skin and let all sort of nasty bacteria and stuff in but it hasn't been too bad for me. However, I'll be moving onto Caolion No Scratch! It's Real Water Scrub next up that I won from my Peach and Lily giveaway.



-What moisturiser do you use?:
I'm currently using Coreana Senite Polynesian Intensive Cream with Tiare Flower but again, I'm almost out of that! I need a massive Korean cosmetics haul I want to go back to my Secret Key Snail & EGF Repairing Cream and try the whole Snail & EGF line.



-Do you have freckles?:
No, not really. Maybe a couple if I stay out in the sun but hey, why would I do that?

-Do you use eye cream?:
No...I don't really believe in the whole eye cream fad...I know the eye skin is 10 times thinner than the rest of our face skin but I think as long as your normal face cream is hydrating you enough and you have sun protection, you shouldn't need it. I may look into them in the future though, who knows?

-Do you or did you have acne prone skin?:
No. I'm quite glad, I never suffered from teenage acne when younger, phew...

-Did you ever have to use Pro-active?:
I think that's an acne treatment? Again, no - I have never had any problems with acne.


-What foundation do you use?:
At the moment I'm using Makeup For Ever Mat Velvet HD Foundation in Alabaster but I'm not sure if it's a bit drying for me...I've mixed a bit up with my Caolion Multi Soothing Booster Gel for a bit of extra hydration and it seems to be fine now.


-How about concealer?:
I use Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit, the one with the two mixable shades. I use both the dark circle and blemish type but I use the dark circle one more.



-Do you know your undertone color?:
I know I'm a cool tone rather than warm...and I think I'm just plain old neutral in terms of colour...I wouldn't say I'm particularly pinky or gold/yellowish.

-What do you think of fake eyelashes?:
I love them! I wish I had the motivation to wear them everyday but I can't be bothered. I love wearing them for meets, events and special occasions though.

-Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months?:
I sort of knew but I don't change it until I run out. What's the point when I use it every day anyway?

-What brand of mascara do you use?:
At the moment I'm using a deluxe sample of Chanel's Volume de Chanel Mascara in black. It's not bad but not amazing either...I will be moving onto my long-awaited Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara when it runs out!



-Sephora or MAC?:
...MAC? I don't really know much about Sephora and MAC seem like a covetable brand.

-Do you have a MAC Pro-card?:
*pout* I wish. Their Pro palettes of concealer and lip colours seem amazing *0*

-What makeup tools do you use in make up application?:
For face I've recently changed to an Eco Tools foundation brush, then a small Eco Tools travel kabuki brush to buff any brush strokes out. I use a regular Estee Lauder powder brush for powder, a smaller Estee Lauder one for blush, a fluffy Estee Lauder brush for base eyeshadow, an unbranded smaller one for contour and precise shadow and a fluffier one for blending out but I tend to find I only need to use the Estee Lauder one for my whole eyes. I use a Bodycare concealer brush for both under-eyes and blemishes and either an Estee Lauder or unbranded lip brush...if I use one at all. I use the Estee Lauder one in my makeup brush stand if I apply lipstick with all my other makeup and, if I can be bothered, I use a smaller travel sized unbranded one in my makeup bag when applying lipstick on the go.

P1080713 P1080701
esteepowderbrush esteelipbrush
esteeeyeshadowbrush esteeblushbrush

-Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?:
I do when I can remember or when it's for a long event, meet, etc! I use a homemade one made from cornstarch, foundation and lip balm!


-For the face?:
Again, if I need a bit of extra staying power, coverage and for an important meet or event. For primer I use The Face Shop Face It Moisture Pore Balm and for base I use Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base in Berry Choux. I also use a makeup setter/fixer when I can remember: Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Make-up Fixer.




-What is your favourite eye shadow (colour or shade)?:
Hmmm, that's a tricky one! I'd say for myself, pinks are my favourite eyeshadow colour! I can make them super cute and doll-like for Lolita and fresh looks, rock chick-esque paired with black blending, a sultry pink and purple blended look I've been using lately, etc! I know some people think pink eyeshadow can look sickly or infected but I think I can pull them off. ^_~

-Do you use pencil or liquid eye liner?:
I use liquid eyeliner for my top lid (Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Liner in Smooth Black) and a pencil/creamy stick formulation for my bottom lid and waterline, currently Avon Glimmerstick in Black Diamond.



How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?:
To be honest, not a lot! Maybe once every two or three months? I poke myself with the mascara wand more often haha...

-What do you think of pigment eye shadows?:
Like, loose eyeshadow? To be honest, I'm not a fan of them because of too much fallout. It's easier to 'make' your own 'loose eyeshadow' simply by swirling a pressed eyeshadow until you get lots of powder on the brush.

-Do you use mineral makeup?:
Not really, no...I don't think any of my makeup has minerals in it. I haven't really had much experience with them but I always think mineral foundation doesn't have great coverage.

-What is your favourite lipstick?:
At the moment, my favourite lipstick is Etude House Dear my Jelly Lips-talk in JPK003 paired with a Rimmel Royal Jelly Lipgloss in Jelly Bean...they make my lips looks like juicy jellybeans! I'm also liking Avon Color Rich Lipstick in pout for a baby pink shade that finally suits me.




-How about lip gloss?:
Oh, I kind of already covered that in the last question...other lipglosses I'm a fan of are Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss in Raspberry, Miko Cat Clear Lipgloss and Modelco Shine Ultra Lipgloss in Berry Pink - the latter smells like strawberry milkshakes!



-What is your favourite blush to use?:
I use Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Strawberry Mousse which is really nice! I also like the Clinique Cheek Pops in Berry or Plum Pop!


-Do you buy your make up on eBay?:
I do if the product is discontinued or I can't find it anywhere else. However, I try to be careful of fakes - I would only ever buy Asian cosmetics from certified eBay sellers (but I don't because I use Koreadepart) and to be honest, a fake of a random Avon lipstick is unlikely.

-Do you like drug store makeup?:
Meh, it's okay. Korean and Japanese drugstore makeup is better quality than ours. However, there are some Collection 2000 lipsticks and other items I'm partial to.

-Do you go to CCO's? (cosmetic company outlets): we have those in the UK? I've been to designer outlet malls but I generally buy online or in regular stores.

-Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?:
Hmm, not really. There's no real reason I'd take makeup classes and there's not much extra I'd want/need to know that I couldn't online, using YouTube, working at a beauty counter, etc.

-Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?:
Not really...sometimes I can accidentally smudge eyeliner or poke myself in the eye with my mascara wand but I wouldn't say I'm clumsier or more expert in application than most people.

-Name a makeup crime that you hate?:
Only wearing eyeliner on your lower lids...extra points for it being over 1cm thick and in the waterline just looks far too harsh on everyone and is very unflattering. Other makeup crimes include foundation too dark, lipliner darker than lipstick and harsh contouring.

-Do you like colourful shades of makeup (lipstick,eye shadow) or neutral ones?:
Yes, if it's complimenting and looks right! Like, colourful shades of lipstick might not work with colourful eyeshadow and be too clashing. However, I love colourful lipsticks; mostly pinks, browns and wine/plums. Colourful eyeshadow shades I favour include pinks, purples, blues and golds.


-Which celebrity always has great make up?:
Hmm...I don't really follow celebrities or their makeup but from the top of my head, I really love Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's, Fan Bingbing's and Nana Kitade's for their flawless, porcelain and cute look.

-If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use?:
I guess it'd have to be mascara. It's hard to pick between just a bit of concealer or eyeliner but eyeliner looks unfinished without mascara so it'll have to be mascara and I'll have to put up with crappy skin haha.

-Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?:
I can and do, even though I don't like it...I just don't see the point in putting on makeup for all of 10 minutes when going to the shop or post office.

-Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?:
Hmm...nope. I wish I did haha...I just look a lot better with it on and it's the way I want to represent myself to the world!

-In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?:
Christ, the best? Hmm...from personal experience, Rimmel do generally good products, not many are particularly awful. Avon can be hit or miss and so can Missha. Clio is a nice makeup line with nice products!

-What do you think of Makeup?:
I love makeup! It's a lovely way of expressing yourself, making yourself feel better, showing the side of you you want to convey to the world and having fun. Anyone who thinks wearing makeup sucks or is a chore is doing something wrong.